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5 Reasons to Choose Demandbase Professional Services to Support Your GTM Strategy

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March 21, 2024

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5 Reasons to Choose Demandbase Professional Services to Support Your GTM Strategy

It’s no secret; executing a new GTM Strategy can be daunting for sellers and marketers alike. When it comes to account-based marketing and selling, the Demandbase professional services team has years of experience to help get you up and running and in-market executing quickly and effectively- from a guided implementation process to expert strategic and technical advice to analyzing your GTM performance, our professional services are here for you.

So, why choose Demandbase Professional Services to support your GTM?  Here are 5 reasons…

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1. Quick and efficient Implementation

Every new Demandbase client is assigned an implementation manager to help guide their implementation process.  The Demandbase Implementation Manager will hold a series of calls to walk you and your team through each step of your implementation.  Homework assignments will be provided to help keep you on track between calls- accelerating and decelerating to meet your timelines.

2. Expert Strategic Advice to Enable your GTM Strategy

All Demandbase customers with an FSL (Foundational Service Level) Agreement will interact with one of our certified ABM strategists.  Our ABM Strategists are former ABM practitioners and data consultants with deep expertise in strategic marketing, data strategy, and selling.  Our ABM Strategists provide adept guidance on GTM Maturity, how to gain sponsorship for your program internally, how to best leverage Demandbase to execute your strategy, how to engage your sellers, what reports and dashboards you will need for your teams based on your strategy, and more.

3. Technical Advice on how to set-up Demandbase to align with your business objectives

Demandbase Technical Consultants are with our FSL customers throughout their contract with Demandbase. Our TC’s have deep technical expertise in the modern martech and revtech stack.  Based on engaging with hundreds of clients across a myriad of industries, our TC’s provide expert guidance on how to best connect these systems in order to meet your business needs.  They are here to help provide technical deep dives on any part of the Demandbase platform when you need it most- like your personal GTM maestro.

4. Hands on Keyboard to bring your strategy to life

Have the ambition but not the personnel to execute your GTM strategy? Demandbase Managed Services Consultants can take the work off your hands. With backgrounds in digital and email marketing, our Managed Services Consultants are well-equipped to keep up with your pace and execute flawlessly. From setting up journey stages, engagement minutes, and keyword sets to building out role-based dashboards and reporting, our Managed Services consultants are experts in the platform.  We can even set up and look after your account-based advertising campaigns. Managed Services are available as a Specialization Track with our FSL Agreements.  

5. Analysis of your GTM performance

Launching your GTM program is one major milestone, but evaluating your results is imperative to continued investment and future program growth. Demandbase Data Insights and Analytics Managers can offer a holistic view of how your targeted accounts are interacting with your brand.

Our end of year wrap up reporting can tell you how successful you have been at engaging your targeted accounts and driving pipeline. Our Data Insights and Analytics Managers are masters of data and can tell you what’s working and make recommendations for improvement. Data Insights and Analytics Services are available as a Specialization Track for all new FSL Agreements.

Get to Know Demandbase GTM Foundational Services

Whether you are looking for an all-inclusive services FSL Package or you have persistent consulting needs, Demandbase Professional Services are here to help.

Customers select from one of three service tiers:

  • Guided: Light support for mature GTM teams that would benefit from targeted guidance and educational resources.
  • Premier: Ongoing guidance (with a few more bells and whistles) including customized implementation plans and priority ticket handling.
  • Strategic: Our top tier service with proactive guidance and personalized support to solve complex use cases and help you rapidly meet and exceed your business goals.

For more information or to talk to sales, visit our Onboarding and Professional Services Portal and be sure to check out the blogs below for more on the Demandbase Customer Experience.


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Kim Tremblay

Sr. Account Based Marketing Strategist, Demandbase

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