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One Platform, Endless Insights: Access Demandbase Intelligence without Leaving Outreach!

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July 18, 2023

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One Platform, Endless Insights: Access Demandbase Intelligence without Leaving Outreach!

Demandbase’s native integration with Outreach is a sales insights game-changer for sellers. Let’s discuss why.

Outreach is an incredible tool for tasks like sales execution, task management, and monitoring email sequences. However, to effectively prospect an account or individual, most sellers need to switch between Outreach and other systems, such as their CRM, to get the full picture. This constant toggling between platforms is time-consuming, can lead to missed opportunities, and frankly, it’s a headache. Yet the scenario described is an all too familiar reality for the modern day seller, which is why Demandbase is thrilled to announce a native integration with Outreach. 

This powerful partnership introduces native access to rich account and contact insights directly within your Outreach platform, so you can seamlessly personalize your sales outreach, and revolutionize the way your sales teams connect with prospects.

Streamlining Sales Engagement

Demandbase has long offered an unparalleled set of 1st- and 3rd-party data attributes, along with the ability to assign and run Outreach Sequences directly from Demandbase One™. This makes the automation of sales and marketing plays across the customer journey easy, but is one-directional in nature. 

Recognizing the human desire for convenience, Demandbase strives to meet sellers where they already are, which is frequently within Outreach. With our new Outreach integration, sellers can now:

  • View Demandbase Sales Intelligence on the Account, Prospect, and Opportunity tabs in Outreach, providing industry-leading company and contact-level insights.
  • Access the full capabilities of Demandbase on the Account and Prospect Overview Tabs in Outreach
  • Interact with Demandbase’s Sales Intelligence through a custom tab, enabling searches across Demandbase’s entire 3rd-party company and contact database of more than 92 million companies globally and 150+ million contacts, to build prospect lists, set up connections, and more, all from within Outreach’s UI.

This means that sellers can access Demandbase company and contact-level details throughout Outreach, no matter what their preferred workflow may be.

Outreach DB Views

Enhancing Efficiency and Impact

Sellers aren’t the only winners here. With this integration, sales and marketing teams can collaborate more effectively, aligning around coordinated messaging throughout the customer journey. Sales can reference the same insights as marketing and easily track the various ways marketing engages with accounts in their territory.

Take the Engagement Tab as one example. Sellers can view every marketing and sales engagement with an account or prospect to keep tabs on the prospect’s participation in marketing campaigns and adjust their engagement accordingly.

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The integration empowers sellers to tap into the full potential of Demandbase in a format tailored specifically to their preferred workflows. They can easily access highly relevant insights to make informed decisions, identify sales opportunities, and engage with prospects more effectively. 

Future Innovation

Our commitment to empowering sales teams doesn’t end with this integration. We have exciting plans to further enhance the experience in the coming weeks and months, including the introduction of our Prescriptive Sales Dashboards. These dashboards will provide a unified and prioritized view of a seller’s territory and account lists.

Prescriptive Sales Dashboards

Everything You Need in One Place

The Demandbase + Outreach integration represents a significant milestone in revolutionizing sales outreach. By seamlessly combining the power of Demandbase’s rich account insights and Outreach’s sales execution capabilities, sales teams can now deliver highly personalized, targeted messaging at scale. This integration streamlines workflows and empowers sales professionals to make data-driven decisions, resulting in increased response rates, stronger pipeline generation, and ultimately, better sales outcomes.

Join us in unlocking the power of personalized sales outreach with Demandbase and Outreach today. Visit for more information.

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Travis Breier

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Demandbase

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