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The Best Podcast Conversations of 2023 That Marketing Shouldn’t Miss

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January 20, 2024

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The Best Podcast Conversations of 2023 That Marketing Shouldn’t Miss

As we continue into the new year, we wanted to highlight some of the most engaging marketing discussions on the Sunny Side Up Podcast from 2023. Join us as we revisit these conversations that share key insights into navigating economic uncertainty, enterprise brand transformation, the future of Martech, and more! Whether you’re a seasoned marketing leader or at the beginning of your career, there’s something for everyone in our roundup of the best marketing podcast episodes of 2023.

CMOs – The new Swiss Army Knife

Get ready to be inspired by Kimberly Kaminski in this episode of the Sunny Side Up podcast! As a seasoned expert in the field, she shares her insights on the critical role of CMOs in today’s economic landscape. Her passion for marketing shines through as she stresses the importance of a well-rounded knowledge base and assembling a strong leadership team to allow for a laser focus on strategy. With a thoughtful approach, she highlights the power of alignment, focus, and prioritization across teams to enable organizations to adapt quickly to changes. Tune in for an informative and friendly conversation that will leave you feeling confident and optimistic about the future of marketing.

“Smart CMOs work across different parts of the organization and make those connections, and really focus the organization on targeting customer needs. And then this can then drive that prioritization and focus for the day-to-day marketing activities to shine that yield the greatest ROI.”

GTM Strategy – The Balancing Act

Get ready to learn valuable marketing strategies from Neil Dowling, the CMO of WritePoint, who shares his expertise on navigating economic uncertainty with confidence and optimism. Dowling covers several key topics, including the importance of clearly articulating marketing’s value and ROI, integrating brand and demand generation efforts, building alignment by collaborating with sales pursuits, prioritizing simplicity, and focusing on supporting team members. His insightful advice will help you adapt your marketing approach to do more with less and prove its effectiveness. With Dowling’s friendly and thoughtful approach, you’ll feel motivated and excited to tackle any marketing challenges that come your way.

“Focus on the organization side in terms of what is our go to market, and then and then obviously tightly aligned to that what is our focus as a marketing function. So keeping it as simple as possible would be like a big mantra for us. And there is actually complexity in doing that.”

The Journey of Transforming a Brand

Andrea Winkle takes us on a journey through Insight Enterprises’ brand transformation and how they successfully evolved from a reseller model to a solutions integrator. Through the values of hunger, heart, and harmony, Insight has matured its brand and better positioned itself to serve customers. Andrea’s insights into how Insight is adapting to economic uncertainties by simplifying complex challenges and leveraging automation are truly fascinating. Give it a listen to feel empowered to apply these valuable lessons in your business endeavors!

“Our values are such a part of us that really showcases us as this authentic relational company to our clients.”

The Future of Martech

Scott Brinker talks about the future of marketing technology. Brinker discusses how the rapid pace of tech change creates challenges for marketers and organizations to keep up. He talks about concepts like Martech Law and how companies must prioritize which new technologies to adopt. Brinker also covers trends like the rise of horizontal platforms and applications, the importance of data, and how marketing is blurring with other functions like product and revenue operations. The discussion provides insights on navigating the complex martech landscape and staying ahead of changes.

“Marketing is an Olympic sport. I can’t think of any other profession that has had to go through so much change so consistently so rapidly for the past ten years.”

Streaming into the Future

Jordan Rost from Roku discusses the streaming media landscape and the future of television advertising. Jordan explains how streaming has become mainstream and surpassed traditional TV viewing. He discusses new types of interactive and shoppable ad experiences only possible through streaming. Jordan also talks about how marketers are leveraging streaming for both consumer and B2B advertising and how the economic downturn is impacting advertisers’ strategies.

“We saw something really interesting. For the first time last year, more people spent time streaming TV than watching it on traditional television. And so streaming has become mainstream.”

The Modern CMO’s Guide to Success

Christy Garcia, the Chief Marketing Officer of Impact, discusses the qualities needed for modern CMOs, including being data-driven, having digital marketing expertise, and maintaining creativity. Garcia emphasizes the importance of partnerships for growth and revenue. She also focuses on empowering her internal team and advises up-and-coming CMOs to stay current on trends and understand perspectives across the business.

“I constantly study trends, read news and newsletters, and take my own training and growth really seriously. And I try to apply that to everyone on the team so that we’re constantly learning and growing.”

ABM-driven Strategies for Thriving in Today’s Market Space

This Sunny Side Up podcast episode features Mary Gilbert discussing navigating the new marketing landscape with ABM-driven strategies. She discusses how agility has become important for CMOs due to rapid changes in digital environments and buyer behaviors. Mary emphasizes the importance of engagement as the new currency for driving the pipeline and provides tips on integrating third-party and first-party intent data. She advocates for an ABM approach combined with digital marketing to bring personalization and scale. Mary also offers advice on organizational design, empowering teams, and shifting from outreach emails to more holistic buyer engagements.

“I feel like MQL ‘s are totally useless. The idea that we would make someone fill out a form to get a piece of content, have them check the boxes, then call that a lead is crazy. Buyers don’t operate that way.”

Insights and Strategies in Modern Marketing

This podcast episode features Siara Nazir discussing her background in marketing and how she now focuses on leveraging artificial intelligence and data science to help marketers. She talks about her experience with mixed media modeling and how it can provide insights beyond traditional attribution. She also discusses building an AI chatbot and how it accelerates a customer’s purchase process. Finally, she provides recommendations for how marketers can optimize their technology stacks and marketing strategies by incorporating AI.

“Mixed media modeling is a completely different kind of attribution. In regular traditional attribution models like last touch, or even multi-touch, a credit is given when a purchase is made, but there is no credit of revenue given for brand equity.”

Full Stack Marketing and AI

Carolyn Crandall discusses how the role of marketers has evolved. She talks about how marketers now need to think more holistically about the customer experience and act as full-stack marketers. Crandall also discusses how AI is impacting marketing work by making processes more efficient and enabling new types of predictive analytics and content creation. She recommends marketers learn about and experiment with AI tools.

“Everything is getting so interconnected. When you think about customer experience and a society now where we want everything on demand personalized to us, we don’t want to be spammed with things that we don’t want. So regardless of what your function is, you have to think as a full stack marketer, and about the overall experience that your customers are going to have with you.”

Mastering Engagement and Measuring Success

Alex Donics, Global Director of Demand Marketing at Spotify, discusses how the streaming giant masters engagement through personalization and discovery. Alex reveals how platforms like Discover Weekly evolved from internal hackathons to become core to the Spotify experience. He also explains their approach to podcasting and investments in robust first-party and third-party measurement solutions. Advertisers will learn how Spotify enables precise targeting across industries to reach deeply engaged audiences through the podcasting medium and streaming ad insertion technology. It’s a must-listen for marketers seeking to understand engagement in digital audio.

“We take personalization very seriously, you see that in everything we offer.”

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