Why You Can’t Market Without a Message

Marketing is and has always been about telling a great story. But these days, we see a lot of marketers focusing on tactics (and the data proving the success of those tactics), rather than the message.

For example, in London, we see an average of 6,000 advertising messages per day—on the train, tube, bus, billboards, on our computers, on our mobiles and when we get home. A majority of these ads are generic and don’t really tell me a story. So when something unique comes along, I pay attention. Here’s an example, I saw this advert on the tube and it was so clever that it took me an age to work out:

I’d never heard of the company before, but I loved working out the ad. What made this ad so effective was that the marketers behind it had thought carefully about their message and had even included a relevant promo code as a next step.

As B2B marketers, we want to approach our ABM content in the same way. Instead of focusing solely on tactics, we need to create relevant messages and stories that will resonate with our audience. At our agency, a common issue we hear from the marketers who’ve tried ABM and given up is that they aren’t seeing results. This is usually because while they’ve narrowed their audience to a select number of accounts, they’re not creating relevant stories to engage those accounts. That isn’t to say that you need a unique set of messaging for every single account on your list, but instead that you spend time segmenting your target account list, identify the needs and wants of those certain segments and build messages that will resonate with them.

With this approach, you ensure that not only are people paying attention to your content, but they’re also engaging with it on a deeper level.

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