The Demandbase Sales Intelligence Playbook

Improve Response Rates Up To 80%. Thanks, Account Intelligence!

  • Identify and overcome common B2B seller’s challenges
  • Leverage Account Intelligence data within your CRM
  • Integration, dashboards, and more!

The intel you need to crush the competition.

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Demandbase Sales Intelligence empowers teams to reach out to their prospects with relevance. It’s a much more intelligent way to sell, which is why we call it Smarter GTMTM.

If you’re like the average salesperson, research might take up so much bandwidth, that you spend only about 30 percent of your time actually selling. Yikes! Learn about out-of-the-box and customizable options for proprietary features such as watchlists, agents, and alerts that deliver real-time insights right to your

In The Demandbase Sales Intelligence Playbook, you’ll get detailed instructions with corresponding screenshots to hit the ground running with game-changing data and a clear idea of everything available to help you quickly narrow down your target list to the right prospects and approach them at the right time.

How? With Account Intelligence, activated through Sales Intelligence.

Download The Demandbase Sales Intelligence Playbook today and get on the path towards Smarter GTMTM.

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