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25 Sales Executives to Learn from in 2023

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March 2, 2023

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25 Sales Executives to Learn from in 2023

As B2B sales continue to evolve, it is essential to stay ahead of the curve and learn from those who have already been successful in adapting to new trends. 

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own team or want to find out what the most influential sales leaders are doing today, these executives can provide invaluable insight into staying ahead amid rapid change.

List methodology

When developing a list of top sales executives, it’s not simply who has the most followers. While reach, specifically on LinkedIn, is important, a variety of other criteria go into such a ranking, including:

  • Sharing contextual updates: Whether it’s publishing unique on-topic content or it’s reposting content with additional context, the content needs to be beneficial to their audience. Simply reposting company content isn’t enough.
  • Engagement with sales-focused content: If you’re turning to someone for inspiration, they should be actively engaged with the broader community, both passively and actively such as liking and commenting on other content.
  • Audience resonance: When these executives publish content, are their audiences actively engaging with it? Is it resonating with them? How about when they comment on other people’s content? Their content –– whether on their profile or when they engage with others’ content ––should resonate with these audiences.

Many lists rely entirely on Twitter but, in the B2B world, most people (especially executives) focus their time on LinkedIn. While Twitter allows access to their firehose and therefore a lot of tools can determine influence, this list was manually researched and analyzed by our team one profile at a time.

25 Top Sales Executives to Follow and Learn From in 2023

Without further ado –– and in no particular order –– these are the 25 sales executives worth following and learning from:

David Weiss

CRO, The Sales Collective

Why you should follow David:

David often shares sales advice, sales, deal, and leadership coaching, and on topics related to sales careers. David is also a speaker, author, and podcaster.





Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder and Chief Revenue Operations Officer, The RevOps Collective

Why you should follow Rosalyn:

Rosalyn has deep expertise in end-to-end Revenue Operations, from top of funnel to prospect to customer to retention & expansion. She is a noted thought leader in RevOps often speaking on webinars and is the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast where she interviews founders, CEO’s and Revenue Leaders from hyper-growth companies. Rosalyn is the Dean of RevOps School and Host of the RevOps Corner at Pavilion, a Revenue Council Member at HubSpot, and other organizations.





David Osborne

Chief Sales Officer, Insightly

Why you should follow David:

David frequently hosts Closing Time, a video series focused on tips for go-to-market leaders in the fields of sales, marketing, customer success, and more. David shares clips of this video series on his LinkedIn profile that drives engagement with other sales leaders.





Bob Marsh

CRO, Bluewater Technologies Group

Why you should follow Bob:

Bob often shares thought leadership content related to leadership and management that, either he has written himself or that he’s curating from other sources. Bob couples that with interesting branded content. He also runs his own website.





JM Wilke

VP of Operations | Principal Growth Consultant, Scott Leese Consulting

Why you should follow JM:

JM frequently shares content around revenue strategy, sales consulting, sales operations, and revenue operations. She discusses how RevOps creates revenue, comparisons between old and new ways, and she often injects humor into her content.





Stephanie Valenti

CRO, SmartBug Media

Why you should follow Stephanie:

Stephanie has 15+ years of experience building and leading B2B sales organizations and operational departments from 50 to 500+ team members across the U.S., Australia, and Europe.

Beyond her CRO responsibilities, Stephanie is also a creator and facilitator of executive level courses throughout Pavilion, and serves as a leader for a 1700 member CRO group across the work through the Pavilion network. In addition, she is a start up advisor for Hatchet Ventures.





Austin Myers

VP, Sales and Customer Success, Certificial

Why you should follow Austin:

When not sharing sales and customer success content, Austin is consistently giving advice to those looking for their next role on topics such as improving their resumes, advice to hiring managers, and helping people to connect with one another. 





Cynthia Handal

Head of Global Sales, Simera

Why you should follow Cynthia:

As someone who leads a large team of BDRs, team leads, a Sales Training Manager, and a Sales Enablement Manager, Cynthia is in the sales trenches on a daily basis. She provides sales content on a consistent basis that connects with her audience.





Kevin “KD” Dorsey

SVP of Sales, Bench Accounting

Why you should follow Kevin:

Kevin focuses on the topics of sales, sales leadership, sales management, and sales development. Beyond his day job as SVP of Sales at Bench Marketing, Kevin is a sales consultant, advisor, and keynote speaker.

Kevin is the host of the Live Better Sell Better podcast and has a B2B Sales Masterclass available on Udemy.





Jeremey Donovan

EVP, Revenue Operations and Strategy, Insight Partners

Why you should follow Jeremey:

Jeremey frequently shares content about sales and revenue operations, including tips for salespeople, sales-related data points, polls, content sourced from third-parties, and other forms of original content.

He is also an Adjunct Professor at NYU School of Professional Studies.





Richard Smith

VP of Sales EMEA, Allego

Why you should follow Richard:

Richard listens to endless sales calls and shares particle tips and tricks on how to navigate through a sales call, who the real decision-makers are, and how to win them over. Richard is also the co-author of Problem Prospecting?!





Colin Specter

VP of Sales, Orum

Why you should follow Colin:

Colin is deeply passionate about sales and business operations. His expertise lie in promoting innovative products. He has a history of effectively bringing new services to market through a combination of proven strategy, playbook implementation, and talent management. Currently, he is leading the development of the field sales team at Orum and is a frequent podcast guest.





Kyle Petersen

VP of Sales, Dandy

Why you should follow Kyle:

Kyle shares his content with a twist. He shows how his day-to-day activities (like running) can actually teach you about sales. Sales leaders, AEs and SDRs often find his content resourceful and Kyle is frequently a podcast guest.





Ralph Barsi

VP, Global Inside Sales, Tray

Why you should follow Ralph:

Ralph has led sales teams of varying sizes, ranging from as few as two reps to as many as 230 extended directs. He has worked with companies in different stages of maturity, from early-stage to acquisition to publicly-held. His area of expertise is in helping businesses optimize their top-of-funnel operations to ensure they can establish a predictable revenue pipeline, cultivate a strong talent pipeline, and become top performers in their industry.





Alex Olley

Co-Founder & CRO, Reachdesk

Why you should follow Alex:

Alex’s area of expertise is SaaS technology. He utilizes unique and inventive approaches to capture the attention of potential customers. His philosophy is centered around treating customers with a human touch, rather than viewing them as just sales leads or opportunities. Alex shares tips on how to be a better sales leader, experiences with SDR outreach, and personal experiences such as his travels.





Christina Brady

SVP of Sales, Spekit

Why you should follow Christina:

Christina has over 15 years of sales experience, including 10 years in leadership positions for B2B technology companies. Christina has a top 25% global podcast, Taking The Lead, where she features women who are leading their orgs, and with a focused audience of B2B executives and their GTM teams. Christina provides a mix of content ranging from productivity tips to leadership advice to perspectives on sales.





Cathy McPhillips

Chief Growth Officer, Marketing AI Institute

Why you should follow Cathy:

Artificial Intelligence is Cathy’s first love. Cathy provides valuable insights and perspectives on the current state of AI, its potential impact on various industries, and its future trajectory. She keeps her followers informed about the latest trends and developments, and plays an important role in advancing the field of AI and helping others stay ahead of the curve, often sharing insights from her company, Marketing AI Institute.





Alyssa Merwin Henderson

Vice President, Global Sales Solutions, LinkedIn

Why you should follow Alyssa:

Alyssa provides useful insights and practical tips related to B2B sales and effective selling strategies. She also gives a preview of upcoming ideas that have the potential to revolutionize the way sales operate in 2023.





Breezy Beaumont

Head of Growth, Correlated

Why you should follow Breezy:

Breezy shares content that provides guidance on what messaging to use for sales outreach. She shares tips on how to uncover PQLs, implement PLG strategies, and achieving revenue targets while tracking performance metrics. She is also the host of the podcast: Product Led Revenue.





Adam Jay

Chief Revenue Officer, Falkon

Why you should follow Adam:

Adam has experience leading sales teams, building sales processes, playbooks, coaching frameworks, as well as influencing product roadmaps and creating top-performing sales teams. He also plays the role of a consultant to SaaS companies on topics like sales coaching, go-to-market strategy, and leadership development. 





Laura “LG” Guerra

Vice President of Growth, Pavilion

Why you should follow Laura:

Laura often shares content about sales leadership, fun meeting tips, latest trends and growth areas. She’s passionate about changing the perception of what it means to be a modern revenue professional. Laura currently leads the growth efforts at Pavilion focusing on new member acquisition, retention, and expansion.





Yurii Veremchuk

Head of Business Growth, Outbound Sales,

Why you should follow Yurii:

Yurri provides advice on strategies and techniques that can be utilized to effectively persuade and convert potential customers into paying customers. His guidance includes tactics on identifying and targeting the right audience, sales content generation and customizing sales approaches to meet the unique needs of each customer.





Sam Nelson

Founder @

Why you should follow Sam: 

Sam’s content primarily focuses on enhancing the effectiveness of cold calling, email communication and outreach strategies with tips on how to implement them. 





Taft Love

VP of Sales, DocSend; GTM Advisor – Sales and Marketing Operations at Scale Venture Partners

Why you should follow Taft:

Taft’s content is mainly related to outbound sales emails and revenue operations. He also shares tips on client management and outreach calling tips and tricks.





Max Altschuler

Founder & General Partner, GTMfund

Why you should follow Max:

Max is known for sharing engaging and entertaining content related to sales processes and GTM strategies. He was the Founder & CEO of Sales Hacker, Inc. which was acquired by Outreach in 2018. Max is also the author of 3 books.

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