Hit the ground running in 2024! Whether you’re an SDR, Account Executive, or Sales Leader—this supercharged lab is for you.

Below, fellow customers and sellers share actionable strategies and tips to help you gain a competitive edge, set yourself up for efficient prospecting, and maximize effectiveness at every stage of the funnel.

Check out the sessions and walk away armed with the tools and insights needed to crush your goals.

Sales Productivity: A Deep Dive into Daily Success

Kevin Rooney, Senior Director of Sales Development at Demandbase, walks through his tried and true method for successful prospecting and selling with Demandbase.

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The Revenue Enablement Playbook: Empowering Your Sales Team for Success

Alli MacManus, Global Revenue Enablement Manager at Demandbase, shares her step-by-step playbook for enabling revenue teams to succeed. You’ll learn the 3-step training methodology, which Demandbase features to prioritize first, and how to measure success.

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How to Prioritize Your Territory

Demandbase Sales Development Manager Nicole Drummond and Enterprise SDR Ross Sanbrook share how they use Demandbase in their daily workflows to prioritize their territories, find new opportunities, and accelerate pipeline.

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Amplifying SDR & AE Productivity

Demandbase’s VP of Sales Development & Productivity, Jay Tuel, and VP International, Paul Gibson, host a lively discussion about the art and science of prospecting and dive into key tips on boosting productivity, ROI, and accelerating sales cycles.

Undercover Sales: Using Intent to Convert Leads

In this panel moderated by Leanne Chescoe, Marketing Director EMEA at Demandbase, the Egress Software Technologies team shares how they leverage Intent to find, convert, and close leads to hit their revenue goals.

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