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The Best Podcast Conversations of 2023 That Sales Shouldn’t Miss

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January 16, 2024

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The Best Podcast Conversations of 2023 That Sales Shouldn’t Miss

As we go into the new year, we wanted to highlight some of the most engaging discussions on the Sunny Side Up Podcast from 2023. Join us as we revisit these conversations that share key insights into ABX strategies, GTM frameworks, AI, and Martech trends. Whether you’re a seasoned sales leader or at the beginning of your career, there’s something for everyone in our roundup of the best sales podcast episodes of 2023.

Constructing an Indomitable Sales Team

Benjamin White, VP of Business Development at Ironscales, discusses how he has constructed an indomitable sales team by building personal relationships and focusing on continual learning. He emphasizes the importance of intrinsic motivation over metrics and shares his process for hiring passionate people. Ben also provides insights on adapting to remote work and avoiding burnout. Ben shares lessons from his career and offers wisdom gained from mistakes he has learned from, such as asking questions when uncertain.

“I’m a big proponent of not putting numbers on the team. And what I mean by that is not going out and saying, Hey, you have 200 emails, 100 calls, whatever that may be. I feel that putting numbers breeds a culture of just getting it done.”

Gazing into the future: B2B Sales

Julia McClatchy discusses key findings from McKinsey’s research on B2B trends. She highlights that buyers are more savvy and demanding, sales is increasingly digital, and talent retention is challenging. Julia shares that putting customers at the heart of growth surprised her as the right approach. She provides examples of listening to customers and personalizing experiences. Julia also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between marketing and sales. When asked about 2023 plans, her advice includes championing the customer’s voice, leveraging analytics, and being open to new approaches. Overall, this episode provides valuable insights on adapting to changes in the B2B landscape.

“Only 8% of B2B organizations are set up to deliver highly personalized marketing content that speaks to decision-makers, which is completely wild.”

Modernizing the Sales Process

Mike Head, Chief Revenue Officer at, discusses modernizing sales strategies. Mike shares Impact’s focus on delivering a delightful customer experience and bringing new products to market. He emphasizes understanding the buyer’s perspective and providing transparency about a solution’s fit and flaws. Mike also discusses adapting messaging to the current economic climate by focusing on profitability metrics that appeal to CFOs.

“Now it’s really about how you can meet the buyer through sales and marketing to ensure that they’re getting the right level of information so that they can ultimately make the best decision overall.”

Unleashing the Power of Customer Experience Optimization

Derek Hall, Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering at ServiceTitan, shares insights from his career journey in sales and leadership. He discusses how he transitioned from a sales development role to becoming a successful sales engineer and leader. Hall emphasizes the importance of team selling and building trust between account executives and solutions engineers. He also stresses adopting a consultative, problem-solving approach focused on the customer’s needs rather than just presenting features. Hall recommends training salespeople using the Challenger Sale methodology. Overall, Derek Hall delivers valuable perspectives on revolutionizing sales through customer experience optimization and unleashing the power of team selling.

“I believe trust is the foundation of any sales relationship. It’s all very much backed by data that people buy more off of how they’re sold to than what you’re actually selling them.”

Journey of a Sales Titan

Kevin, VP of Sales Development at PureFacts, shares his journey from starting as a door-to-door salesperson at age 21 to becoming a VP in just a few short years. He discusses the importance of finding one’s “why” to stay motivated through rejections. Kevin also provides advice for sales development reps on leveraging AI and technology to improve efficiency without replacing human skills. Additionally, he emphasizes the value of physical self-care, understanding one’s goals, and learning from mentors to avoid burnout. This episode inspires listeners with Kevin’s story and gives practical tips for cultivating long-term motivation and well-being in a sales career.

“Never kill the goose that lays the golden egg, the goose being yourself that lays the golden egg; that’s ultimately what you’re after, right? Take care of that person.”

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