Don’t Waste Your Time Doing B2B Marketing

man-sleeping-on-312x192As advocates of Account-Based Marketing (ABM), efficiency is in our DNA. If you’ve read this blog before, seen a Demandbase presentation or attended one of our webinars, you’ve probably heard us talking about all the resources B2B marketers waste on non-targeted marketing tactics. They work around the clock to generate endless lists of leads that Sales will ultimately disregard. They spend money on ad campaigns and measure meaningless impressions and click-throughs. They hunch over analytics to count anonymous pageviews that don’t tell them anything. For many years, we believed that ABM was the remedy to all this inefficiency. But then, we did a survey and realized that we had totally ignored the biggest waste of marketers’ time:


It’s so obvious that we didn’t think of it at first, but once we started digging into the data, it made perfect sense. 96% of B2B marketers said they would rather “crash on their couch” than answer emails, attend a meeting, design a landing page, write a blog post or plan an event.

To solve this problem, we looked to Amazon for inspiration. They were first to excel at consumer website personalization, and yesterday, they released another consumer product, Amazon Dash, a button that allows customers to order new supplies like coffee or laundry detergent while they’re using a household product. We asked ourselves, “What would be the B2B version?” After a few quick minutes of white-boarding, we knew what we had to do. Last night we sent a snapshot of our sketches to our engineers, and today, we’re thrilled to announce what we think will be our most popular Demandbase product ever: The Demandbase Crash Button.

How it Works

Let’s say you need to make a PowerPoint presentation. Simply open up a new template and press the Crash Button. A complete, finished deck, including approvals from other key stakeholders, will magically appear on your screen. You can go home and crash on your couch!

Or maybe you need more Twitter followers. Just log on using your company handle, press the Crash Button, and within seconds, you’ll have more screaming fans than Taylor Swift and One Direction combined. But don’t worry, you don’t have to listen to them – you’ll be at home, crashing on your couch.

What about an email from Sales saying that they’re light on pipeline opportunities this quarter? By connecting to every single lead vendor in North America, the Crash Button can automatically fill their inboxes with thousands of contact names. All they have to do is sift through the list and find worthy prospects. You, on the other hand, have done a hard day’s work and have earned your right to crash.

Never Waste Time Again

If you thought ABM made your B2B marketing more efficient, the Crash Button will blow you away. We promise that once you have the Crash Button, you’ll spend less time at work than ever before in your life – or your money back.* The Crash Button is available now to all Demandbase B2B Marketing Cloud customers and will be open to the public beginning May 1, 2015.

*Note: We do not guarantee any real marketing results when using the Crash Button. Happy April Fool’s!