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100 Powerful Women in Sales – 2023

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August 9, 2023

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100 Powerful Women in Sales – 2023

Celebrating Trailblazing Women in Sales

This year has been incredibly challenging for salespeople in many companies across industries. But because we know that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going,” those who persevered, thought outside the box, and focused on doing right by their customers, are still celebrating wins and closed deals. And many of those salespeople who maneuvered the recent headwinds are amazing women in sales.   

To celebrate this, we created a list of women who are making an impact in the sales field. Not only are they knocking it out of the park when it comes to their specific roles, but they’re also finding success in giving back to other women within our field and working to make sales as a whole better.

And so, for the second year in a row, we’re proud to share that we’ve partnered up with Women in Sales to highlight 100 Powerful Women in Sales. 

You can find the 2022 list here (1-50 / 51-100).

We didn’t want the list to be restricted based on title, so you’ll see folks from the SDR level, all the way to the C-Suite!

Before jumping into how we developed our list, Alexine Mudawar, CEO at Women in Sales, and I wanted to share our perspective on the importance and impact that these women make and why these specific women were selected:

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your own team or are simply curious about who these women are, taking cues from these thought leaders can provide you with valuable insights into how to remain ahead of the curve during times of rapid change.

List methodology

When developing this list of 100 Powerful Women in Sales, it’s not simply who has the most followers. While reach, specifically on LinkedIn, is important, a variety of other criteria go into such a ranking, including:

  • Sharing contextual updates: Whether it’s publishing unique on-topic content or it’s reposting content with additional context, the content needs to be beneficial to their audience. Simply reposting company content isn’t enough.
  • Engagement with sales-focused content: If you’re turning to someone for inspiration, they should be actively engaged with the broader community. Interacting with content –– both passively and actively ––  with likes, and thoughtful comments is imperative.
  • Audience resonance: When these women publish content, are their audiences actively engaging with it? Is it resonating? How about when they comment on other people’s content? Their content –– whether on their profile or when they engage with others’ content –– should resonate with these audiences.
  • Diversity: We are careful to ensure that we have a diverse representation of those individuals whom we highlight. This isn’t limited to those that we name to the list; it’s also important to ensure that they’re involved in conversations with a diverse group of people.

Many lists rely entirely on Twitter (err, X) but, in the B2B world, most people (especially sales individuals) focus their time on LinkedIn. While X allows access to their firehose and therefore a lot of tools utilize that data to determine influence, this list was manually researched and analyzed by both our team and Women in Sales, one profile at a time.

Without delay, and in alphabetical order, here are the 100 powerful women in sales that you need to be following and learning from:




Alana Bentley

Co-President of NSN Chicago, Account Specialist and VBUnity Co-Lead at GSK Pharmaceuticals

Why you should follow Alana:

With over seven years of experience in strategic sales, Alana has a wide range of sales expertise including sales productivity, pipeline strategy, sales coaching, account management, business development, customer acquisition and retention, and product solution sales. She approaches sales with a unique focus on improving the process as a whole, constantly looking for ways to innovate lead generation and boost revenue. With a talent for streamlining workflows, she has carved out a niche for herself in the world of sales. Her insights and strategies, visible through her online presence, serve as a valuable resource for anyone in the sales field. Alana is also co-president and board member at the National Sales Network (Chicago Chapter). 





Alexa Regimand

Alexa Regimand

Vice President, InstroTek, Inc.

Why you should follow Alexa:

Alexa has a long history in sales going from being a BDR at GroupOn, where she consistently exceeded quarterly/monthly targets and was named Rookie of the Quarter (Q3, 2016), to becoming a Sales Trainer with them where she trained over 100 new BDRs across all verticals, boasting an 87% graduation rate. This earned her the Trainer of the Month accolade in August of 2017. This training experience led Alexa to Fooda to become their first (and only!) sales trainer, where she built out the full onboarding and education training programs. Those experiences led Alexa to Compass Group before moving to become VP at InstroTek.

Alexa can often be seen cheering on her colleagues who have been recently promoted as well as encouraging people to apply for open positions at InstroTek.





Alex B Headshot

Alex B.

Senior Account Executive, QuotaPath

Why you should follow Alex:

Alex, currently a dynamic Senior Account Executive at QuotaPath, is revolutionizing the way sales, operations, and finance teams track their commissions. Her significant contributions in guiding clients to automate commission calculations have enhanced QuotaPath’s reputation as a premier tool in the industry. Alex’s professional journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to exceed expectations, illustrated by her repeated overachievement of quotas at Cision. Her positivity, focus, and innate ability to build strong relationships have made a profound impact on her team and clients. During a challenging transition to remote work, Alex demonstrated extraordinary leadership, managing her team adeptly. Her unrivaled blend of sales expertise, leadership skills, and deep understanding of her customers’ needs uniquely position her as a transformative figure in the sales landscape.

Alex_B Linkedin




Alina Vandenberghe Headshot

Alina Vandenberghe

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Chili Piper

Why you should follow Alina:

Alina paints a vibrant picture of workplace dynamics, highlighting empathy as the silent hero in conflict resolution. She stirs rich, enlightening discussions on the art of skill mapping across various marketing domains, underscoring the importance of well-charted career paths. Drawing from her journey as a female entrepreneur, her content dives deep into lessons learned, often touching on the pulse of crucial HR aspects.





Alizee Michaud Headshot

Alizee Michaud

Head of Sales Development, Inscribe

Why you should follow Alizee:

Alizee’s role as Head of Sales Development perfectly suits her as she has gone from being a BDR at Karat to multiple roles at Chili Piper where she grew into being a Sr. SDR Manager prior to leaving for Inscribe. Nicolas Vandenberghe, co-Founder and co-CEO at Chili Piper, praises Alizee, having this to say about her: “She immediately improved the performance of her team and kept the results coming. Alizee combines strong sales acumen and natural leadership.”

Alizee Michaud Linkedin




Alley Forbes Headshot

Alley Forbes

Sales Manager, Vidyard

Why you should follow Alley:

Alley is a remarkable individual who has transitioned from an elite athlete to a top-tier sales professional, blending the qualities of a “saleslete” with a customer-centric approach. With a natural inclination for leadership, she consistently strives to improve herself, aiming to be 1% better every single day.

Alley Forbes Linkedin




Alli MacManus Headshot

Alli MacManus

Manager, Sales Development and Enablement, Demandbase

Why you should follow Alli:

Alli is a dynamic force in tech sales, moving from being a top-performing seller to a role in enablement and strategy. She’s keen on empowering the next generation of tech’s best sellers and is passionate about community, remote work, DE&I, and account-based approaches. Alli’s not just about sales, she also loves a good glass of wine and is always up for some globe-trotting.





Amarli_Monderoy Headshot

Amarli Monderoy

Lead Generation Specialist, Trans World Compliance

Why you should follow Amarli:

Amarli is a seasoned strategist, showcasing a talent for spotting solutions before problems even surface. Having successfully transitioned from Construction to SaaS Sales, her journey enriches her insights. From safeguarding digital identities at HackNotice to boosting revenue growth at Chili Piper, her experience is diverse and valuable. On a personal level, Amarli’s resilient spirit and love for travel shine through. She’s an ardent reader, with Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ ranking high on her list.

Amarli Monderoy Linkedin




Amber Kidd Headshot

Amber Kidd

Sales Talent Operations Specialist, RE:WORK TRAINING 

Why you should follow Amber:

Amber is a dynamic figure, sharing her innovative sales strategies and insights based on a career that’s spanned diverse industries. After taking a brief hiatus to focus on motherhood, she dove back into the professional sphere emerging as a compelling voice for women wishing to navigate a similar path. She consistently shares insightful content, covering everything from sales techniques to real-life challenges and triumphs. 

Amber Kidd Linkedin




Amy Slater Headshot

Amy Slater

Vice President, GSI, Global Sales, Genesys 

Why you should follow Amy:

Amy’s content is unique in providing a valuable perspective from “the other side of sales.” She uncovers essential truths salespeople need to know about their customers, emphasizing the importance of genuine human connection in business interactions. She’s a mentor at heart, keen on guiding professionals on the nuances of sales methodology and customer engagement. 





Amy Volas Headshot

Amy Volas

Founder & CEO, Avenue Talent Partners

Why you should follow Amy:

Amy Volas is a sales powerhouse with over 20 years of experience in startup and enterprise sales, backed by an impressive track record of over $100MM in closed revenue. Her LinkedIn posts offer a treasure trove of sales insights and strategies, providing a unique perspective on the sales profession. With a relentless focus on leaving things better than she found them, Amy’s passion for sales, customer success, and startups shines through in her engaging and informative content.

Check out her career coaching initiative “Better Together“. It aims to offer valuable guidance and insights to help individuals achieve their professional goals.





Angela Salazar Headshot

Angela (Scanlan) Salazar

Vice President, Program & Partnerships, #GirlsClub 

Why you should follow Angela:

Boasting 18 years of leadership experience across training, quality assurance, marketing, and sales operations, Angela has refined her coaching and leadership development skills domestically and abroad. She has created and customized successful leadership development courses and is passionate about nurturing potential future leaders.





Anita Nielsen Headshot

Anita Nielsen

President – Owner, LDK Advisory Services

Why you should follow Anita:

Anita Nielsen stands out in the B2B sales arena with her rich, 20-year-long experience and her unique approach to value creation. Working as a sales performance consultant, author, trainer, and coach, Anita masterfully employs psychology principles to steer sales leaders and their teams toward securing successful deals. She’s a big believer in boosting women’s presence in B2B sales, constantly pushing for more inclusivity in the industry. She perfectly embodies a human-centric approach to sales in her book (which is an Amazon #1 Best-Seller).





Anne Pao Headshot

Anne Pao

Founder & CEO, Ignite Consulting

Why you should follow Anne:

Anne is a go-to-market and revenue operations specialist with over 20 years of experience steering growth for tech and healthcare companies. Having been a key player in over 500 SaaS deals, her expertise in understanding customer value and coordinating buying teams is transformative for those navigating the sales landscape. On a personal note, the three core values that Anne promotes are fairness, inclusion, and authenticity.

Anne Pao Linkedin




Ashley Coghill Headshot

Ashley Coghill

Account Executive, Lavender

Why you should follow Ashley:

Ashley stands out as a sales powerhouse in her industry. She firmly believes that the trifecta of creativity, empathy, and a hunger for learning are indispensable traits for a successful sales professional. She persistently advocates for her peers and amplifies the voices of women, with a special focus on mothers. Away from the whirlwind of her work, Ashley finds joy in the thrill of roller derby, cherishing quiet moments with her family, petting dogs, and losing herself in the world of books.

Make sure not to miss her insightful podcast for more of her expert takes and innovative approaches to sales.

Ashley Coghill Linkedin




Ashley Zagast Headshot

Ashley Zagst

Account Executive,

Why you should follow Ashley:

Ashley thrives amidst the creative flux of the sales industry. With each interaction and conversation, she garners new insights that enable her to guide revenue leaders toward their ambitious growth objectives. Fearless in confronting hard-hitting questions, she brings a valued sense of clarity, transparency, and empathy to the table. 

Ashley Zagast Linkedin




Ashton Williams Headshot

Ashton Williams

Director, Strategic Programs (Enablement), Slack

Why you should follow Ashton:

Ashton stands out as a passionate and energetic professional who thrives in people-focused leadership. She believes in collaboration, open communication, empowering her team, and enablement. Her approach to leadership, combined with her commitment to continuous learning and creativity, fosters growth and excellence.

Ashton_Williams Linkedin




Ayanna Kerrison Headshot

Ayanna Kerrison

Investor, Precursor Ventures

Why you should follow Ayanna:

Ayanna is a seasoned operations and finance professional, boasting over five years of experience in the fast-paced world of investment banking. With roles as diverse as COO in the IT department to handle a financial sponsors group, her broad expertise has given her a keen understanding of the financial industry. All of this together with a solid educational background make her a highly valued professional in the finance and operations sector.





Becc Holland Headshot

Becc Holland

CEO & Founder, Flip the Script

Why you should follow Becc:

Becc Holland’s deep understanding of the tech and sales world consistently shines through in her insightful LinkedIn posts. With a sharp analytical mind, she dives into complex sales concepts and offers unique perspectives that challenge the status quo. She emphasizes the importance of understanding buyers and diagnosing their problems accurately. Becc strongly believes that a sales professional’s expertise lies in providing genuine solutions that benefit the buyer.

becc Holland Linkedin




Carol Martindale Headshot

Carol Martindale

Senior Director, Revenue Operations and Partnerships, Dealfront

Why you should follow Carol:

Carol Martindale excels in orchestrating revenue operations and partnerships, consistently fostering collaboration and teamwork. Driven by her passion for philanthropy, she’s dedicated to empowering people to succeed. She’s also an author, world traveler, poker player, and scotch enthusiast. 

Carol Martindale Linkedin




Carrie Bosworth headshot

Carrie Bosworth

SVP of Sales, Checkr, Inc. 

Why you should follow Carrie:

Carrie Bosworth is a seasoned sales leader who brings her extensive experience, innovative approach, and inventive strategies to the table, turning any roadblocks into opportunities for growth. She’s all about nurturing her team, encouraging constant learning and progression, and is passionate about inspiring the next wave of sales trailblazers.





Cassi Roper Headshot

Cassi Roper

Chief Revenue Officer, Redgate Software

Why you should follow Cassi:

Cassi is a seasoned and hands-on sales leader, known for her expertise in hiring, training, and developing sales professionals. She’s all about creating a winning team spirit and a sales culture that keeps customers at its heart. Fueled by her systematic approach and emphasis on quality account management, Cassi continually raises the bar in the sales industry.





Catie Ivey Headshot

Catie Ivey

VP of Enterprise Sales,

Why you should follow Catie:

Catie is on a three-pronged mission: to raise the bar in B2B sales, to inspire and nurture the upcoming generation of sales leaders, and to push for more women at the pinnacle of leadership. She’s passionate about cultivating a sales culture where reps can unlock their full potential and become indispensable business partners. She believes that the journey to such a landscape begins with empowering our sellers and sales leaders to be the best they can be.

To soak up more of her wisdom, swing by her website.





Chaniqua Nikki Headshot

Chaniqua (Nikki) Ivey

Sr. Strategic Account Broker, OppGen

Why you should follow Chaniqua:

Chaniqua is a seasoned sales professional with over a decade of experience in the field. Throughout her career, she’s often found herself as the only Black woman on the team, facing challenges of representation and belonging. Initially hesitant to challenge the status quo, Chaniqua’s confidence grew as her accomplishments and influence expanded. Empowered by her belief in attracting, supporting, and retaining diverse talent, she began publishing content and building communities to foster change. Now, she’s on a mission to create an inclusive, diverse, and respectful future, inviting others to join her on this transformative journey.

Chaniqua Nikki Ivey Linkedin




Chantel George Headshot

Chantel George

Founder & CEO, Sistas In Sales

Why you should follow Chantel:

Chantel George is more than just a seasoned sales pro. She’s a trailblazer, passionately committed to empowering women of color in the sales industry. While fostering diversity, Chantel is also known for her extraordinary sales acumen, delivering strategic solutions in the AdTech, MarTech, and SaaS sectors. Through her ability to deeply understand client needs, she’s continually raising the bar in the world of sales.

Chantel George Screenshot




Charlotte Lloyd Headshot

Charlotte Lloyd

Sales Director, Investment Monitor

Why you should follow Charlotte:

Charlotte’s forte lies in equipping businesses with effective cold outreach strategies that align perfectly with their brand ethos. She goes beyond the traditional confines of sales methodologies, teaching professionals how to leverage content to capture attention and win clients. Always keeping up with the digital pulse, she’s known for sharing tactical advice that helps to bridge the gap between online interactions and fruitful business relationships. Swing by her newsletter or tune into her podcast for your daily dose of sales wisdom.

Charlotte Lloyd Linkedin Screenshot




Cherilynn Castleman Headshot

Cherilynn Castleman

Managing Partner, CGI Executive Coaching

Why you should follow Cherilynn:

Cherilynn’s passion lies in empowering women of color in the sales industry. She also aids companies in revamping their sales recruitment and retention strategies, leading to shorter sales cycles, higher conversion rates, and a more diverse and confident sales force. As a cherry on top, she’s also penned a book outlining crucial post-pandemic sales strategies and has a website for a deeper dive into her world of insights and strategies.

Cherilynn Castleman Linkedin Screenshot




Christina Brady Headshot

Christina Brady

SVP of Sales, Spekit 

Why you should follow Christina:

Christina brings a unique blend of sales leadership and SaaS expertise to the table, enriched by her creative flair as a former artist. She’s made her mark in the sales industry with an approach that marries ingenuity with tactical acumen. On LinkedIn, she frequently shares insightful commentary on sales strategies and leadership principles, always with an eye on the shifting landscape of the sales industry. Additionally, she channels her experience and insights into public speaking and executive coaching, driving growth in SaaS organizations across the US. Christina also lends her expertise as a host to a podcast called “Taking The Lead”.

Christina Brady Linkedin Screenshot




Christine Rogers Headshot

Christine Rogers

President & COO, Aspireship

Why you should follow Christine:

Christine is a veteran sales leader with a knack for assembling, training, and managing powerhouse sales teams. She is known for her passionate leadership style that focuses on maximizing team performance and driving results by harnessing individual talents for collective success. With expertise spanning leadership development, training, sales process, and customer experience, Christine’s insights are a treasure trove for those seeking to excel in the sales domain.

Christine Rogers Linkedin Screenshot




Cindy Truong Headshot

Cindy Lien Truong

Co-Founder, Society of Saleswomen

Why you should follow Cindy:

From peddling Scratch n’ Sniff stickers as a kid to now leading high-performing sales teams, Cindy has made quite a journey in the sales world. Specializing in SaaS technology and cloud-based business solutions, she’s established her expertise by consistently exceeding revenue goals and embracing the notion that ‘one size does not fit all’ in sales. Cindy brings a unique blend of integrity, culture, and communication to her teams, marking her as a distinct figure in the sales sphere.





Cynthia Barnes Headshot

Cynthia Barnes

Founder and CEO, National Association of Women Sales Professionals (NAWSP)

Why you should follow Cynthia:

Cynthia is passionately committed to driving change and establishing equity for women in sales. Her life’s mission is to bolster companies in attracting, developing, and retaining the top 1% of women sales professionals. She staunchly believes that when women flourish, so do workplaces and teams. Known for her visionary approach, Cynthia leverages her sales expertise and unique insights to influence the sales landscape positively. Delve further into Cynthia’s impactful work and become a part of her mission by navigating through her website.

Cynthia Barnes Linkedin Screenshot




Cynthia Handal Headshot

Cynthia Handal

Head of Global Sales, Simera

Why you should follow Cynthia:

With an unwavering passion for cultivating future sales leaders, Cynthia champions an innovative, empowerment-focused approach to sales management that helps sales reps meet and exceed their goals. She’s deeply committed to fostering accessibility in sales, creating opportunities for aspiring BDRs and SDRs to break into the tech industry. She also connects with her audience by consistently delivering engaging sales content. By leveraging her extensive experience and innovative strategies, she continues to elevate sales performance and success within her team and the broader organization. 

Cynthia Handal Linkedin Screenshot




Daisy Chung Headshot

Daisy Chung

Sales Director, Orum

Why you should follow Daisy:

Daisy is fervently committed to advancing others’ sales careers, leveraging her YouTube channel to share insights, best practices, and the exhilaration inherent in the sales journey. She provides a diverse range of sales-focused content, bridging the gap between theory and application, and empowering her audience to outperform in their sales roles.

Daisy Chung Linkedin Screenshot




Dana Feldman Headshot

Dana Feldman

Head of Strategic Sales, Gong

Why you should follow Dana:

Dana thrives on guiding customers to understand the transformative power of innovative technology for their business operations. As an accomplished leader, she relishes in overseeing high-performing teams and pushing them to exceed client expectations. She also has a fervent commitment to the advancement and success of women in the workplace.

Dana Feldman Linkedin Screenshot




Dini Mehta Headshot

Dini Mehta

Ex-CRO, Lattice

Why you should follow Dini:

Dini is enthusiastic about 1) creating diverse, high-performing teams; 2) authentic leadership; 3) Sustainable scaling of GTM engines. Dini has a strong background in creating and scaling start-ups in situations of rapid growth in marketing, sales, operations, enablement, sales development, solutions consulting, account management, customer success, business development, and partnerships. experience with PLG, inbound traffic, and outgoing traffic.





Dorothy Huynh

Dorothy Huynh

Sales Development Representative, Demandbase

Why you should follow Dorothy:

Dorothy offers a unique blend of insights on sales, marketing, and effective communication strategies. Her posts often delve into the nuances of marketing operations, emphasizing the importance of active listening and tailored messaging. Whether it’s sharing learnings about account-based marketing or tips for crafting concise, relevant content for different audiences, Dorothy’s feed is full of knowledge.

Dorothy Huynh Linkedin screenshot




Erica Franklin Headshot

Erica Franklin

Director of Sales, Sistas In Sales

Why you should follow Erica:

Erica is a passionate go-getter with diverse perspectives, Erica enjoys helping customers and communities find solutions. She is a fervent DE&I advocate helping to build the fastest growing global community of women of color in sales. With 15+ years of experience, Erica has successfully crossed sales and customer satisfaction goals, driven revenue, and maintained exceptional customer engagement. Erica’s passion for philanthropy and storytelling brings joy to her work. When Erica is not helping companies and organizations “grow better,” Erica enjoys spending time traveling the world, learning about other cultures, listening to music, and dancing to her favorite tunes.

Erica Franklin Linkedin Screenshot




Erin Moore Headshot

Erin Moore

Director of Sales, Centerspan

Why you should follow Erin:

Erin is a sales leader with over ten years of experience including successfully managing sales teams for companies like Marquam and Centerspan. She has developed a female-focused sales mindset and is passionate about training women to sell honestly and personably.





Gabrielle Reyson Headshot

Gabrielle Reyson

Open to Work, Former SDR, UserGems

Why you should follow Gabrielle:

Gabrielle helps individuals and companies achieve their goals by fostering a work ethic within daily habits. The book “Three Feet From Gold” highlights the importance of digging for gold in various industries, resulting in versatility, flexibility, and personality. Success in each field requires developing and finding the “gold within.” Gabrielle believes there is gold in individual and company goals and she has vowed to dig as long as it takes to help reach the gold.

Gabrielle Reyson Linkedin Screenshot




Gina Stracuzzi Headshot

Gina Stracuzzi

Women in Sales Leadership Forum Co-Founder and Program Director, Institute for Excellence in Sales

Why you should follow Gina:

Gina has worked with women-owned or led businesses in the United States and Europe for more than 25 years as a business development and sales strategist. Her primary passion has always been empowering women to recognise and capitalize on their inherent strengths in order to excel in their jobs and businesses. She is one of the co-founders of the IES Women in Sales Leadership (WISL) Centre, which includes the WISL Forum, a game-changing initiative aimed at ensuring that more women are elevated into sales leadership, the IES Premier Women in Sales Employer (PWISE) Certification for exceptional businesses for women in sales, the annual WISL Elevation Conference, and a number of internal professional development options. 

Gina Stracuzzi Linkedin Screenshot




Grace Presnick Headshot

Grace Presnick

Sr. Enterprise Account Executive, Outreach

Why you should follow Grace:

Grace is an inspiring sales leader at Outreach, serving in the dual roles of Senior Enterprise Account Executive and Co-Chair of the Women in Sales (WINS) Employee Resource Group. Her stellar sales acumen is complemented by her dedication to driving gender equity in the sales industry. Through her leadership in the WINS group, she has advocated for the empowerment and progression of women in sales, fostering an inclusive environment and paving the way for future generations of female sales professionals. Her impact extends beyond her quota-exceeding performance in sales roles at Dell EMC and Nasuni, illustrating a professional who seamlessly blends success in sales with advocacy for diversity and inclusion. Grace’s unique blend of professional success and commitment to empowering women in sales positions her as a transformational leader in her field.

Grace_Presnick Linkedin




Guerlyne Guercy Headshot

Guerlyne Guercy

Executive Communications Manager – People & Communities, Cisco

Why you should follow Guerlyne:

Guerlyne is a communications strategist that focuses on developing comprehensive messaging, maximizing operational effectiveness, and offering encouragement. Guerlyne advocates for grief and loss, offering guidance to navigate life’s perceived losses. She hopes to impart resilience and hope to others, as she experienced personal and professional growth. Guerlyne highly recommends these sessions for women seeking to understand their “blind spots” preventing career advancement.





Hannah Ajikawo Headshot

Hannah Ajikawo

CEO & Founder, Revenue Funnel

Why you should follow Hannah:

Hannah partners with sales leaders and CEOs to create customer engagement processes that drive value throughout the funnel and increase revenue opportunities. With 15 years of sales experience and 21,000 hours of consulting, Hannah has developed frameworks to increase ACV and win rates in under 4 months. The process involves establishing a universal buyer journey, building coherent value-based interactions, enabling daily execution through training and materials, and refining discovery processes. Results include sales reps hitting targets, customer success teams expanding accounts, reducing SDR ramp time, and increasing average contract value.





Heidi Solomon-Orlick Headshot

Heidi Solomon-Orlick 

Senior Vice President – Business Development, Arise Virtual Solutions Inc.

Why you should follow Heidi:

Heidi is an award-winning Senior Vice President with over 30 years of global BPO sales and leadership experience. With over $1.5 billion in revenue, she has created 1,000 jobs globally. Heidi is a unique sales professional with a focus on trust, curiosity, authenticity, relationship building, team collaboration, thought leadership, innovation, active listening, and problem-solving. 

She is also the founder and CEO of GirlzWhoSell, an organization aiming to close the gender gap in B2B sales and build the largest pipeline of diverse female sales talent. Heidi is a DE&I champion, change agent, entrepreneur, author, and mentor. She has won Gold Stevie awards, was ranked in Top 50 Women Magazine, and was a Red Ladder Unstoppable Women in 2020. Heidi is a contributing author of “Upward: Leadership Lessons for Women on the Rise.” 

As a venture capital investor, she invests in women, LBTQIA+ and black-owned businesses. She is committed to supporting women and girls, promoting racial justice, workplace, and intersectional gender equity. She is an active aging advocate and aims to make a difference and leave a better world for future generations.





Hilary_Headlee Headshot

Hilary Headlee

EVP, Sales + Customer Success, Center of Excellence, Insight Partners

Why you should follow Hilary:

With 20+ years of go-to-market experience in B2B and B2C SaaS companies, Hilary offers rich insights into product, marketing, sales, finance, and IT collaborations. She has a track record of success, including leading teams to successful IPOs and M&A outcomes. Her strength in connecting “those who build the product” to “those who sell the product” makes her a unique asset. By following Hilary, you gain access to her global perspective and a wealth of experience from SMB to enterprise stages, ensuring an enriching experience in understanding GTM strategies and customer success.

Hilary_Headlee Linkedin




Holly Allen Headshot

Holly Allen

Business Development Representative, Deel

Why you should follow Holly:

Holly works with small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to expand or hire globally. Holly’s passion is rooted in all things social selling, particularly on LinkedIn, which is why she co-hosts a LinkedIn Social Selling Masterclass. Holly helps salespeople with LinkedIn tips and tricks, prospecting via video and voice notes, as well as how to make LinkedIn a profitable selling platform. Holly’s passion is helping SDRs build a personal brand and generate inbound leads through LinkedIn.

Holly Allen Linkedin Screenshot




Ileana Hernandez Headshot

Ileana Hernandez 

Enterprise Account Executive, Epidemic Sound

Why you should follow Ileana:

Over the past 4 years, Ileana has developed her sales methodology in technology (in IaaS and SaaS). At Epidemic Sound she collaborates with brands to soundtrack their audio-visual productions on TV, Online, at events, In-store, etc.

She leads the growth strategy in LATAM where she launched Spanish-blog posts by Latin curators, translated documents for LATAM customers, and successfully brought in some of the largest broadcasters such as Televisa, Univision, El Financiero, Sonoro Media Podcasts, and more.

Illena has consistently exceeded annual quotas and is experienced in bilingual selling for both the US and LATAM markets. She has successfully landed new accounts including Dentsu Creative, USA Basketball, Phoenix Suns, Spyder, PGA Tour, MrBeast, and several other well known brands.





Jaleh Rezaei Headshot

Jaleh Rezaei 

CEO & Co-founder, Mutiny

Why you should follow Jaleh:

After spanning roles at VMware, Gusto, Social Capital LP, and various advisory roles, in 2018, Jaleh co-founded Mutiny. After facing conversion challenges while she led marketing at Gusto, where they successfully drove top-of-funnel growth but had difficulties converting into revenue, she co-founded Mutiny which focuses on converting pageviews into pipeline and revenue with no-code website personalization. 





Jen Allen-Knuth Headshot

Jen Allen-Knuth

Community Growth, Lavender

Why you should follow Jen:

Jen is the Head of Community Growth at Lavender, a co-founder of Social Social, a thriving community assisting individuals with LinkedIn content strategies, and a sought-after keynote speaker at sales conferences. With a background as an account executive and Chief Evangelist at Challenger, Jen hosted the Challenger Sale series, closed millions of dollars in closed-revenue as well as sales-qualified pipeline. Passionate about empowering women in the revenue sector, she emphasizes the importance of authenticity and innovation in overcoming customer risk aversion. Her dedication to driving effective communication and addressing challenges in complex B2B purchases makes her a valuable asset to B2B sales teams.





Jill Bruno Headshot

Jill Bruno

Manager, Sales Development, 

Why you should follow Jill:

Jill embodies the spirit of “Don’t wish for it; work for it,” fearlessly immersing herself in the sales process and seeking growth-driven solutions without shying away from challenges. With over a decade of sales experience, she played a pivotal role in establishing RocketReach’s inbound and outbound infrastructure, fueling the company’s impressive recent growth. Jill is also a Founding Member of Tenbound Plus, an exclusive invitation-only community that fosters mastery of the Inbound Methodology, professional skill-building, and networking opportunities for B2B SaaS GTM executives, managers, SDRs, and entrepreneurs. 





Julia Carter Headshot

Julia Carter 

Account Executive, Marpipe

Why you should follow Julia:

Julia takes charge of the entire sales cycle, overseeing both cold outbound efforts and inbound lead management, without the assistance of SDRs. Thriving in the startup environment, Julia finds value in being part of a small team that fosters efficient collaboration. Despite maintaining a standard ~1 million-dollar quota, her deal sizes span from Enterprise to Mid Market. Julia’s dedication to helping marketers and her exceptional sales achievements solidify her as a valuable asset in her field.

Julia Carter Linkedin screenshot




Julie Martin Headshot

Julie Martin

Regional Director, Strategic Accounts | Hybrid, Airtable

Why you should follow Julie:

Julie joined Airtable in June 2016 as the Regional Director, Strategic Accounts | Hybrid. In her role, she leads a team responsible for acquiring and managing Airtable’s key strategic segment, consisting of more than 5,000+ FTEs. Notably, Julie has successfully landed significant companies within this segment, including Amex, Costco, Adidas, Vanguard, T-Mobile, Unilever, Cisco, GMF, Bank of America, Target, Verizon, JPMC, Coca-Cola, S&P, Cox, and many others. Prior to her current position, Julie served as the head of the East Coast Media and Entertainment vertical in Twitter’s US Advertising business.





Kandace Banks Headshot

Kandace Banks

Senior Enterprise Business Development, SetSail

Why you should follow Kandace

In her role as Senior Enterprise Business Development, Kandace supports colleagues with the creation of campaigns, structures feedback across several areas, digs into data to provide SDRs with guidance, and streamlines that data to leadership. Prior to this role, Kandace was in business development where she was named as a top performer for exceeding quota and won the company’s highest award, as nominated by leadership.

Dedicated to improving the way moms transfer their skills over to sales, she complied a simplistic BDR onboarding guide with key coaching tips for anyone new in the space.

Kandace_Banks Linkedin




Katherine Caldwell Headshot

Katherine Caldwell

Founder, Katch Consulting LLC 

Why you should follow Katherine 

Katherine is both a seasoned SDR and video prospector. In her SDR days, she spent most of her time video prospecting to sales executives. In 2021, she took a bet on herself –– leaving her full-time job –– and now she coaches sales teams using a video prospecting program framework that she utilized successfully.

Katherine Caldwell Linkedin




Kelly Marberry Headshot

Kelly Marberry 

Sales Leader – Account Executives LinkedIn Sales Solutions, LinkedIn

Why you should follow Kelly

Kelly has worked in sales, account management, and management for over 18 years, and she is a passionate and motivated sales leader at LinkedIn. Kelly’s goal is to assist mid-market sales organizations in utilizing LinkedIn data to create strategic connections and provide planning and strategy teams with relevant information. Kelly added a variety of viewpoints and experiences to the team because she has worked with different partners, clients, and sectors over the course of my career. In her role as the sales leader for account executives at LinkedIn Sales Solutions, Kelly oversees a team that partners with mid-market sales organizations across North America. 

Kelly_Marberry Linkedin




Kennedy_Nicholson headshot

Kennedy Nicholson

SDR Inbound, Qualtrics

Why you should follow Kennedy

In addition to her role as an SDR at Qualtrics, Kennedy is also a Sales Development Coach at CourseCareers where she enjoys helping people make the transition into new sales careers, similar to her experience. Kennedy is an active member of top sales communities such as RevGenius and Sales Hacker. She recently shared her story about breaking into tech in this interview.

Kennedy_Nicholson Linkedin




Kristin_Moore Headshot

Kristin Moore

Regional Sales Manager – Northeast, DoorDash

Why you should follow Kristin

Kristin’s sales career spans multiple companies where she consistently exceeded quota and contributed to millions of dollars in gross bookings. She has led teams that include 2nd and 3rd line management such as 70 SDRs. Kristin now serves as the Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast at DoorDash. She is a powerhouse sales leader with a focus on DE&I.

kristin_moore Linkedin




Krysten Conner Headshot

Krysten Conner

Sales Strategist, UserGems

Why you should follow Krysten

Krysten, who never expected to end up in sales, returned to her family’s global insurance agency after three years of teaching middle school history. After leading multiple departments, she realized her passion was teaching, helping people, and changing the world. After selling the agency, she re-focused on sales and worked with various clients, across a variety of industries including entertainment, construction, retail, property management, consulting, healthcare, financial services, waste management, manufacturing, and software. Krysten helped sales and marketing leaders accomplish their goals, leading to clients being selected as CEOs, directors gaining visibility, and teams tackling global health threats. Despite an unexpected career change, she continues to share her wisdom, teaching and coaching early-stage AEs and helping individuals and organizations improve their sales and impact.





Lauren Bailey headshot

Lauren Bailey

Founder and President, Factor 8

Why you should follow Lauren

Lauren focuses on building solutions that help BDRs and AEs hit quota sooner so they stay in sales and leadership programs that help folks move from being reps towards being managers. Lauren believes in building happy teams, powerful online experiences, learning cultures, engaging workshops, and solutions to help people fall in love with sales and look forward to coming to work. Lauren is most proud when she gets notes from past students who share their success stories or texts from #GirlsClubbers who have found and helped each other somehow. Lauren has trained and spoken in over 30 countries.


lauren_bailey Linkedin




Laurie Page Headshot

Laurie Page

VP of Sales Strategy | Partner, The Bridge Group, Inc.

Why you should follow Laurie

Laurie is a Senior Sales Executive at The Bridge Group, focusing on inside sales. She joined in 2000 to expand The Bridge Group’s capabilities and serve their clients. Laurie has developed strategic initiatives and tactical implementation plans, ensuring high-quality solutions. Laurie partners with the team to utilize their experience in sales process methodology, measurement and metric development, project management, and recruiting to build high-performing teams. 

Laurie has received recognition for her expertise including being named a Top 25 Most Influential in Inside Sales by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (2011, 2013, and 2014), one of the Top 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management (2011) by SLMA, and she topped the  Consulting Provider of the Year rankings by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals two years in a row (2013 and 2014).

Laurie Page Linkedin




Leslie Venetz Headshot

Leslie Venetz

Founder, Sales Team Builder LLC 

Why you should follow Leslie

Leslie is a corporate sales trainer and sales-led GTM consultant. She specializes in transforming team engagement with prospects. With 15 years of experience in C-suite enterprise selling, Leslie has successfully led sales teams to overachievement and revenue growth. Leslie’s strategic vision and early-stage startup skills have led to rapid growth, and she has a stellar track record of nurturing teams across various industries, resulting in tangible results and increased customer satisfaction. Beyond her ongoing content on LinkedIn, you can find her on TikTok where she shares sales tips and hilarious sales-related content with her 32k followers.

Leslie_Venetz Linkedin




Liat Bycel Headshot

Liat Bycel

Founding Partner, 20SALES

Why you should follow Liat

Prior to becoming a Founding Partner at 20SALES, Liat was the VP of Sales at Airtable where she helped to establish the first customer engagement organization which also included building the leadership team and setting up the structure for several teams at Airtable including sales, customer success, support, and others. 

Liat has held various sales leadership roles throughout her career at companies such as Assist, Twitter, Revolution Prep, and more. At Twitter she was the first manager ever hired for their sales organization, growing the sales team from three sellers to 50+ in the first year.

liat_bycel_ linkedin




Lilah Jones Headshot

Lilah Jones

Head of ISVs & Marketplace Sales – NorthAm, Google

Why you should follow Lilah

Lilah is a results-driven executive with exceptional communication and relationship-building skills. She is a strategic thinker with excellent business acumen and deep expertise in the cloud and technology industries. Lila has a proven ability to achieve strong revenue growth.

Lilah is a versatile professional excelling as a keynote speaker, adjunct professor at Suffolk University’s Sawyer Business School, and guest lecturer at Northwestern University’s Medill School.

Lilah_Jones Linkedin




Linda Dao Ohr Headshot

Linda Dao Ohr

Global Head of Strategy & Enablement, Kin + Carta

Why you should follow Linda

Linda leads cross-functional teams to ensure client satisfaction, create efficiencies, and attract new talent. With over 1,700 specialized technologists, strategists, and creatives across four continents, she accelerates organizational growth at the global level. Before joining Kin + Carta, Linda held leadership roles in operations, sales, marketing, and client relations. She invests her experience in her endeavors and mentors women in their careers or raising families. You can find her often highlighting and giving kudos publicly on LinkedIn to team members.





Lisa Siqueria McClure Headshot

Lisa (Siqueira) McClure

Regional Vice President – Commerce, Salesforce

Why you should follow Lisa

Lisa is an experienced Sales leader with 10+ years of proven success in building and transforming high-performing teams of AEs, BDRs, and SEs. Adept at attracting, hiring, and developing top talent while fostering strong partnerships and strategically growing businesses through process optimization. Skilled in M&A and start-up environments, with a passion for driving growth through technology implementation. Lisa is a dedicated advocate for Women in Technology and is committed to empowering startups. Lisa enjoys collaborating with non-profit organizations to help streamline processes and enhance brand awareness.





Liz Sachs Headshot

Liz Sachs

Strategic Account Executive, Airtable

Why you should follow Liz:

Liz is a driven and tenacious professional who has worked hard to carve out her successful career. With a natural affinity for sales and a genuine passion for offering support and solutions, Liz brings a consultative approach to every deal she handles. Her diverse background has equipped her with a unique perspective, making her a trusted consultant. Beyond her professional endeavors, Liz’s love for running, learning to surf, and being a (novice) gardener adds an element of inspiration and adventure to her life. By following Liz, you’ll gain valuable insights into sales, a zest for personal growth, and glimpses of her exciting pursuits outside the workplace.

Liz_Sachs Linkedin




Lori Richardson Headshot

Lori Richardson

B2B Sales / Revenue Growth Strategist, Score More Sales 

Why you should follow Lori

Lori has dedicated herself to B2B sales, starting at the bottom and progressing to sales leadership. Lori has been trained by top technology companies, including Apple, IBM, and other large technology companies and founded a sales strategy firm to help sales teams succeed.

Lori speaks about tactical ways to grow revenue, helps companies with sales transformation through data and best practices, and teaches HR and sales leaders how to hire top sales talent. Lori’s team provides data-driven recommendations, coaching, and virtual training, resulting in shortened sales cycles and increased revenue. Lori is passionate about more women in B2B sales and leadership.

She is the host of the award-winning podcast “Conversations with Women in Sales.” Lori is also a sales coach at Harvard Business School and an advisor to several organizations.

Lori_Richardson Linkedin




Marie Bross Headshot

Maria Bross

Director of Performance Consulting,

Why you should follow Maria

Maria went from being told that she wasn’t cut out for sales to receiving multiple awards including earning a spot on two President’s Club lists, being recognized as the Rep of the Quarter, and being named by LinkedIn as a Top 100 Sales Star. She now leads an SDR team in her role as Director of Performance Consulting. You can often find Maria being interviewed on podcasts such as The Pavilion Podcast, Unstoppable, The SaaS Sales Performance Podcast, and Millennial Sales.

Maria_Bross_li 2_




Marie Brunet Headshot

Marie Brunet

VP of Sales, Uniphore

Why you should follow Marie

Marie is a visionary leader with over two decades of experience in sales organizations. She drives growth and revenue through strategic leadership and innovative product development. Marie is at the forefront of technology, focusing on SaaS, virtual reality, and AI. She is skilled in mentoring teams across revenue-generating functions, including Direct Sales, Customer Success, Sales Engineering, SDR/BDRs, and Business Development.





Mary Shea Headshot

Mary Shea

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Mediafly

Why you should follow Mary

Mary is the co-CEO of Mediafly, where she focuses on leading the company’s growth and innovation. Before Mary’s current role, she served as Outreach’s Global Innovation Evangelist, focusing on thought-provoking research related to sales technology, the future of buying and selling, and the importance of diversity in B2B sales organizations. Before this, she was a principal analyst at Forrester, an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, and various global technology companies. Mary has been recognized as an industry thought leader, keynote speaker, podcast host, author, and advisor to top B2B brands, with her work regularly featured in prominent academic and commercial publications.

Mary Shea Linkedin Screenshot




Melissa Gaglione Headshot

Melissa Gaglione

Account Executive, Deel

Why you should follow Melissa:

Melissa is a versatile professional with a background spanning elementary school teaching, on-air news reporting, and her current role as an AE in SaaS Sales. She embraces meditation and yoga, applying these practices to her work life to help others reduce stress and cultivate happiness. Melissa’s sales approach involves thoughtful, research-driven outreach, utilizing video to highlight prospects’ challenges. Leveraging her teaching and news reporting skills, Melissa creates a captivating and informative sales process that empowers prospects to achieve their goals. Her passion for helping others is evident as she warmly invites connections to share resources and foster a supportive, collaborative environment.

Melissa Gaglione Linkedin




Meshell R Baker Headshot

Meshell R Baker

DEI Certified Sales Confidence Igniter | Keynote Speaker, Meshell Baker Enterprises, LLC

Why you should follow Meshell:

With Meshell’s programs and coaching, you’ll learn how to put people first, resulting in profits that follow. Her success story as a salesperson without prior background knowledge speaks volumes about her method’s effectiveness. After experiencing life’s ups and downs, Meshell found her calling in empowering women in business to succeed with confidence. As a keynote speaker, sales trainer, and coach, she ignites the power of confidence in every individual she works with. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the transformative influence of Meshell’s guidance on your journey to success.

Meshell R Baker Linkedin




Michelle Orellana Headshot

Michelle Orellana

Business Development Executive, QAD

Why you should follow Michelle:

Michelle is a passionate advocate for uplifting her community, especially Latinas in tech, where representation remains scarce at 2%. She cheers on the 2% and aims to build a supportive community on LinkedIn. Her other goals include learning from content creators and sharing her unique perspective. With a bachelor’s degree in communication, Michelle seeks to bridge language barriers through effective communication in both her professional and personal life. When not connecting and learning from content creators, she enjoys painting, journaling her thoughts, watching UFC with her husband, exploring fun activities in Boston, and building new friendships. 

Michelle_Orellana Linkedin




Miram_Ebrahim headshot

Miram Ebrahim

Brand Sales Leader | GTM Team, Yelp

Why you should follow Miram:

Miram is an innovative leader with a wealth of experience driving successful digital sales partnerships and marketing strategies to achieve company revenue goals. A strategic seller and coach, Miram has a proven track record of orchestrating large-scale budgets, closing deals with C-Level executives, and positioning digital marketing solutions uniquely. Miram’s expertise and commitment make her an invaluable asset in the dynamic world of digital sales and marketing.

Miram_Ebrahim Linkedin




Nikki Schanzer Headshot

Nikki Schanzer

Senior Leadership Development Sales Performance Consultant, LinkedIn

Why you should follow Nikki:

Nikki brings a dynamic blend of sales experience and leadership development to the table. Comfortable with fast-paced change and focused on strategic relationship building, her approach brings effective enablement programs to organizations. As an ACC-accredited coach through ICF, she’s an advocate of the coaching mindset in team leadership. Currently shaping a coaching culture at LinkedIn as a Leadership Development Sales Performance Consultant, Nikki’s insights are valuable to anyone looking to build robust teams and excellent leadership.

Nikki_Schanzer Linkedin




Qiana Nelson Headshot

Qiana Nelson

Sales Director, Small Business Academy and Residency, CDW

Why you should follow Qiana:

Qiana is a seasoned coach, speaker, and leader dedicated to transforming lives. Whether you seek growth in your personal life or career, she has the expertise to help you reach your full potential. As a Certified Life Coach with 20 years of experience in Corporate America, Qiana equips individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to maximize their capabilities. Her approach offers structured support and thoughtful collaboration, making her an inspirational guide on your journey. Above all, Qiana’s passion lies in coaching people to unlock their full potential. Partner with her to embark on a transformative path towards success and fulfillment.

Qiana_Nelson Linkedin




Rachel Mae Headshot

Rachel Mae

Chief Evangelist and General Manager of Training Certification/Licensing, A Sales Growth Company

Why you should follow Rachel:

Rachel is a visionary on a mission to revolutionize sales training. Fueled by the belief that traditional sales training is outdated, she is creating an elite army of the world’s best Sales Trainers and Consultants. With a passion for problem-centric selling, Rachel aims to equip salespeople with the diagnostic skills they need to bring real value to their buyers. Breaking away from the norm, she challenges the status quo by seeking trainers with practical sales experience and a modern approach. Through her innovative ideas and unwavering determination, Rachel is reshaping the landscape of sales training for the better.

Rachel_Mae Linkedin




Rachel Shi Headshot

Rachel Shi

Strategic Account Executive,

Why you should follow Rachel:

Rachel is a seasoned professional with over seven years of experience in enterprise B2B sales, spanning all sizes from startups to Fortune 500 companies. As a GTM coach and consultant, she empowers founders at early-stage startups for success. Rachel’s passion for elevating sales excellence led her to create courses for AEs, providing them a competitive edge in the sales process. Currently, she’s building, offering valuable resources to aspiring professionals. 

Outside of her career pursuits, Rachel expresses her creativity by drawing intriguing content at A true advocate of excellence in all endeavors, Rachel’s diverse talents and commitment shine through in every aspect of her work.

Rachel Shi Linkedin




Rakhi Voria Headshot

Rakhi Voria

Vice President of Global Sales Development, Procore Technologies

Why you should follow Rakhi:

Rakhi is the Vice President of Global Sales Development at Procore Technologies, driving the sales development function to digitize the construction industry. With leadership roles at IBM and Microsoft, she’s transformed sales models and built successful teams, achieving significant business impact. 

Rakhi’s dedication extends to advancing women in sales and millennials in business, sharing insights through speaking engagements and Forbes publications. Armed with an M.Sc. from the University of Oxford and business certifications from renowned institutions, she embraces challenges that foster growth, both personally and professionally. In her leisure time, Rakhi enjoys traveling, writing, and exploring NYC’s restaurant scene. Her remarkable journey and passion for creating positive change make her a standout leader in the tech industry.





Ranjitha Raghunathan Headshot

Ranjitha Raghunathan

Enterprise Accounts Sales Manager, Devices and Services, Google

Why you should follow Ranjitha:

Ranjitha is dedicated to assisting businesses in their journey to success with software tools. She finds great joy in the sales process and values building strong relationships with her customers. Ranjitha has an impressive track record of consistently exceeding quotas by employing the Challenger Sales methodology and Consultative selling approach with both new and existing customers. Her passion for learning is boundless, and her infectious positivity shines through in all she does. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she firmly believes that customers play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of a business. For Ranjitha, the pillars of importance are product excellence, unwavering passion, fostering meaningful connections with people, and having a well-defined process.

Ranjitha Raghunathan Linkedin Screenshot




Reva Pellerin

Reva Pellerin

Enterprise Account Manager, Vidyard

Why you should follow Reva:

Reva is a proud member of the Vidyard team dedicated to helping people leverage the power of video in their professional lives. With over a decade of experience in the B2B world, including 8 years at Vidyard, she has been instrumental in guiding teams beyond YouTube, adopting video platforms for enhanced customer experiences and engaging buyer interactions. Reva’s passion for humanizing interactions through video has become more relevant than ever in today’s changing world. When not working, she cherishes moments with her family, including her husband, daughter, and dog in Guelph. You might find her staying fit at Orange Theory, pursuing knitting projects, fermenting, or enjoying a mix of terrible and great TV shows.





Rhasheeda Hughes Headshot

Rhasheeda Hughes

Manager of Sales Development, PowerReviews

Why you should follow Rhasheeda:

Rhasheeda is a Manager of Sales Development with over 10 years of experience in Senior Business Development and Sales Manager roles. She excels in building top-performing sales teams and processes, driving robust revenue growth. Rhasheeda is known for her consultative sales strategies, data-driven approach, and empathetic leadership, fostering inclusive cultures and high-performing teams.

Rhasheeda Hughes Linkedin




Risa_Khamsi Headshot

Risa Khamsi

Senior Sales Development Representative,

Why you should follow Risa:

Risa is a multicultural individual with a passion for tech and a heart for helping others. With a diverse background and expertise in SaaS, SDR/sales consulting, and B2B LinkedIn content creation, she’s a valuable resource for rescuing stray animals and professional assistance. Reach out to Risa for guidance in your journey or if you need top-notch content creation.





Roopal Shah Headshot

Roopal Shah 

Head (VP) of Global Sales Enablement, Snowflake

Why you should follow Roopal:

Roopal is an expert in enterprise SaaS go-to-market strategies, operations, product marketing, and enablement. She has successfully built and led high-performing teams at all stages, from high-growth pre-IPO startups to Fortune 500 companies, including Benchling, Salesforce, and Guidewire. Her wealth of experience makes her a valuable connection for anyone interested in the ins and outs of SaaS business growth and marketing strategy.

Roopal_Shah Linkedin




Rosalyn Santa Elena Headshot

Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer, The RevOps Collective

Why you should follow Rosalyn:

Rosalyn is an accomplished expert in revenue operations, with a skillset that encompasses everything from funnel creation to customer acquisition and retention. Acknowledged as a key player in RevOps, she imparts her expertise through webinars and her podcast, The Revenue Engine, where she converses with industry leaders from fast-growing companies. Rosalyn holds pivotal positions at the RevOps School, Pavilion’s RevOps Corner, HubSpot’s Revenue Council, among other organizations, reinforcing her significant contributions to the industry.

Roslyn Santa Elena Linkedin




Samantha McKenna Headshot

Samantha McKenna

Founder, #samsales Consulting

Why you should follow Samantha:

Samantha’s journey in competitive sales began in sixth grade, going door-to-door for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Her drive to win was ignited, leading to a career defined by breaking records, creating global sales programs, and putting others first. As the founder of #samsales, she oversees an exceptional all-women team, delivering a wide range of sales training and executive GTM strategies. A sought-after speaker at over 200 events annually, Samantha educates on sales, social selling, and women in tech/sales/leadership. Her infectious humor and dedication make her a force of positive impact in the world.





Sarah Brazier Headshot

Sarah Brazier

Mid-Market Account Executive, Business Finance, Gong

Why you should follow Sarah:

Sarah is a multi-talented individual who wears many hats with ease. As an educator, actor, and people mover, she thrives in fast-paced, competitive environments. Sarah’s dynamic skill set includes being a nationally awarded speaker, and she brings valuable experience in sales, social media marketing, event hosting, and education. With a passion for engaging with diverse audiences and a knack for excelling in various fields, Sarah’s versatility and expertise make her a force to be reckoned with. Get ready to be inspired and motivated by her impressive range of talents and achievements.





Sara Williams jpg

Sara Williams

VP, Mid Market Sales, Demandbase

Why you should follow Sara:

Sara is a sales leader who emphasizes the importance of trust, relationships, and authenticity when building high-performing teams. She successfully scales sales organizations and prioritizes team growth and customer satisfaction. With expertise spanning sales enablement, leadership development, and deal execution, she offers a broad perspective on sales leadership and growth strategies.





Shari Levitin Headshot

Shari Levitin

CEO, Levitin Group

Why you should follow Shari:

Shari is a bestselling author, business growth expert, sales trainer, and dynamic virtual and Top 50 keynote speaker in sales who captivates audiences with her infectious energy. Her unwavering passion lies in transforming businesses, relationships, and life perspectives, serving as the driving force behind her successful career. With a keen understanding of the impact that improved business performance can have on people’s lives, Shari’s content resonates deeply with audiences, delivered in a funny and creative manner that connects straight to the heart. Prepare to be inspired as Shari empowers you to achieve new heights in both business and personal growth.





Shawanda Roberts Headshot

Shawanda Roberts

Global VP of Sales & Marketing Activation, Frost & Sullivan

Why you should follow Shawanda:

Shawanda is the Global Vice President of Sales & Marketing Activation at Frost & Sullivan, where she has served in various sales roles for the past seven years. She is the co-author of the book “Heels to Deals.” Her responsibilities involve leading a team of talented sales professionals who are dedicated to working closely with clients. Their main objective is to identify and implement various growth opportunities for the company. Additionally, Shawanda utilizes her resources to help those in her network with identifying new opportunities.

Shawanda Roberts Linkedin




Stephanie Valenti Headshot

Stephanie Valenti

CRO, SmartBug Media

Why you should follow Stephanie:

Stephanie is the Chief Revenue Officer at SmartBug Media. With over 15 years of experience in B2B sales and operations, Stephanie leads the sales, marketing, client services, and delivery departments, fostering alignment, efficiency, and growth across the revenue teams. Her passion lies in scaling teams, building processes, and cultivating a winning culture, demonstrated through executive roles at three record-breaking companies achieving triple-digit growth. Beyond her role at SmartBug Media, Stephanie creates and facilitates executive-level courses at Pavilion, leads a 1,700 member CRO group, and serves as a trusted startup advisor. Advocating for people-first leadership, she mentors the next generation of leaders while indulging in her love for reading during spare moments.





Surga_Thilakan headshot

Surga Thilakan

Co-Founder & CEO, Salesken

Why you should follow Surga:

Surga Thilakan is a dynamic professional with a diverse background in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship. As the former Head of Marketing at Ujjivan Financial Services, India’s leading microfinance institution, she spearheaded the design and execution of innovative loan products for the urban poor. Surga’s expertise extends to prestigious roles at Goldman Sachs in London, where she managed investments in infrastructure assets across various European countries. She also gained valuable experience at Ernst and Young, advising clients in diverse industries on taxation-related transaction structuring. Currently, Surga is the Co-Founder and CEO of SalesKen, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership in the tech sector. With an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, and gold medals in the board, university, and chartered accountancy levels, Surga is a driven professional with a passion for success and innovation.

Surga Thilakan Linkedin




Taylor Gonzalez Headshot

Taylor M. González

Selling Sales Manager, SumnerOne

Why you should follow Taylor:

Taylor, a former English teacher turned ‘Copier Queen,’ is a distinguished sales leader at SumnerOne. Known for her innovative strategies and fearless approach to sales, Taylor’s standout achievements in the Wichita, KS public sector exemplify her capabilities. A continuous learner and a passionate professional, she excels in delivering superior customer support. Her colleagues speak highly of her, reflecting on her intrinsic worth as a ‘Day 1’ asset to any organization. Taylor truly embodies a unique blend of dedication, knowledge, and heart in the realm of sales leadership.





Teila Evans Headshot

Teila Evans

Sales, Kanda Group

Why you should follow Teila:

Teila is a natural connector with a passion for bringing people together and empowering them to pursue their dreams, Teila’s background in SaaS sales and strategic partnerships has revolved around equity, employee experience, and career development. She thrives on advocacy, community building, and empowerment, engaging in projects focused on developing sales talent, coaching, sales training, public speaking, event programming, and creating impactful partnership programs. Beyond her professional pursuits, Teila finds balance through practicing MMA, particularly Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, while also embracing her newly minted equestrian journey and avid dog training. 

Teila Evans Linkedin




Tracy Young Headshot

Tracy Young

Co-Founder, TigerEye

Why you should follow Tracy:

Tracy Young is the co-founder and CEO of TigerEye, a seasoned company leader with a remarkable track record in scaling private enterprise technology firms. Prior to TigerEye, she co-founded and served as CEO of PlanGrid, a construction productivity software leader acquired by Autodesk for $875 million in 2018. Tracy’s visionary leadership guided PlanGrid through unprecedented growth, achieving product-market fit and a staggering $100 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR). Her adeptness in driving teams to execute strategic business initiatives has been instrumental in her success as an entrepreneur and executive.





Wesleyne Greer Headshot

Wesleyne Greer

Founder & Chief Transformation Officer, Transformed Sales

Why you should follow Wesleyne:

Wesleyne has a background as a former chemist turned international sales manager. She understands the challenges of being at the top of her game. At Transformed Sales, she combines her love for sales and passion for coaching to empower and transform managers in the STEM fields into confident leaders. Through her management training, Wesleyne equips sales leaders with the skills to have productive conversations, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone feels supported. Her focus is on generating repeatable sales, ensuring that every team member becomes a sales superstar. She also is the host of the “The Transformed Sales” podcast.





Whitney Sieck Headshot

Whitney Sieck

Vice President of Revenue Enablement, Demandbase

Why you should follow Whitney:

Whitney is an accomplished leader in learning and development, and a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD). She excels in sales and revenue enablement, demonstrating a significant knack for leadership development. She’s passionate about training revenue teams in pipeline opportunity and relationship building, with tangible business results to show for it. Additionally, she has her website, Enablement Enthusiast, serving as another platform for her to share her insights and experiences.





Yaalit Pereira Headshot

Yaalit Pereira

Account Executive,EMEA, Vidyard

Why you should follow Yaalit:

Yaalit is an extremely driven account executive at Vidyard and the founder of the community “SDRs of Israel.” What sets her apart is her remarkable journey of independence and responsibility at a young age. Even before joining Vidyard, Yaalit had accumulated valuable experience through various roles. From working in small businesses to engaging in sales in small companies, she embraced the challenges while simultaneously raising two children





Yaneisha Perez Padillla Headshot

Yaneisha Pérez Padilla

Senior Account Executive | LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Why you should follow Yaneisha:

Yaneisha is an Account Executive for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, driven by her belief in the transformative power of technology. She also excels in her role as a Global Allyship Co-Lead, focusing on facilitating economic opportunities for HOLA, a Hispanic/Latinx LinkedIn community, through strategic global programming and collaboration with regional ERG leaders. Yaneisha is an SDG Ambassador and youth advocate, currently focused on empowering Latinas and Black Women to pursue their dreams. Contact her through InMail for opportunities to connect your business and empower others.

Yaneisha Perez Padilla Linkedin




Zoya Segelbacher Headshot

Zoya Segelbacher

Sales Enablement Manager, Gong

Why you should follow Zoya:

Zoya is an expert in training and enabling sales professionals at one of the world’s leading tech companies specializing in sales and revenue intelligence. With her deep knowledge and experience, she equips individuals with the skills and insights needed to excel in sales. Beyond her professional pursuits, Zoya is a self-proclaimed nerd with a passion for working with large data sets, consulting insights, and sales strategy. Following Zoya means gaining valuable expertise in sales enablement while tapping into her enthusiasm for data-driven approaches and strategic sales thinking.





Demandbase image

Justin Levy

Former Senior Director, Influencer Marketing & Head of Community, Demandbase

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