“How Do I Tie Advertising Spend to Business Outcomes?” and Other Burning Questions

We talk to a lot of B2B Marketers when they are embarking on their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Strategic Planning and we’ve noticed there are three questions which are always top of mind:

  • How do I know if we are targeting the right accounts?
  • How do I tie advertising spend to business outcomes?
  • How do I help my sales team increase efficiency?

In fact, these are questions we ask ourselves regularly. So, as part of our planning process, we decided to give you a peek into our internal conversations. Join me as I sit down with three of our in-house ABM experts as they candidly share how they tackle these questions. Watch the whole video or use the chapter links to watch an individual section. Cheers to your ABM Success!

If you’re working on your ABM Strategy, we have a handy resource to help you – download our ABM Workbook – 7 Planning Activities to Drive ABM Success.


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