Russell Martin
Director of Product Marketing, Demandbase
l design and execute a diverse range of activities to support Demandbase One, which requires me to possess a deep understanding of the Marketing and Sales technology ecosystem. I contribute to developing product positioning, key messaging, and go-to-market strategies that resonate with our targeted audiences.
We've taken predictive models past the simple selection of accounts. You can now use customized Pipeline Predict and Qualification Score for any product, business unit, or industry — and with as much control as you want.
The future deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome will impact many B2B advertising vendors. But here's what other account-based vendors in our space won’t tell you.
Don't be fooled by the exaggerated claims other vendors might make. We know we have the best target account Identification in the industry.
Not all B2B identification and targeting is the same. With employees working from home, the difference is sharper than ever. Is your B2B digital program ready to address the 'new normal'?