Demandbase One: Fusing the Best of Inbound and ABM for Modern B2B Marketers

Fifteen years ago, inbound marketing and demand generation were revolutions in B2B go-to-market strategies. No more annoying customers with unwanted sales calls. No more wasting Sales’ time with leads that weren’t ready to speak with them. It was amazing!

But it was also flawed. We had very little control over which companies and people came to us and raised their hands. We were at the mercy of whoever happened to come to our website and respond to our campaigns, and many of them worked for companies that weren’t a good fit: too small, wrong industry, too likely to churn, and so on. As a result, Marketing and Sales teams ended up wasting a lot of time and energy on unqualified leads—and a lot of their budgets.

Then, about five years ago, we saw the rise of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), which was heralded by many (including me) as the next new thing. Now, for the first time, we could focus our time and resources on specific, named lists of qualified accounts. No more wasting budget marketing to companies that weren’t a good fit. No more generating leads from companies that Sales didn’t want to talk to. It was amazing!

But for all its benefits, ABM at the time was also flawed. To reach these great companies in our ICP, we needed to reach out to them regardless of whether they showed any interest. These early attempts at ABM didn’t deliver what Sales teams needed: hot leads they could follow-up on right now. And it was too hard and too manual to pick which accounts we should focus on in the first place.

Fortunately, ABM is a work in progress and has been evolving—and now it’s time to talk about what’s next …

What’s next for ABM: One solution

What Marketing and Sales teams need is one, single solution that delivers AND not OR. By this, I mean a no-compromise solution that combines the engageability of inbound marketing AND the precision and targeting of Account-Based Marketing. One that brings together a single view of accounts AND people. One that measures engagement on your website AND the open web. One that tracks the entire buyer’s journey from anonymous research to evaluation to purchase AND post-sale. One that unifies top-of-the-funnel digital tactics AND middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel orchestrated actions. One that aligns Marketing AND Sales outreach across channels.

And that’s why I’m so excited that today we are releasing Demandbase One, which combines the best of Demandbase and Engagio into a single, no-limits B2B solution for modern marketers. Both Demandbase and Engagio shared a common vision, to transform the way B2B companies go to market by building next-generation marketing technology. By coming together, we’re delivering on that vision two or even three years sooner than either company could have done on our own.

So how does it work?

Demandbase One connects everything that matters to win in today’s changing B2B landscape, giving you the speed you need today plus the power and flexibility you’ll want tomorrow. It enables you to:

  • Build an account foundation. Connect all your data in one place for a comprehensive view of accounts and people.
  • Find accounts that are in-market. Use the power of AI and big data to identify the accounts that matter most and help SDR and AEs know where to prospect.
  • Engage across channels. Deliver personalized marketing messages and campaigns, orchestrating interactions across advertising, website, sales touches, and more.
  • Close more opportunities. See all of the marketing and sales activity tied to accounts in one place and alert sales with actionable insights so they can easily prioritize next steps.

The Demandbase One suite of products—consisting of the ABM Platform and our Advertising, Personalization, Orchestration, and Attribution add-on solutions—is the no-compromise solution revenue teams need in 2021 and beyond.

Want to learn more? Read on.


You can’t be account-based when your systems and data aren’t. Think about all the data about your accounts: CRM, marketing automation, anonymous website visits, intent data, advertising impressions, chat, social media, firmographics, technographics, sales touches, and on and on. It creates a jumbled mess, and, without the ability to unify all the known and anonymous insights about accounts into a single comprehensive view, revenue teams are flying blind.

Image depicting how AI can help match anonymous visitors to the right accountIt’s imperative in the new world of B2B that we streamline these tools to work together. That’s where the Demandbase ABM Platform comes in. Powered by a combination of AI, proprietary data, and integrations with first-party systems, the Demandbase ABM Platform gives you the critical foundation you need to start Account-Based Marketing easily and the power to improve your ABM without limits. By integrating your tools and data, your revenue teams—Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations—get a “single pane of glass” they can use to measure engagement, understand accounts, and create actionable insights.

Super-charged AccountID

A key part of this foundation is the ability to map anonymous visitors to the right account. With today’s new normal of working from home, it became harder to identify buying committees. As part of bringing Demandbase and Engagio together, we introduced tens of millions of new data points to our AccountID capability, boosting our coverage by 12 percent and our accuracy by a whopping 50 percent. Now, we can boast of having the most powerful and most accurate account ID capabilities in the industry. (Buyer’s tip: Don’t focus just on match rates. For example, I could tell you 100 percent of visitors work at IBM and have a 100 percent match rate, but it just wouldn’t be accurate. Be sure to focus on accuracy AND match rate!)

Without the ability to unify all the known and anonymous insights about accounts into a single comprehensive view, revenue teams are flying blind. Demandbase One streamlines your B2B marketing tools to work together.

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Focusing on the right accounts makes all the difference between building a successful ABM strategy and wasting time and resources on companies that will never buy from you. Fortunately, advancements in actionable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning allow us to combine ABM’s ability to focus on highly qualified accounts with inbound marketing’s ability to focus on accounts and people that are showing buying intent and engagement. The combination can set your pipeline development efforts on FIRE!

By FIRE, I mean:

Fit: Identify accounts within your ICP that have the best chance of becoming customers.
Intent: Discover accounts doing anonymous research on your unique products and competitors.
Relationship: Understand the context and history of previous sales outreach and efforts.
Engagement: Measure how accounts interact with your brand across your website, content, and campaigns.

An image depicting how finding the right accounts increases revenue growthEach of these key ingredients is useful in their own right, but the new Demandbase One solution takes it a step further to combine them into a unique Pipeline Predict algorithm that pinpoints qualified accounts showing behaviors that exhibit active buying activity. Finally, companies can focus their sales teams on accounts that are highly qualified AND are showing buying behaviors AND don’t have existing sales outreach.

The key to making all this AI actionable is to use it to predict where each account is in its unique buying journey. This helps you orchestrate the right actions, e.g., advertising for Aware Accounts that are showing intent but are not engaging with your brand, and sales outreach for Hot Accounts showing active buying activity. And tracking how accounts move through the journey stages gives you the ability to measure how your ABM efforts are performing and to assess the health of each territory.


An image depicting how various charts in Demandbase One show account engagementAccording to Twilio’s COVID-19 Digital Engagement Report, COVID-19 accelerated companies’ digital strategy by an average of 6 years! The pandemic has driven a dramatic shift in how marketers are engaging with prospects and customers. We can no longer rely on trade shows and events to create awareness and pipeline. Instead, we are shifting our efforts dramatically to digital channels. This means that now, more than ever, marketers need to find ways to target buyers online, personalize online experiences, and orchestrate interactions across channels to create a cohesive customer experience.

This is how it’s done with Demandbase One:

  • Demandbase Advertising gives you the ability to target accounts with customized messaging that reaches them where they are online. Plus, our unique B2B DSP properly spreads the budget and impressions across ALL your target accounts, unlike other ABM advertising solutions built on B2C DSPs that push as much as 85 percent of the budget onto the 10 percent largest accounts. Our B2B focus is why some of the largest and most sophisticated B2B marketers in the world—including Adobe, DocuSign, Facebook, and Salesforce—rely on Demandbase for digital advertising.
  • Demandbase Personalization gives your accounts a personalized experience when they visit your website so the content they see directly resonates with their needs and pain points.
  • Demandbase Orchestration uses marketing-automation style workflows to coordinate cross-department plays and complex audience segmentation, at scale, including CRM and marketing automation campaigns, sales engagement cadences and sequences, LinkedIn advertising, direct mail, account-based chat, and more.


Image depicting how revenue teams can share information on Demandbase OneIn a previous blog post, “The Future of B2B is Changing: Are You Ready?”, I noted that between 2000 to 2015, Marketing became a driver in revenue performance, using marketing automation and email to produce top-of-funnel leads. This was a linear, baton-handoff approach to marketing and sales. But today, we are living in a much more dynamic world, where the relationship between marketing and sales looks much more like a soccer team in which players in different positions pass the ball back and forth as they move the ball up and down the field.

In this new world, revenue teams need to share information much more proactively. That’s why Demandbase One creates a shared view of accounts and delivers personalized, actionable insights to SDRs, sales reps, and sales leaders. This is critical since, according to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report, 74 percent of their customers say sales’ awareness of marketing campaigns is important to win business, and 85 percent of B2B sales reps who receive alerts on opportunities say they help them do their job better.

Sales alerts take the guesswork out of prospecting and selling and can include:

  • Hot accounts showing high purchase propensity that SDRs haven’t reached out to
  • Key contacts at cold opportunities showing new engagement
  • Open opportunities that suddenly start showing intent for competitors
  • Existing customers showing purchase intent for additional cross-sell products
  • And almost anything else you can think of

Best of all, these alerts come to sales reps where they’re already working: in CRM, email, Slack, and anywhere on the open web using our Chrome extension.

A new Demandbase for a new world

Since we’ve been focused on ABM for longer than any other company, you might think that you know what Demandbase does. If you do, it’s time to think again. We are a new Demandbase, with a larger leadership team and an awesome new look and feel to our brand, and we’re delivering awesome B2B solutions for a new world.

I know what it’s like to build a category in marketing technology. As the co-founder of Marketo, I played a key part in building the marketing automation category. I know when it’s time for a category to take off when a solution finally comes together that delivers everything customers need to market and sell in a new modern way that’s exactly right for that time. We did it with Marketo in 2008, and it’s what we’ve done today by delivering Demandbase One. Demandbase was already the largest ABM vendor in the category— by far—and now with Engagio we also have the most complete, most powerful ABM solution in the market—by far.

One thing I’m incredibly proud of is the speed at which we were able to integrate our platforms to deliver Demandbase One. But we didn’t cut any corners. In fact, while we are a new Demandbase, Demandbase One is not a new, unproven solution. We didn’t have to build new capabilities to deliver the leading ABM platform, we just had to combine the existing best-in-class functionality from each company—the mature platform of Engagio with the AI, big data, and marketing technology of Demandbase —which is exactly what we’ve done.

Demandbase now powers revenue teams with alignment around one set of data, one go-to-market motion, and one comprehensive view of the customer all in one platform.

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With Demandbase One, you finally have a solution that delivers AND:

  • Power AND ease
  • Speed AND flexibility
  • Marketing AND sales functionality
  • The engageability of inbound marketing AND the precision and targeting of ABM

Take a look for yourself. We’d love to show you how easy it is to get started with Demandbase and how far we’ll be able to take you as your business grows and evolves.

Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Demandbase

As Chief Marketing and Product Officer of Demandbase, I'm responsible for delivering Demandbase’s product vision to delight customers and fulfill its mission of transforming how B2B companies go-to-market. I have a long history of establishing and leading some of the most notable marketing technology companies. Most recently, I was co-founder and CEO of Engagio, the leading Account-Based Orchestration Platform. Earlier, I co-founded and held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for Marketo (acquired by Adobe).