The Week in B2B: Facebook’s big news (for you), The stuff that should keep you up at night

the-week-in-b2b-lgFacebook made an announcement this week that got less coverage than the Whatsapp acquisition, but will prove to be far more relevant for B2B marketers. The social network will now allow advertisers to target ads based on job title. AdAge reports on the new capability, noting that this is a knock on LinkedIn, which until now has dominated the professional network space. The article also points out that this type of targeting will require unique, engaging ad creative.

That ability to deliver targeted content supports what MediaPost calls the rise of “DDCM” – or data-driven content marketing. In short, content marketing efforts are sky-rocketing, but so are programmatic advertising and predictive analytics. These two strategies can merge if marketers embrace the possibility of data-drive content. This will enable hyper-relevant customer experiences throughout the buying cycle.

Of course, sometimes, it can feel like, “Mo’ data, mo’ problems.” As big data makes a bigger impact on marketing activities, B2B marketers are faced with the challenge of data management. According to DemandGenReport, which shared data from a recent study on the future of big data, the most critical issues are finding ways to standardize data and ensure that data is “clean.”

While big data is a big deal, it’s certainly not the only issue on marketers’ minds these days. In fact, iMediaConnection has compiled 9 of the most controversial issues for marketers. John Montgomery, COO of GroupM covers all the heavy-hitting topics such as privacy, ad fraud, mobile and more.

There are a few leaders who are tackling these problems – both for themselves and their customers. AdAge outlines the strength and weaknesses of the five big B2B players who are poised to win the marketing cloud race. One thing is clear: the competition is stiff and each cloud has unique benefits. (One other thing we noticed is that all five are leveraging Demandbase to do their B2B marketing.)