Webinar Series

High Performance ABM

Five sessions designed to help you build and execute an Account-Based Marketing Strategy.

On-Demand Webinar

ABM Fundamentals

Alex Krawchick, Practice Lead, Analytics and Marketing Sciences, Inverta

Peter Isaacson, CMO, Demandbase

In this session we will cover the fundamental steps required to build an ABM strategy for your organization. You will scope the people, resources and marketing programs that need to be considered, along with with the expectations that need to be set with your organization.

Keys to Sales & Marketing Alignment Success

Geoff Kahler, Director, Global B2B Digital & Media, CenturyLink

Lisa Ames, VP, Demand Generation, Demandbase

Based off the Fundamentals workshop, we take a deep dive into the timelines, communications and best practices for getting your Sales and Marketing teams committed to and working towards the same ABM goals and metrics.

Building your Target Account List

Chris Bondhus, Sr. Director of Demand Generation, Brightcove

Phil Hollrah, VP, Product Marketing, Demandbase

Critical to the success of your new ABM strategy is the right target account list, agreed upon between the key Sales and Marketing stakeholders. We will discuss best practices, considerations and help you scope your initial rollout as well as a long term plan.

Account-Based Marketing Across the Funnel

Mathew Sweezey, Principal of Marketing Insights, Salesforce

Jessica Fewless, Sr. Director, Field and Partner Marketing, Demandbase

Once you have your target account list, you need to consider how you will shift your marketing strategy and tactics to provide the focus needed on these accounts. We’ll walk through the different considerations, new campaign metrics you should measure, and the mindset to help you look at your marketing mix with an ABM lens.

Metrics, Measurement, & KPIs

Stephanie Robotham, Head of Corporate Marketing, Optimizely

John Dering, Director of ABM Technology and Strategy, Demandbase

In an ABM world, you will start measuring your success differently – instead of campaign metrics like hand raises and MQLs, you will start to track metrics that are closer to Revenue – close rates, ACV and more. We’ll provide you with the metrics to track, and the best reports for measuring that will keep your stakeholders informed on your ABM success!

*Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), has been introducing ABM solutions to the market since 2011. The company offers the only end-to-end ABM platform— account identification, account-based advertising, B2B website personalization, account-based marketing automation, sales insights and integrations into CRM so that ABM results are optimized around sales activity. High Performance Account-Based Marketing is a service mark of the ABM Consortium.

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