Behind the Doors at Demandbase NYC

While our team is busy working from our various locations in San Francisco, Seattle and all the way to the UK, we’re going to highlight the bright, bustling culture in “The City That Never Sleeps.”

Opening the NYC Office

A great office starts with a great team. Demandbase NYC started with a team of one with Erin Cullen our Director of Sales. Erin joined the Demandbase team December 2013 and was quickly tasked to plan out a New York office that could accommodate our East Coast remote employees. After a couple months, our search ended with a space in the iconic Chrysler Building (Fun Fact: Our CEO’s father worked for Chrysler, making the building even more appealing). Demandbase NYC opened its doors two months later in May 2014.

Life at Demandbase NYC

Fast forward to today—our small office has grown from 1 to 40, fostering nothing less than a best-of-breed culture. At 40 and growing, the NYC office has already undergone one renovation and continues to expand. While primarily a Sales office, you can still find a couple of marketers out here if you’re lucky. Regardless of the breakdown, our employees continue to work towards the same goal and support the Demandbase vision. The camaraderie found in the NYC office is so unparallelled that we’ve have several integral team members from San Francisco head east.

Being a startup, we spend up to 80% of our lives working (okay that might be an exaggeration), but you can be sure to find someone at the office bright and early or into the waning hours. While we spend a majority of time working, we still value our work/life balance, which is reflected by our employees on Glassdoor, and we keep things exciting around the office with Bagel Wednesdays, Catered Lunch Fridays, Luau Parties and much more.

Another highlight of our office would be our conference rooms—named after the first concerts our employees attended—we have rooms ranging from Daft Punk to Metallica.

“Demandbase is the first company where I genuinely enjoy coming into work each day. This is especially true in the New York office, where it truly feels like a family. Demandbase rewards innovation, creativity, collaboration, and this environment is what gets me excited to be a part of this organization every day” – Evan Nissenbaum, Sr. Manager of Sales Development

“One of the things that separates Demandbase from the pack is that people can feel comfortable in their own skin, ask questions and strategize together. We have a wonderful mix of experience levels from people fresh out of school and professionals who have been in the industry for 30+ years and yet both parties can feel how special it is working here.” – Erin Cullen, Director of Sales

We’re Hiring!

The Demandbase umbrella hosts an amazing group of talented, intelligent and hard-working individuals. Whether it be New York, San Francisco, Seattle or the UK, we are always looking for top talent. Think you’d be a good fit in this face-paced, fun-loving and tight-knit community, then head over to our current openings and see what’s available.