On Demand Webinar

The Dialect of Demand: Using AI as the Rosetta Stone of B2B Buyers

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Customer data is a bedrock for sales productivity and pipeline creation

But, how that data is used is the difference between helping sales close deals or just creating a lot of noise.

Join Demandbase VP of Brand Marketing, Chris Moody and Sr Product Manager – Predictive AI/ML, Connor Baldwin, to find out how to bring sales outbound into the future.

By watching this session, you’ll take away:

  • How AI can analyze customer data to surface insights, provide account intelligence and buying intent
  • Best practices for account prioritization and prospecting focus
  • Ways to leverage AI and data to personalize outreach
  • Real-world examples of outbound playbooks and where AI can give sellers competitive edge


Want to see the Demandbase One™ go-to-market platform, in action?

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