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60 SDR Leaders and SDRs to Learn From in 2023

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December 4, 2023

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60 SDR Leaders and SDRs to Learn From in 2023

Are you curious about effective cold-calling techniques, consistently achieving sales quotas, or strategies for dynamic and scalable personalization?

Well, you’ve landed in the right spot! We’ve carefully selected 60 top SDRs and sales leaders who aren’t just excelling in their careers; they’re also taking the time to share their knowledge. As if that wasn’t enough, they also actively engage in the broader sales community. 

That’s why you MUST follow the salespeople below (like, immediately!).


Amanda Wilde Headshot

Amanda Wilde

Director of Business Development, Alida 

Why you should follow Amanda:

Amanda is an empathetic, data-driven, and people-obsessed leader who prioritizes coaching and enablement for her team of BDRs. Her passion lies in outbound prospecting and building high-performing SDR functions by fostering collaboration across the organization, particularly with Sales and Marketing. 

Amanda’s commitment to mentoring individuals and her side project of guiding others showcases her genuine desire to uplift and empower others, as they look to get into tech sales and those looking to make a career transition.

Amanda Wilde Linkedin Screenshot




Anthony Balestras Headshot

Anthony Balestras

Team Lead Sales Development, Orum

Why you should follow Anthony:

Anthony has experience as an SDR or SDR team lead ranging from, Teamflow, and now at Orum. As an SDR at both and Orum, he regularly exceeded quota multiple times. Now, as a team lead at Orum, he manages a team of 13 SDRs. 

Anthony Balestras LI




Ashley Farina Headshot

Ashley Farina

Business Development Representative, Team Lead, Docebo

Why you should follow Ashley:

Ashley uses her creativity to create a customer experience and problem-solving skills to collaborate with team leads on BDR goals and activities, monitor and coach calls and processes. With her relationship-building and resilience skills, she has helped create qualified opportunities and develop pipelines for Docebo. She works closely with Sales, Marketing, Sales Enablement, and Operations teams to maximize pipeline opportunities and report to the Sales Manager – Business Development. Ashley has serves as a Learning Expert where she connects with organizations that are ready for a culture shift.

Ashley Farina Linkedin




Ashley Kelly Headshot

Ashley Kelly

VP, Global Sales Development, Rippling

Why to follow Ashley:

Ashley is a standout figure in sales development, boasting roles such as VP of Global Sales Development at Rippling and Co-Founder of SDReady, which is a Slack community focused on helping individuals start a tech career. Moreover, Ashley’s influence is deeply felt by those who work with her. Celebrated as a “rockstar” mentor, she’s known for her exceptional sales acumen, genuine care for individual growth, and an infectious energy that lights up any room. 

With a career that spans roles from being an SDR to an SDR manager and then to leading global teams, Ashley represents the perfect fusion of professional expertise and personal inspiration in the sales domain.

Ashley Kelly Linkedin




Austin Jouett Headshot

Austin Jouett

Senior US Sales Development Representative, Intentify Demand 

Why you should follow Austin:

Austin focuses on collaborating with multiple AEs to identify, qualify, and engage high-value prospects across various industries and regions. Austin’s track record is impressive, with over $1.1 million in revenue generated in 2022, exceeding his quota by 120%. He was instrumental in creating the most opportunities within the SDR organization in Q3 2022 and 2023. 

In 2023, Outplay awarded him the Top 30 Under 30 SDRs globally award, recognizing his mastery of cold-calling techniques and innovative revenue strategies. Austin’s passion lies in creating new outreach sequences to deliver outstanding replies and open rates. He also emphasizes alignment with the Intentify Demand marketing team for a seamless fusion of sales and marketing efforts.

Austin Jouett Linkedin




Ben Smith headshot

Ben Smith

Director Global Business Development, Reachdesk

Why you should follow Ben:

Ben’s passion is using hyper-personalization, using direct mail and ABX, and authenticity to the sales process which helps to add value to every conversation. He frequently posts on LinkedIn about hiring, sharing the successes of his team members, and tips on cold calling. Ben is a community host for SDRs of London and a former professional ice skater.

Ben Smith Linkedin




Brandon Jeppson Headshot

Brandon Jeppson

Enterprise Sales Representative, Awardco

Why you should follow Brandon:

Brandon’s unique blend of sales expertise and humor will keep you engaged while you learn the skills of quickly contributing to your new team, consistently building good business, and prospecting confidently. With his experience working with some of the companies such as Weave HQ and, he is someone who can help you take your sales game to the next level. 

Brandon Jeppson Linkedin




Cameron Baker Headshot

Cameron Baker

Senior SDR, Nooks

Why to follow Cameron:

Cameron is a sales rockstar with a proven track record of success. His LinkedIn posts are full of insights, especially for aspiring salespeople. His former colleague’s glowing recommendation is a testament to his exceptional skills and self-driven approach. Cameron’s outstanding performance throughout the years in companies such as Gravy  and Flosum makes him a valuable asset to the sales profession.

Cameron Baker Linkedin




Carly Pledge Headshot

Carly Pledge

Global BDR Manager, Datamaran 

Why you should follow Carly:

With over 13 years of experience, Carly has built and managed high-growth teams. Her skills span international sales, business development, demand generation, operations, and partnerships. Carly built and grew a new department responsible for the hiring, onboarding, training, and ongoing development of 12 BDRs before being promoted to manage teams in both the US and UK.

In addition to her position as Global BDR Manager at Datamara, she is also a brand ambassador for Flexprts and has been recognized as a Top 10 SDR Leader. 

Carly Pledge Linkedin




Cynthia H Headshot

Cynthia Handal

Head of Global Sales & Evangelism, Simera

Why you should follow Cynthia:

With an unwavering passion for cultivating future sales leaders, Cynthia champions an innovative, empowerment-focused approach to sales management that helps sales reps meet and exceed their goals. She’s deeply committed to fostering accessibility in sales, creating opportunities for aspiring BDRs and SDRs to break into the tech industry. She also connects with her audience by consistently delivering engaging sales content. By leveraging her extensive experience and innovative strategies, she continues to elevate sales performance and success within her team and the broader organization.

Cynthia Handal Linkedin




Desanka Murdzeva Headshot

Desanka Murdzeva 

Sales Development Representative, Mailshake

Why you should follow Desanka:

Desanka has been a BDR or SDR at companies for the last three years, starting at AnyConnect, Acqualify, and Next Sales before finding her way over to Mailshake. Over this period of time, she has learned how to work cross-functionally, work with senior leadership, establish and maintain client relationships, and conduct ongoing research that helps to build new partnerships. These traits help Desanka be successful in her current role where she helps to showcase how Mailshake helps sales teams book more meetings in less time.

Desanka Murdzeva Linkedin




Elizabeth Peterson Headshot

Elizabeth Peterson

Senior Manager of Sales Development – North America, Canto

Why you should follow Elizabeth:

Elizabeth’s career has taken her on a journey across various sales roles at companies that include Massage Envy, Uber, Workrise, TrainYo, and now at Canto where she is the Senior Manager of Sales Development, North America. She enjoys diving into discussions about sales development, leadership, and management. Elizabeth is an active participant in engaging sales events, where she generously shares her insights with fellow enthusiasts.

Elizabeth Peterson Linkedin




Elizabth Quinn-Woods Headshot

Elizabeth Quinn-Woods

Senior Director Sales Development, Rokt

Why you should follow Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a motivated sales leader with an interest in high-growth SaaS companies and strategic sales development. She’s passionate about enhancing sales and marketing efficiency and productivity. Her forte is building strategic sales development teams and nurturing top-notch sales professionals. Elizabeth’s standout quality is her dedication to fostering creative engagement among employees and customers.

Elizabeth Quinn-Woods Linkedin




Elliot Garcia Headshot

Elliott Garcia

Enterprise BDR, Mindtickle

Why you should follow Elliott:

With his two years of SaaS sales experience, Elliott has become honed his abilities in sales development, community engagement, and establishing strong relationships. Elliott excels at learning, content creation, and networking with fellow professionals or aspirants. He is passionate about collaboration and looks forward to connecting with like-minded individuals to improve the profession of sales. Elliott’s aim is to set a high standard and contribute towards a world where B2B sales truly create value.

Elliot Garcia Linkedin




Eric Legloire Headshot

Elric Legloire

SDR Manager, Agorapulse

Why to follow Elric:

Elric is a self-proclaimed “SDR obsessed content creator” who’s passion was ignited after reading “Predictable Revenue” and by the early challenges he faced, which propelled him into a leadership role. He is the founding Enterprise BDR at Castor where he is helping to build our the BDR function. Elric also has a podcast and newsletter that focuses on helping SDRs perform to their full potential.

Eric Legloire Linkedin




Emily White headshot

Emily White

Sales Development Representative, SourceWhale

Why you should follow Emily:

Emily’s journey began her career as a Geographical Business Analyst at Intel Corporation in 2021 before moving on to SourceWhale, a business development and headhunting platform, where she became an SDR. Emily’s top skills include her problem solving and analytical skills.

Emily White Linkedin




Eric Farnham Headshot

Eric Farnham

Sales Development Manager,

Why you should follow Eric:

Eric is a 25-year technology sales veteran with a passion for cold calling. Currently, he manages cold calling for, after starting at the company as a Sales Development Specialist. Eric was the Co-Founder of and has a proven track record of success in helping companies such as Castor and Acalvio Technologies achieve their sales goals. In addition to his proficiency in cold calling, Eric excels in a broad spectrum of sales disciplines, including sales prospecting, sales management, sales training, and sales development.

Eric Farnham Linkedin




Eric Salinas Headshot

Eric Salinas

Sales Development Manager

Why you should follow Eric:

Eric’s hospitality background has equipped him with the ability to read people and anticipate their needs, which is crucial in SaaS sales. This experience helped Eric to understand customer’s pain points and anticipate their needs. 

His strategic acumen helps him collaborate with his team to develop innovative strategies for pipeline generation and deal closure. Eric is passionate about coaching and nurturing his team members to reach their full potential. He is committed to a creative approach to sales, exploring fresh methods to drive exceptional results.

Eric Salinas Linkedin




Evan Carlton Headshot

Evan Carlton

Director, Sales Development, Strata Identity

Why you should follow Evan:

Evan is a Sales Development leader with 6 years building and scaling high-performing  SDR organizations at a variety of SaaS companies. He focuses on methodical processes and empowering teams to reach their full potential through storytelling techniques, distributed leadership, continuous learning, and a growth-oriented mindset. 

Evan’s professional journey includes roles in Marketing, Sales, Sales Development, SDR Management, Enablement, and RevOps. His comprehensive understanding of the impact of a harmoniously integrated GTM strategy on business growth has allowed him to develop a comprehensive GTM strategy that propels the businesses he’s worked at toward success.

Evan Carlton Linkedin Screenshot




Gabi Sayah Headshot

Gabi Sayah

Business Development Manager, Deeto

Why to follow Gabi:

Gabi is reshaping the B2B sales dynamics by steering the ship as the Sales and Business Development Manager at Deeto, where he was employee #2. Gabi shares daily sales tips on LinkedIn including steps to booking meetings faster, how to land your dream sales job, remote working, and so much more.

Outside of crunching numbers and sealing deals, Gabi is a passionate traveler, working from unique spots around the world. Notably, he once journeyed through North America in a van he renovated himself for 6 months. Currently based in Tel Aviv, Gabi dishes out daily wisdom on sales and remote work. Dive into his adventures, both professional and personal!

Gabi Sayah Linkedin




Gabrielle Blackwell headshot

Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Sales Development Manager, Mid-Market, Culture Amp

Why you should follow Gabrielle:

Gabrielle’s mission is to elevate sales managers’ skills, one impactful one-on-one session at a time. As the creator of “The One on One,” Gabrielle offers a weekly platform to enhance her community’s sales management expertise and empower them. With an insightful focus on topics like SDR, sales, outbound, leadership, and management, Gabrielle ensures that her community is equipped with the tools needed for success. Whether you’re an aspiring sales leader or a seasoned manager, Gabrielle’s guidance can lead you to greater heights in the world of sales.

Gabrielle Blackwell Linkedin




Harry Evans Linkedin

Harry Evans

Director of Sales Development, Airship

Why you should follow Harry:

Harry is a sales development leader who’s passionate about helping both people and businesses reach their peak performance. He’s got a proven track record as a sales development leader, optimizer, and consultant, and is an expert in modern selling. He knows that the right combination of process and craft can help sales teams achieve exponentially more, and he’s always looking for ways to help his clients improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Harry also enjoys pushing himself outside of his comfort zone and helping others do the same. He frequently provides helpful content on LinkedIn such as tips after reviewing SDR resumes, cold calling tips, and much more.

Harry Evans Linkedin




Harry Sims Headshot

Harry Sims

SDR Leader, Scratchpad

Why you should follow Harry:

Harry has built three SDR teams from scratch, with his fourth currently being built. His talent for hiring exceptional talent has been instrumental in sustaining his career. Harry’s dedication to running outbound and Product-Led Growth experiments, as well as his ongoing efforts in building SDR teams, is invaluable. He shares practical content, such as sales plays, on his personal website

Harry Sims Linkedin




Henry Clayton Headshot

Henry Clayton

Sales Development Representative, Allego

Why you should follow Henry:

Henry started his career in Customer Service at Screwfix before making the jump to becoming an SDR at Allego where he helps prospects understand how sales, enablement, and marketing teams can uncover hidden revenue and have meaningful conversations.

Henry Clayton Linkedin




Jack Knight Headshot

Jack Knight

Senior Manager, Global Business Development, Fourth

Why you should follow Jack:

Jack is known for his caring and analytical approach. He empowers his team to excel, encourages professional development, and sets milestones aligned with organizational goals. Jack is a decisive leader who leads by example, focusing on people’s needs rather than sales. He also believes in quality over quantity. Jack’s ability to lead from the front and motivate the team to exceed sales expectations consistently is unspeakable.


Jack Knight Linkedin Screenshot




Jake Harry Headshot

Jake Harry

Business Development Manager, MaintainX

Why to follow Jake:

Jake has shaped and built BDR programs for over 100 SaaS clients and recruited, hired, and trained over 300 BDRs. Starting as a BDR himself, he quickly climbed the ladder, soon overseeing the entire SDR team within a year. Jake has been named a Top 100 Sales Star by LinkedIn three times. Jake’s not just focused on strategy. He also deeply understands tools such as Regie.AI, Outreach, Gong, Vidyard, and more.

You can frequently find Jake sharing content on LinkedIn about sales prospecting, cold calling, cold emailing, and other outbound strategies.


Jake Harry LInkedin




James Hanzimanolis Headshot

James Hanzimanolis

Director of Business Development, PhoneBurner

Why to follow James:

James is the driving force behind PhoneBurner’s innovative business development approach, championing unorthodox sales and GTM tactics. His career has spanned from being a BDR to leading a BDR team. James is celebrated as someone who is able to “recruit solid talent, and manage them well” while not being afraid of trying new ways to generate pipeline.

With a flair for pioneering sales and GTM techniques, he’s also the host of The Hyper Sales Podcast. More than just a strategist, he possesses the rare tenacity to confront challenges headfirst and tread where others might hesitate. For those on the lookout for a game-changer who consistently disrupts the status quo and dives into uncharted territories, James is your go-to.

James Hanzimanolis Linkedin




Jamie Neubeck Headshot

Jamie Neubeck

Founding Senior Sales Development Representative, TeamSense

Why you should follow Jamie:

Jamie is passionate about helping organizations improve productivity, absenteeism, and engagement by connecting with hourly employees. As a founding Sr. SDR, she has built the SDR team from scratch, on-boarded and managed six SDRs and contributed nearly $2 million in pipeline and sourced over 100 deals in 9 months. Jamie has also been an instructor at two SDR boot camps, sharing her knowledge and skills with aspiring sales professionals.

Jamie Neubeck linkedin




Jason Lew Headshot

Jason Lew

Head of Business Development, Poseidon

Why you should follow Jason:

Jason is a highly skilled sales professional with a keen sense of how to engage and persuade prospects across various channels and platforms. He has over six years of experience in sales, customer service, and media buying. Jason aims to deliver exceptional quality and build lasting relationships with his clients. He is also the creator of “Powerful GTM Strategies.”

Jason Lew Linkedin




Jill Bruno Headshot

Jill Bruno

Senior Manager, Sales Development,

Why you should follow Jill:

Jill embodies the spirit of “Don’t wish for it; work for it,” fearlessly immersing herself in the sales process and seeking growth-driven solutions without shying away from challenges. With over a decade of sales experience, she played a pivotal role in establishing RocketReach’s inbound and outbound infrastructure, fueling the company’s impressive recent growth. Jill is also a Founding Member of Tenbound Plus, an exclusive invitation-only community that fosters mastery of the Inbound Methodology, professional skill-building, and networking opportunities for B2B SaaS GTM executives, managers, SDRs, and entrepreneurs.

Jill Bruno Linkedin




Joe Ferrero Headshot

Joe Ferrero

Vice President Global Corporate Sales Development, Workday

Why you should follow Joe:

Joe has been instrumental in building managing and building SDR teams across multiple companies including Oracle, Sitecore, Brandwatch, Seismic, and now at Workday. He’s implemented a modern approach to the Sales Development organizations he’s led, leading to record growth and a strong relationship of trust. As one former team member explained: “He has this unique balance of being calm and patient, while also holding you accountable, motivating you to exceed your goals, and helping you step out of your comfort zone.”

Joe Ferrero Linkedi




Josh Marshall Headshot

Josh Marshall

Senior SDR, Nooks

Why you should follow Josh:

Josh is currently a Sr SDR at Nooks. Prior, he held a variety of sales roles at Klue, including moving from being an SDR, to a SDR team lead, and then an AE before moving on to Nook. Josh frequently shares content on LinkedIn that focuses on sales advice such as cold calling, prospecting, often including fun and engaging images, memes, and gifs. 

Josh Marshall Linkedin




Kevin Rooney Headshot

Kevin Rooney

Senior Director, Sales Development, Demandbase

Why you should follow Kevin:

Kevin is a passionate and loyal SDR Leader with over 7 years of experience. Committed to nurturing world-class SDR Teams, Kevin fosters professional and personal growth with the SDRs he works with.

Kevin has a track record of success in SaaS sales in the United States and EMEA, with a focus on new business, cross-sell, and up-sell. He has built a team of SDR leaders and 65+ SDRs. Every quarter he coordinates and leads a 150+ person “Shark Week” that focuses on creating 300+ opportunities in 1 week through a variety of activities.

Kevin Rooney Linkedin




Landon Meyer Headshot

Landon Meyer

SDR Team Lead, Anomalo

Why you should follow Landon:

Landon is a founding Enterprise SDR at Anomalo where he supports five Account Executives, manages inbound and outbound campaigns, and organizes events to generate leads. 

Landon’s unique journey began with a decade in restaurant management, instilling values of customer service, team building, and time management. Motivated by a desire for flexibility and a strong work ethic, Landon pursued a challenging yet rewarding path. 

His passion lies in data quality and innovation, and he enjoys connecting with potential customers who can benefit from Anomalo’s cutting-edge solutions. Landon’s dedication to personal and professional growth is evident through his multiple certifications in sales and automation. His journey is an inspiring example of the transformative power of determination, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Landon Meyer Linkedin




Lars Nilsson Headshot

Lars Nilsson

VP Global Sales Development, Snowflake

Why you should follow Lars:

Lars has over 25 years of experience in sales and revenue operations and currently leads Global Sales Development at Snowflake. He is also a an LP, revenue advisor, scout, and GTM consultant to several Silicon Valley-based VC firms. Lars has served in various sales executive roles at four companies, all of which achieved IPOs, in addition to Snowflake.

Lars is also the architect and author of Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD), which has transformed how businesses approach high-value targets.

Lars Nilsson Linkedin




Lindsey Boggs Headshot

Lindsey Boggs

Vice President of Sales Development and Enablement, Glassbox

Why you should follow Lindsey:

Lindsey is a seasoned sales leader with a diverse background, offering valuable insights and expertise for both aspiring and established professionals. Her career spans from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, showcasing her exceptional skills and dedication. 

Lindsey is recognized as a “social selling pioneer” and her mastery of LinkedIn prospecting is a valuable skill for those looking to enhance their online presence. She is a 3x Salesforce Top Influencer and was named a Forbes “30 under 30”, just a few of her recognitions.

Lindsey Boggs Linkedin




Lisa Keeler Headshot

Lisa Keeler

Vice President of Business Development, Schoox

Why you should follow Lisa:

Lisa is deeply passionate about helping S/BDRs and their leaders grow and succeed. She’s a 4x global SDR/BDR leader, pipeline influencer, and quota record breaker. Lisa is considered one of a Top Sales Development Voice by LinkedIn. She thrives on prospecting and generating sales pipeline, and firmly believes that there is no space for “I” in a team.

Lisa Keeler Linkedin




Lucy Obertelli Headshot

Lucy Obertelli

SDR Team Lead, SourceWhale

Why you should follow Lucy:

In her role as an SDR Team Lead at SourceWhale, Lucy is wholeheartedly devoted to strengthening her team’s outreach and enhancing their performance by conducting regular check-ins, engaging workshops, and collaborative group sessions. Serving as the primary point of contact for SDRs, she readily offers guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for performance enhancement.

Lucy has worked in Sales and recruitment for over five years and, due to this experience, often shares both the highs and lows of SDR life.

Lucy Obertelli Linkedin




Lydia Hutchison Headshot

Lydia Hutchison

Business Development Lead,  Acryl Data

Why you should follow Lydia:

Lydia is a data-driven sales leader with a proven track record of building outbound sales strategies across a wide spectrum, from early-stage startups to global enterprises. She is passionate about coaching and empowering sales development organizations and is dedicated to helping individuals and teams achieve their revenue and career goals. Lydia’s LinkedIn posts provide a wealth of information on cold calling, prospecting, outbound sales, and sales development. She is also the co-host of Whiskey Winsday with Jessie Lizak and co-founder of The Ruevy Project with Shannon Yost

Lydia Hutchison Linkedin




Mathew Roberts Headshot

Matthew Roberts

Head of Sales Development,

Why you should follow Matthew:

Matthew currently leads Sales Development at Mosaic. Before finding his way over to Mosaic, Matthew spent over two years at Chili Piper where he grew from being an SDR to managing SDR teams. He’s regarded as a “leader that’s equally excellent at being a seller AND a manager.” Matthew regularly shares content about prospecting, sales, and leadership advice on LinkedIn.

Mathew Roberts Linkedin




Meagan Suckling Headshot

Meagan Suckling 

Senior Director, Global Sales Development, Shutterstock

Why to follow Meagan:

Meagan has a knack for building scalable sales and marketing machines.She’s at her best when he’s tackling challenges, coming up with new ideas, and working closely with a team that truly values one another. 

Beyond her hands-on work, Meagan loves to share her insights through public speaking and guiding others as a mentor. Her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed as she won the #SalesHacker Award for Sales Development in 2018 and was named LinkedIn’s #SalesStar in 2020 and 2021. Whether it’s about bringing in new leads or leading a sales team, Meagan is the person you’d want on your side.

Meagan Suckling Linkedin




Melinda Mathews Headshot

Melinda Mathews

Head of Business Development, NA & APAC, Fivetran

Why you should follow Melinda:

Melinda is a seasoned professional with 14+ years of experience, specializing in B2B technology solutions sales and customer success. Her unique skill set includes driving sales revenue, fostering client leadership teams, and employing a consultative approach for global solutions. She is highly adaptable, excelling as both an individual contributor and team leader. Her key strengths are customer success, sales leadership, and facilitating collaboration. She values collaboration and innovation, often involving a range of professionals to find creative solutions. With a proactive and organized approach, Melinda leads with action and extends her expertise to her teams.

Melinda Mathews Linkedin




Michelle Orellana Headshot

Michelle Orellana

Business Development Executive, QAD

Why you should follow Michelle:

Michelle is a passionate advocate for uplifting her community, especially Latinas in tech, where representation remains scarce at 2%. She cheers on the 2% and aims to build a supportive community on LinkedIn. Her other goals include learning from content creators and sharing her unique perspective. With a bachelor’s degree in communication, Michelle seeks to bridge language barriers through effective communication in both her professional and personal life. When not connecting and learning from content creators, she enjoys painting, journaling her thoughts, watching UFC with her husband, exploring fun activities in Boston, and building new friendships.

Michelle Orellana Linkedin




Monica Mcllroy Headshot

Monica McIlroy

Manager, Business Development, TLDR

Why you should follow Monica:

Monica’s journey in sales began with a passion sparked by influential books like “Crushing It” by Gary Vaynerchuk, “The 10X Factor” by Grant Cardone, and “Sell It Like Serhant” by Ryan Serhant when she was a young graduate. These books ignited her enthusiasm for creative, out-of-the-box prospecting, the art of being a relentless hunter, and the importance of persistent follow-up in the world of sales. 

Over the past six years, Monica has honed her prospecting skills across a diverse range of professionals, from radio program directors to UHNW tax lawyers, HR leaders, tech marketers, robotics engineers, and corporate lawyers. She has transitioned into SDR coaching and management, where she empowers young graduates to break into the tech industry and fast-track their careers. Her passion extends to helping SDRs unleash their full potential through social selling, copywriting, and personalized coaching sessions. You can also find her conducting workshops at Pavillion and SDRNation.

Monica Mcllroy Linkedin




Parker Eide headshot

Parker Eide

Senior Manager Sales Development, Talkdesk

Why to follow Parker:

Parker has spent over 6 years nurturing and leading sales development teams. Deeply passionate about helping SDRs reach their full stride, he currently the Senior Manager Sales Development, Talkdesk.

What makes Parker stand apart is that he genuinely cares about mentoring his team and sharpening their cold-calling game. In 2018, his dedication was celebrated with the SaaSy Sales Leadership Impact Award. And when he’s not helping shape the next sales star at Talkdesk, you can find him on LinkedIn, generously sharing nuggets of info on SDR know-how, SDR management tips and tricks, and other learnings.

Parker Eide Linkedin




Rachel Pierce Headshot

Rachel Pierce

Team Lead – SDR, AppViewX

Why you should follow Rachel:

Rachel is responsible for onboarding and training new SDRs as well as creating effective outbound cadences and templates for the SDR team as the Team Lead – SDR at AppViewX. Prior to her promotion, she was a Business Development Representative. She frequently shares tips and thoughts on cold calling, feedback on AppViewX, as well as aspects of her life. 

Rachel Pierce Linkedin




Rahul Wadhwa Headshot

Rahul Wadhwa

Director of Sales Development, Avataar

Why to follow Rahul:

Rahul, who playfully boasts about having the best hair in the sales game, is genuinely passionate about getting young folks excited about a career in sales. In addition to his role at Avataar, Rahul hosts the ‘Sales Spin’ podcast, the only B2B sales podcast in India, where he chats with seasoned pros sharing gems of wisdom with his listeners. 

Rahul is also a sales trainer and co-founder of the ‘School of SDR‘, the fastest growing online school dedicated to training SDRs. He’s also has his hands on building a B2B sales community, where professionals share strategies, insights, and best practices making it a vibrant hub for learning and growth.

Rahul Wadhwa Linkedin




Rhasheeda Hughes Headshot

Rhasheeda Hughes

Manager of Sales Development, PowerReviews

Why you should follow Rhasheeda:

Rhasheeda is a Manager of Sales Development with over 10 years of experience in Senior Business Development and Sales Manager roles. She excels in building top-performing sales teams and processes, driving robust revenue growth. Rhasheeda is known for her consultative sales strategies, data-driven approach, and empathetic leadership, fostering inclusive cultures and high-performing teams.

Rhasheeda Hughes Linkedin




Risa Khamsi Headshot

Risa Khamsi

Sales Development Manager,

Why you should follow Risa:

Risa is a multicultural individual with a passion for tech and a heart for helping others. With a diverse background and expertise in SaaS, SDR/sales consulting, and B2B LinkedIn content creation, she’s a valuable resource for rescuing stray animals and professional assistance. Reach out to Risa for guidance in your journey or if you need top-notch content creation.

Risa Khamsi Linkedin




Robert Akerele Headshot

Robert Akerele

Senior BDR, DataGuard

Why you should follow Robert:

Robert passionately shares his insights on sales and life experiences through his engaging posts. Throughout his career, Robert has regularly surpassed quota and won several sales awards. Beyond his professional pursuits, he has a diverse range of interests, including a love for the gym, music festivals, and opera (where he once held a professional role). As a devoted supporter of Arsenal and Saracens, you can often find him cheering for them.

Robert Akerele Linkedin




Roberto Carrero Headshot

Roberto Carrero

Director of Sales Development, GoLinks

Why you should follow Roberto:

Roberto is a dedicated professional with a passion for accelerating sales development and helping sales representatives build pipelines more efficiently. Currently, he serves as the Director of Sales Development at GoLinks, leading a team of 3 SDR Managers and 15 SDRs. Roberto is also the Founder of Carrero Consulting where he helps clients with sequence design and email copy creation for SDRs/AEs and workflow training for end users. He’s the creator of The Outreach Prospecting Guide, which showcases his commitment to enhancing outreach strategies.

Roberto Carrero Linkedin




Ryan Scalera Headshot

Ryan Scalera

Inside Sales Manager, Lob

Why you should follow Ryan:

Ryan’s missing it to make cold outreach unique, exciting, effective, and fun. He specializes in breaking into strategic accounts, focusing on relevance, personalization, and data in every contact. He has experience leading high-performing business development teams that have generated over $100 million in outbound pipeline in the past two years. Ryan’s personal demeanor and attitude make him a trusted salesman, allowing potential business partners and customers to trust him. He can easily articulate the value of solutions to solve complex business problems and present them to close deals.

Ryan Sclera Linkedin




Samson Hansgen Headshot

Samson Hansgen

SDR Team Lead – Cross Sell, BILL

Why you should follow Samson:

Samson is an energetic and happiness-driven team player with a background in sales leadership as an SDR Team Lead at Bill. He is highly skilled in outbound calling/emailing, prospecting, overcoming objections, team building, and sales training.

Samson Hansgen Linkedin




Sean Murray Headshot

Sean Murray

Sales Development Manager, Conga

Why you should follow Sean:

Sean is focused on driving pipeline growth and talent development. He has a diverse sales career path, transitioning from outbound sales rep to SDR Manager. Sean has skills in sales prospecting, closing abilities, coaching, leadership, and sales management. The content that he shares on LinkedIn focuses on lessons on leadership, sales, mindset, and positivity.

Sean Murrary Linkedin




Skyler Werneth Headshot

Skylar Werneth

Inside Sales Representative, Nooks

Why to follow Skylar:

Skylar’s passion for sales is evident in his journey from Fivetran to now being a founding SDR at Nooks. While numbers like generating over $3 million in pipeline are impressive, it’s his innate curiosity for tech and knack for understanding customer challenges that truly set him apart. His success isn’t just about closing deals; it’s a testament to his dedication to learning and collaboration. Whether it’s embracing the MEDDIC sales methodology or sharing insights from his time with SaaS solutions like Stylo and Woven, Skylar brings a blend of experience and enthusiasm to every challenge.

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Srba Markovic Headshot

Srba Markovic

SDR Team Lead, DeckRobot

Why you should follow Srba:

Srba is a dynamic Sales Leader with over a decade of experience in B2B sales across various industries. He has experience in deploying sales strategies to hit quota, crafting messages that convert, optimizing onboarding processes for rapid results, and more. Srba currently leads a team of nine SDRs at DeckRobot, where he has consistently exceeded individual and team quotas.

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Stuart Moss Headshot

Stuart Moss

Director, Sales Development, Dealfront

Why to follow Stuart:

With over 15 years under his belt, both as an SDR and an SDR leader, Stuart has been instrumental in generating hundreds of millions in pipeline and tens of millions in (N)ARR contribution across EMEA and Global platforms. Kevin’s CRO has recognized him as having a “strong command of sales development practices and execution” and having an “ability to create motivated and unified teams” that people want to work for.

Stuart consistently shares content on LinkedIn about prospecting, cold outreach, leadership, and skillset development for SDRs. 

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Tyler Gruca headshot

Tyler Gruca

Director Of Business Development, Maxio

Why you should follow Tyler:

Tyler’s career has spanned from SDR to Director of Business Development. During his time at SaasOptics he managed a BDR org of 16 reps and 2 managers while building the outbound GTM engine for the Chargify business. The two companies merged to become Maxio, where he leads business development. His LinkedIn presence is a goldmine of knowledge, particularly valuable for SDRs.

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Victoria Loewenstern Headshot

Victoria Loewenstern

Director, Sales Development – Americas, LivePerson

Why you should follow Victoria:

Victoria is a dynamic leader with a profound passion for guiding SDRs and SDR Managers to their utmost potential. Currently, she leads LivePerson’s enterprise, strategic, and expansion SDR teams across North America and LATAM. Her dedication to professional excellence is matched only by her zest for life outside of work.

When she’s not at the helm of her team, Victoria can be spotted journeying across the country’s landscapes, delving deep into Colleen Hoover’s novels, or soaking in wisdom from a Jay Shetty podcast. A blend of professional prowess and personal passion makes her a truly multifaceted individual.

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Whitney Spears Headshot

Whitney Spears

Sales Development Representative, Interfolio from Elsevier

Why you should follow Whitney:

Whitney is a career educator turned SDR. She’s a dynamic professional who welcomes challenges and embraces new technology with ease. Whitney is known for her superior customer service. She is known for her exceptional organizational skills and amiable personality. Whitney’s ability to put customers at the forefront of every interaction, along with her talent for building rapport, nurturing relationships, and driving qualified leads, make her a valuable asset.

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Kelly Hopping

Chief Marketing Officer, Demandbase

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