On-Demand Webinar

Guiding Principles for Marketing Leadership in 2024 and Beyond

Join us for a compelling 45-minute webinar featuring expert opinions and an in-depth discussion that delves into the critical findings of our latest report: “Guiding Principles for Marketing Leadership in 2024 and Beyond”. This webinar is an essential watch for current and aspiring marketing leaders eager to steer their teams towards success in the evolving marketing landscape.

  • Boost marketing influence via strategic leadership
  • Adapting strategies and aligning with buyer behaviours
  • Implementing ABM for precision targeting
  • Harnessing AI for competitive advantage
  • Setting the stage for future success

What do marketing leaders of today and tomorrow need to know about steering marketing teams?

The role of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and senior marketing leaders is evolving, guided by shifts in the B2B landscape that demand a move towards an increasingly marketing-led organisation.

This session dives into the transformative shifts precipitated by COVID-19 and evolving buyer expectations. It emphasises the need for strategic leadership to boost marketing influence, aligning strategies with buyer behaviours, precision targeting through ABM, and harnessing AI for a competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you will gain insights from the “Guiding Principles for Marketing Leadership in 2024 and Beyond” report, combined with expert opinions. Explore actionable strategies for enhancing your leadership and positioning your marketing team for success in the contemporary marketing landscape.



Keith Povey

Director of Revenue Marketing, Panaseer Revenue Marketing One to Watch - 2023 & 2024


Shane Redding

Strategy & Evolution Expert, B2B Marketing; Propolis