ABM Master Class: Targeting

Tune in to this webinar so that you and your team can master the art of targeting with winning ABM insights and analytics. Read more


ABM Master Class: Targeting

How do you capture a moving target? Timing.

In today’s shifting B2B landscape of digital advertising, timing is everything. Marketers have to have precision and focus in order to target their key accounts with the messages that resonate and close business.

Understanding the digital body language — the up, down, and often lateral purchasing paths — of prospects can be hard to gauge, especially as the needs of our target accounts get more complex and buying committees expand.

In this ABM Master Class on Targeting, you’ll get actionable insights you need in order to:

  • Understand digital body language and why your company needs an adaptive targeting strategy
  • Target accounts based on revenue potential and intent data
  • Leverage measurement and analytics to trace campaign spend to ROI

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