Demandbase Signs Agreement to Acquire Data Science Company Spiderbook

For the past 5+ years, Demandbase has been dedicated to helping companies take an account-based approach to B2B marketing. ABM has flourished in part because so many companies have earned tremendous results by adopting this strategy. We are always looking for new innovation, whether created internally at Demandbase, or by other companies to extend our core offering and help our customers’ close business and increase revenue. This is why we are so excited to announce that we’ve signed an agreement to acquire Spiderbook.

Founded by a team of data scientists, Spiderbook uses advanced machine learning and linguistics expertise to automate the identification of companies, discover new accounts displaying intent, uncover qualified opportunities and find the most relevant buyers within target accounts. Sales teams can then easily choose relevant information to populate personalized emails.

We first heard about Spiderbook from one of our customers, Host Analytics—who was using the technology to identify the key accounts they wanted to target, and then plugging that data into Demandbase and using our solutions to attract, engage and convert those accounts across the entire funnel. When Nick Ezzo, VP of demand generation at Host Analytics, observed, “The combination of Demandbase and Spiderbook gives us a complete ABM platform,” we were immediately intrigued.

Given Host Analytics’ success and enthusiasm, trying out Spiderbook ourselves was an obvious next step. And we weren’t disappointed. Spiderbook has quickly become a household name within our marketing and sales teams. We were so impressed with the results generated from our Spiderbook campaigns, the scalability of the technology and the team, that it quickly became clear that their technology was a critical element of a complete ABM funnel.

The addition of Spiderbook to Demandbase extends our leadership in the rapidly expanding ABM category with the only end-to-end platform—helping companies identify, target, engage and sell to target accounts. With Spiderbook, we can now use machine learning and data science at scale to analyze billions of web pages for signals that map to the keywords, interests and profile of our customers’ target accounts.

Demandbase and Spiderbook

We’re excited about what this news means for ABM’s potential to drive pipeline and revenue, and I believe we couldn’t have picked a better partner to help extend our ABM leadership position. Our shared customers have already expressed their excitement over the innovation to come, and over the next few months, we’ll be working closely to further integrate our solutions and drive more value for our customers and prospects.

You can learn more about this partnership at this year’s SiriusDecisions Summit.

For more details, hear what Spiderbook CTO, Aman Naimat, has to say about the announcement and read the press release.