Five Reasons Why Account-Based Experience (ABX) Matters (infographic)

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March 17, 2021

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Five Reasons Why Account-Based Experience (ABX) Matters (infographic)

In the mid-2000s, inbound marketing and demand generation revolutionized the way B2B brands go to market. Then, in around 2015, we saw the explosive rise of Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

Now, for the first time, we could focus on specific, named lists of qualified accounts. No more wasting budget by marketing to companies that weren’t a good fit. No more spending money to attract companies that Sales didn’t want to talk to.

And it was pretty exciting, too.

But for all its benefits, early ABM was also flawed. As the name Account-Based Marketing implies, these early attempts didn’t sufficiently involve Sales. Worse, to engage these target accounts, we needed to reach out whether they wanted to hear from us or not (never a good idea). As a result, first-generation ABM efforts didn’t deliver what Sales teams needed: hot accounts they could contact to drive revenue right now.

Fortunately, there’s another way. We call it Account-Based Experience (ABX).

It is a fundamental, customer-centric rethinking of an account-based go-to-market — one that combines the engageability of inbound marketing with the precision and targeting of Account-Based Marketing. ABX enhances every aspect of the buyer experience, throughout the B2B lifecycle, and dramatically out-performs simplistic ABM and traditional demand gen.

Here are five reasons why it’s time for ABX, the next evolution in B2B go-to-market strategies.

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Five Reasons Why Account-Based Experience (ABX) Matters (infographic)

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Jon Miller

Former CMO, Demandbase

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