Master ABM and Conversational Marketing, for Your Blackbelt in Conversational ABM

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June 12, 2020

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Master ABM and Conversational Marketing, for Your Blackbelt in Conversational ABM

Master ABM and Conversational Marketing, for Your Blackbelt in Conversational ABM

Even though we sell to companies, we market to people. And with tech innovation, our audiences demand increasingly personalized brand experiences. So if personalization is mission-critical for B2B, then Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is table stakes. But we recognize that personalization can be tricky waters to navigate. The mere thought can create a fair amount of agita in the most experienced marketers. Multiple studies* show that personalized content is the most effective way to engage target accounts. But we realize it’s also the most difficult to execute. That’s why we love Conversational ABM.

Enter Conversational ABM

Conversational ABM is a combination of the superpowers of ABM and Conversational Marketing. ABM allows you to target the right accounts, while Conversational Marketing gets you a personalized conversation with the buyer. Put those together and you get a powerful strategy that moves the right accounts down the funnel with ridiculous efficiency.

Harness the Power

Here’s how it works. The moment that an account is on your site is when their buying intent is the highest. That’s when you want to grab their attention. But most people these days don’t want to fill out forms. So how do you get their information for follow up? This is where Conversational ABM comes in. It gives you the option to chat with your web visitors in real-time. Imagine: an immediate and direct line to your best accounts without betting on form fills or lead report wait times. What? More qualified accounts, shorter sales cycles, increased ROI, and a better experience for buyers. Mind-blowing.

Ready to Dive In?

Completing any of the three Demandbase certifications in ABM (Foundations, Advanced, and Expert) and Drift’s Conversational Marketing certification will allow you to master ABM while also teaching you how to engage your website visitors with personalized conversations. You’ll form a solid understanding of who they are, how they’re behaving on your website, or how they’ve engaged with your campaigns in the past.

Follow the links below and get certified today!

Demandbase ABM Certification

Created by marketers for marketers, the Demandbase Account-Based Marketing certification courses are based on hundreds of conversations with organizations of various shapes and sizes. They’re designed to get marketers and sales professionals up-to-speed on ABM best practices quickly.

The curriculum is designed to provide insight and actionable plans to:

  • Optimize marketing programs
  • Align organizations around a common strategy
  • Effectively measure ABM
  • Scale an ABM strategy with reliable success

Get certified in ABM now.

Conversational Marketing Certification

What’s next after you’ve done the hard work of becoming an #ABMCertified Strategist? You’ve selected your target accounts, driven traffic to your website, and personalized the experience. Now it’s time to supercharge ABM with Conversational Marketing. With this approach, you ensure a cohesive buying experience for your accounts while finding more opportunities for your sales team.

The Conversational Marketing Certification will teach you how to:

  • Start more conversations with your potential buyers using the Conversational Framework.
  • Implement Conversational Marketing across your entire marketing strategy to create better customer experiences.
  • Use the Conversational Marketing Blueprint to convert more of your traffic into qualified leads and generate more revenue

Get certified in conversational marketing now.

*Interested in reading some literature related to the power of personalization? Well, there’s a great study conducted by The University of Texas at Austin and the results of a recent survey by Epsilon and GBH Insights. There are also some statistics noted in an ABM strategy survey conducted by Ascend2 and Uberflip.

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Tenessa Lochner

Director, Enterprise Marketing & ABM , Demandbase

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