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Maximizing Your ROI with Demandbase: A Practical Playbook for Marketers

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Time to boost your marketing efforts, minimize waste, and accelerate growth!

Whether you’re brand new to Demandbase or a bonafide power user, this hands-on customer lab is for you.

Join our very own marketers as they share how our team leverages the platform daily to maximize ROI.

We’ll provide actionable tips, best practices, and real-life use cases that you can implement now to be more effective with Demandbase One™.

Watch the lab and learn how to:

  • Target the right accounts and people to hit your pipeline goals
  • Use intent and engagement to progress opportunities
  • Orchestrate your programs and enrich your data across systems, with automation
  • Enable your sales team with account and people insights to help them prioritize and close business faster
  • Set metrics and goals that allow you to track your program’s success


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Ashley Long

GTM Operations and Forecasting Director, Demandbase


Jessie Goodrum

Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Demandbase

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