On Demand Webinar with Forrester Analyst

NexGen Alignment: ABM’s Role in Uniting Marketing and Sales


In today’s competitive landscape, aligning marketing and sales teams is not just necessary for growth it’s necessary for survival.

Account-based strategies help bridge the historical divide between the two teams by ensuring marketing efforts are directly supporting sales goals, leading to more efficient resource use, improved customer experiences, and ultimately, increased revenue.

Watch this interactive webinar with guest speaker Nora Conklin, Principal Analyst at Forrester and Kelly Hopping, CMO at Demandbase, as they reveal the latest research from Forrester, showcased at the ‘2024 B2B Summit North America’ along with practical tips for uniting sales and marketing teams from the inside out.

In this webinar you’ll learn how:

  • Evolving buying behaviors pose a challenge in identifying a prospective customer
  • Creating a common view of key accounts can streamline shared efforts
  • ABM can serve as the catalyst for enhanced communication & shared objectives
  • Sales teams need to be active participants in the ABM journey
  • To define rules for engagement and lay down clear division of responsibilities
  • Demandbase can help you prepare from account-based strategy to tactical execution
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