Demandbase Buyer 2.0 Video Wins MarCOM Award

We’ve always been big believers that B2B doesn’t have to equal boring. That said, educating the community about technology, new trends and business strategy isn’t easy – and sometimes it takes a lot of words.

We asked ourselves if there was a way to create a piece of content that was more geared towards entertaining buyers.

That’s why we’ve produced whitepapers such as “The Elusive Buyer 2.0,” which explains how changing buyer behavior impacts B2B marketing strategies and shares best practices for engaging today’s anonymous web buyers. The whitepaper is chock full of insight and a pretty engaging read. We were excited about this material, so we challenged ourselves to see if we could use it as a foundation to create a piece that was more geared towards simply entertaining buyers.

The end result was an animated video – produced by the awesome team at BrightTalk – that combined the fun of a James Bond flick with the important message of reaching online buyers. We loved the end product and we were excited to hear that the video won a gold statue at the MarCom Awards in the Video/Marketing category.

It’s a great example of why it’s necessary to create different types of personalized, targeted content for your website, ensuring that your web visitors can engage with what’s most relevant to them.

Watch the Buyer 2.0 video below, and if you’re entertained, you can learn more about Buyer 2.0 in our whitepaper.