It’s time to supercharge your marketing programs! Whether you’re brand new to Demandbase or a bonafide power user, this special-edition lab is for you.

You’ll hear fellow customers and marketers share actionable strategies and tips on how to boost your marketing efforts, minimize waste, and accelerate growth. Check out the sessions and make 2024 your best year yet!

Activating Your ABM Strategy

Brian Harris, ABM Technology Strategist at Demandbase, walks through the considerations and steps for building and launching a successful ABM strategy with Demandbase.

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Beyond the Basics: Enhanced Strategies for Next-Level Advertising

Hannah Jordan, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Demandbase, shares how to re-think your campaign audiences, employ an omnichannel approach, and measure the success of your efforts at every stage of the buying journey.

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Metrics that Matter: How to Report ROI with Ease

Ashley Long, GTM Operations and Forecasting Director at Demandbase, covers key reporting considerations and demonstrates how to report on ROI using pre-funnel engagement, journey analytics, program performance, and attribution.

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Orchestrating Your Way to ABM Success

Ruth Juni, Product Marketing Director at Demandbase, covers the ins and outs of Orchestration and shows how you can leverage Orchestration to save time on core tasks like managing advertising audiences, triggering marketing and sales plays across systems, and cleaning up account, lead, and contact data.

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Undercover Sales: Using Intent to Convert Leads

In this panel moderated by Leanne Chescoe, Marketing Director EMEA at Demandbase, the Egress Software Technologies team shares how they leverage Intent across both marketing and sales to find, convert, and close leads to hit their revenue goals.

Growth Wins: How Atlas Uses Demandbase to Hit Their Revenue Goals

Customer Nigel Pereira, Global Growth Marketing Manager at Atlas, sits down for a fireside chat with Leanne Chescoe, Marketing Director EMEA at Demandbase, to share how his team uses Demandbase to support their GTM strategy, how they report success on their programs, and his insights on starting an ABM journey.


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