B2B Digital Advertising:
Opportunities with Artificial Intelligence

Live Webinar

Tuesday, June 12
9:30 - 10:30AM PDT

B2B advertisers have been hesitant to adopt AI-driven approaches, in large part because most ad-tech solutions were built for their B2C counterparts.

But there are tremendous opportunities in B2B advertising and AI. Marketers are now able to derive real value for everything from dynamically adjusting campaigns to optimiSing first- and third-party data. And that’s just the beginning.

Register to learn about:

  • Today’s barriers to meaningful AI adoption by B2B marketers
  • The roadmap to an AI-assisted approach to ABM
  • Examples of real marketers putting AI-enabled platforms to work

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Paul Gibson
VP EMEA, Demandbase
Leanne Chescoe
Snr. Manager Field Marketing EMEA,
Owen Hollingdale
Snr. Sales Engineer, Demandbase