Demandbase Customers: Elevate Your ABM Practice With Hands-on Workshops

The promise of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has become a siren song for B2B marketers the world over. Making that promise a reality takes the right strategy, the right technology, and a willingness to take a new approach to marketing. At Demandbase, we’ve helped hundreds of companies achieve their ABM goals, and we’re passionate about sharing our expertise with the rest of the B2B world.

On April 20-21, the Marketing Innovation Summit will bring more than 500 B2B marketers together to share knowledge, skills, and best practices. This premier industry event is ideal for B2B marketers from companies of any size who want to raise their ABM game. Demandbase customers will have the additional opportunity to participate in exclusive, hands-on workshops (included in registration).

Our team of B2B marketers and consultants have been hard at work distilling the most effective ABM strategies and practices into a series of workshop sessions. Designed to help customers get the most from their Demandbase investments, these practical workshops will follow two tracks: Advertising and Marketing Technology.

Advertising Track

● Account-Based Advertising – Getting Started

● Account-Based Advertising – Advanced Strategies

● Campaign Analytics: Campaign Tracking and Bringing it All Together

●The B2B Challenge: Value and Attribution

Marketing Technology Track

● Evaluating the Marketing Technology Stack

● Jump-Starting Your B2B Analytics

● Effective Dashboards for Savvy B2B Analysis

● Website Personalization: Fast Start to Data-Driven Optimization

In our Advertising track, we’ll walk through some of the smartest approaches to recognizing and targeting accounts; driving them to your website with intelligent creative that speaks uniquely to each prospect; and measuring the impact of your media spend in terms of revenue rather than impressions.

 Our Marketing Technology track dives into the top of the funnel and brings the entire marketing stack together with a unified, account-based view of marketing activity. In these four sessions, we’ll show you how to use Demandbase-powered insights to better understand what your prospects and customers are doing on your website; take advantage of the content and resources you already have to increase engagement with the right companies; and use those insights to confidently deliver the right contacts to Sales.

 Whether your ABM efforts are just beginning, or you’re looking to take your strategies to the next level, register to attend our practical workshops to beyond the theory for immediate actions that can have a dramatic impact on your practice.