ABM Master Class

Audience Strategy

Live Webinar

Wednesday, August 12
10 - 11AM PDT

Would you try to paint a masterpiece with a roller brush? We should think not. Creating a masterpiece requires focus and precision.

Building the right audiences for your ABM practice is much the same. Using broad-based strokes wastes time and resources and doesn’t yield the best results. Focusing on the right accounts and segmenting them with precision taps into your best opportunities and allows you to develop targeted, relevant, winning content for bringing them over the finish line.

Walk away from our ABM Audience Strategies webcast with detailed information on how to:

  • Approach your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).
  • Build and manage your target account list.
  • Segment your audiences for better results.
  • Build behavior-based audiences.
  • Leverage Demandbase Dynamic Audiences to improve workflow.

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Bonnie Thomas
Sr. ABM Strategist