ABM Innovation Summit Preview: How AI Can Unleash ABM

Business buyers now expect more from B2B marketers than ever before. B2B marketers are well aware of this, and many are already offering personalized experiences to prospects. Still, with fixed resources and manual data analysis, it can sometimes be tough to effectively scale your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy and tailor marketing to each and every one of your leads.

The full potential of ABM is finally being unleashed by artificial intelligence (AI). Today’s advanced—yet accessible—AI technology allows marketers to make their existing ABM efforts far more effective and efficient, with the ability personalize content to audiences at an unprecedented scale.

Data Unlocks Artificial Intelligence Excellence

But… why is this? Why does AI have so many relevant applications within ABM? The answer lies with data. In the age of intelligent marketing, data is everywhere—and it’s what powers differentiated, personalized experiences for customers through AI.

Gone are the days of manually combing through data to tediously craft personalized emails. AI can comprehensively analyze customer data, create dynamically personalized content, and offer strategic insights based on lead behavior—streamlining ABM processes that used to be a chore. What’s more, AI also has the ability to use data to intelligently prioritize your leads, establish personalized marketing touchpoints, and optimize campaigns based on real-time analysis.

Customers Expect Personalization Powered by Artificial Intelligence

In customers’ daily lives, they already interact with AI informed by our data perhaps more than they realize. Many of their favorite digital applications and online shopping experiences have AI built into them, and across the board, they’ve become very comfortable with the personalized experiences the technology delivers. As a result, business buyers now expect brands to anticipate their needs and deliver tailored experiences on par with what they’ve received as consumers.

The lines between B2C and B2B are blurring, and B2B marketers are just beginning to discover how their marketing initiatives can be infused with AI. Through ABM, the technology is unlocking opportunities for B2B marketers to create truly personalized customer journeys en masse.

Artificial Intelligence Transforms Account-Based Marketing

Salesforce and Demandbase are proud to be at the forefront of the AI-based ABM revolution that’s currently transforming how companies of all kinds connect with their customers around the world. We’re thrilled about the coming wave of AI innovation that’s poised to change B2B marketing forever, for the better—and we’re excited to help your business exceed customer expectations using AI-powered ABM strategies.

We’ll dive deeper into this topic at the ABM Innovation Summit. During the keynote presentation, I’ll join Chris Golec, CEO of Demandbase, and Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase, to discuss how AI technology enables newfound levels of personalization, orchestration, and scalability for B2B marketing initiatives. I hope you’ll join me in San Francisco as we explore how to Unleash ABM!