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Ready, Set, Go-To-Market Confidently with Demandbase

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January 20, 2022

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Ready, Set, Go-To-Market Confidently with DemandbaseReady, Set, Go-To-Market Confidently with Demandbase

Ready, Set, Go-To-Market Confidently with Demandbase

As someone who has spent many years in the MarTech ecosystem as a builder, buyer, investor, and partner, I try hard to pattern match, spot opportunities for innovation, and move fast with market changes.

Over the past decade, I have had the opportunity to work at enterprises of all stages and scales—from my most recent role leading marketing systems at Google Cloud, to my time running Inside Social as CEO. Through these experiences, I have worked to refine my eye and intuition for emerging technologies that will fundamentally reshape how businesses engage with their customers. After using Demandbase as a customer and seeing the myriad ways that ABM is redefining B2B, I knew there was an opportunity to build a truly market-defining company. That’s why I was so excited to embark on my role here as Chief Product Officer.

Hitting the ground running

My first month at Demandbase has confirmed everything I suspected from the outside that attracted me to this organization and opportunity. Clearly, I wasn’t alone in my perception. Gartner® recently named Demandbase a Leader in the 2022 Account-Based Marketing Platforms Magic Quadrant™. Landing the inaugural Magic Quadrant on Account-Based Marketing Platforms shows Demandbase One’s potential, and is both a huge honor and a testament to our solution’s significant value for global customers.

I have spent much of my first 30 days at Demandbase getting to know our GTM suite from the inside. As I look at all of the market-leading components, it feels a lot like looking into a pantry that is overflowing with the best possible ingredients. What excites me most is the opportunity to work alongside our customers to put these ingredients together and create the best GTM recipes the world has ever seen. And, to me, there is absolutely nothing tastier.

Looking ahead

Digital transformation and the pandemic have drafted up a whole new cookbook (please forgive my food metaphors –– I must be hungry today!) for GTM teams, and Demandbase is the co-author.

Our four clouds –– ABX, Advertising, Sales Intelligence, and Data –– deliver all of the solutions that customers need to radically improve their go-to-market strategies. And our best-in-class insights and activations go beyond GTM, to help our customers stay in the market as the leaders in their respective spaces.

Although I’m new to the role here, I’ve seen first-hand just how transformational Demandbase can be as both a customer and a partner. As someone who is deeply passionate about data, I know that insights are valuable to the extent that they are actionable. I personally vouch for Demandbase’s ability to drive outcomes from insights and actions. The results speak for themselves, especially when you hear about them directly from our customers.

While I deeply admire our teams for their tireless work towards our recent accomplishments, we know there’s always room to grow.

As a CPO, optimizing the product portfolio to drive more impactful outcomes for customers is my number one priority. One area in which I’ve already seen meaningful strides is user experience –– and that is an area I’m committed to continuously improving. Demandbase has world-class teams of engineers, product managers, UX researchers and designers, as well as an outstanding customer success and support team –– and their collective talent is why we’ve received the accolades that span across our entire portfolio.

Be our guest

I am incredibly excited for what lies ahead for Demandbase, our products, and our customers. We’re defining the future of B2B GTM alongside our customer and partner ecosystem. We’re just getting started. I hope you’ll join us.

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Brewster Stanislaw

Chief Product Officer, Demandbase

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