Welcome to Demandbase, HubSpot CRM and Microsoft Dynamics!

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November 16, 2022

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Welcome to Demandbase, HubSpot CRM and Microsoft Dynamics!

Elevating Workflows with Native Integrations in CRM Systems

The value of any integration with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is determined by the workflows it enables for the end user. With the release of our native, bi-directional Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HubSpot CRM integrations, Demandbase has not just ‘checked the box’ but opened up an unparalleled array of powerful workflows you can achieve, and that is exactly why we’re so excited to make this announcement.

More Connections, More Value

Our team understands that, in some instances, customers may not be able to completely integrate their tech stack with Demandbase, so about two years ago we introduced compelling capabilities for our disconnected customers, namely by providing the ability to leverage Account Identification and Data Import. This was around the same time that Demandbase acquired InsideView, bringing a Dynamics sales intelligence app experience into the picture.

While both events helped those who were disconnected, it has always been true that customers who choose to integrate more parts of their tech stack get the best Demandbase experience — this is simply a consequence of being able to seamlessly incorporate your first-party data into predictive models, orchestrate plays across your different channels, execute unique automations, and more. And for years now, Demandbase has made it easy to integrate your MAP, SEP, third-party intent & ad channels, Salesforce CRM, and more.

Yet our team’s mission has always remained the same – deliver Demandbase value to the broadest possible audience, which means providing the maximum number of integration opportunities.

Embracing a New Class of Customers

Starting today, customers can sync their Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot CRM data through a native 2-way integration with Demandbase. This release creates a unified interface that empowers revenue operations, sales, and marketing teams to grow predictable pipeline and close larger deals.

The integrations enable a variety of rich workflows for customers to enhance their analytics, derive valuable insights, target more efficiently, and build reporting that aligns with their own CRM data set and their GTM needs.


At this point you may have picked up on this being no lightweight solution. Customers who choose to integrate their Microsoft Dynamics or HubSpot CRM will get:

  • A single view of their accounts across systems and time saved with the bi-directional CRM integration sync.
  • The ability to leverage past opportunity data for pipeline predict / qualification score models to help prioritize the right accounts.
  • An understanding of where their accounts are in the buyer’s journey to align messaging to each stage and measure performance.
  • The chance to use CRM fields (e.g. opportunity stage, account owner, custom fields, etc) to build lists in Demandbase to execute campaigns and get insights.
  • Demandbase data (such as intent, web traffic, most engaged contacts, and more) written back into CRM to prioritize accounts and prepare for customer and prospect interactions.
  • Configurable Demandbase data (scores, engagement minutes, intent, etc) to pass to custom fields into Dynamics 365 or HubSpot CRM for reporting.

In other words, these integrations are enterprise-grade upon release. 

And We’re Not Done

Still hungry for more? In the coming months, Demandbase will continue to add functionality to these new CRM integrations, including new sales-focused experiences, additional capabilities in the Demandbase app in Dynamics (pictured above), enhanced Lead-To-Account functionality, and the ability to automate and scale account-based / people-based plays directly from your activities. 

This means more actionable insights wherever you want to consume them. 

To learn more about our HubSpot integration, please visit here. To learn more about our Microsoft integration, please visit here.

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Travis Breier

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Demandbase

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