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How To Avert a Sales Uprising: Why Sellers Love Demandbase

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March 14, 2023

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How To Avert a Sales Uprising: Why Sellers Love Demandbase

Casey Patterson, Account Based Marketing Manager at Fivetran says, “I think if I took Demandbase away from the sales team, I’d have an uprising on my hands.” Thankfully they’re still happy Demandbase customers and that’s not by accident. At Demandbase, we’ve been busy little DeeBee’s over the last couple of years delivering on our goal of making the best possible sales and account intelligence available to sellers.

First, we acquired InsideView — the OG of sales intelligence — and DemandMatrix — leaders in technographics. Then we launched the industry’s first truly unified Sales Intelligence and Account-Based Experience Platform, and, last November, we rolled all these chart-topping capabilities out to Microsoft Dynamics and HubSpot users, in addition to Salesforce. All this activity boils down to the fact that Demandbase One™ is the most powerful place for sellers to get the intelligence they need to hit their revenue goals with fewer resources.

Demandbase One™ by the numbers:

  • 83M+ companies and 142M+ contacts, so you can target the right people and accounts
  • More than 1 trillion intent signals monthly, so you know exactly what your prospects are looking for
  • 41% average increase in engagement among target accounts when using Demandbase Intent, 36% higher than the benchmark, so you can close more deals, faster
  • 14% more accurate pipeline predictions using technographics, so you can uncover deals faster
  • 48% more B2B traffic matched, so you know exactly which prospect is on your website and can reach out with relevance
  • 34,000 monthly sales users turn to Demandbase to hit their number
  • More than 750 companies use Demandbase to improve their sales results

But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about the value they get from Demandbase One™ for sales.

Fivetran boosts daily opportunity creation and reduces AE ramp time

Fivetran account execs (AEs) and business development reps (BDRs) use Demandbase every day to prioritize accounts, leading to a jump in daily opportunity creation. They’ve also found it significantly shortens AE ramp time by providing all the insights new reps need to hit the ground running.

Account Exec Jonathan Roberts says it best, “When I saw Demandbase the first time, I was like, this is literally all the data I’ve ever wanted about my accounts — every piece of information I could want to create a differentiated experience, finally all in one place!” 

He went on to say, “If you were to take Demandbase away from me, it would be like having to drive a car without my eyes…or flying a plane without being in the cockpit. Demandbase really has become foundational to understanding what’s happening every single day.”

Jonathan’s colleague, Tina Pluff, Enterprise BDR at Fivetran appreciates the flexibility Demandbase offers, “I find that the customization is beautiful because you don’t have to pigeonhole all of your salespeople into a specific way of looking at information. We’re each able to read the information we want, where we want to see it… it’s amazing.” (Read the full story.)

Navisite’s sales team enjoys exceptional adoption rates and saved approximately $50,000 on generating account plans

Navisite sales reps use two tools every day, according to Matt Norris, Sales Operations Specialist at NaviSite: their CRM and Demandbase. “We have a pretty exceptional adoption rate,” remarked Matt modestly as he shared their stats. “97% of reps use the Demandbase sales intelligence solution at least once a week and 80+% use it every day.” 

Before realizing that Demandbase family trees could be used to generate account plans, they were planning to hire a consultant for $50K, specifically for that purpose. Now they’re building account plans around the family trees, turning one relationship into multiple opportunities in related companies, using the contact data to uncover decision-makers, and tapping into the connections feature to get warm introductions.

Matt reports, “The reps really get excited that they can find basically whatever customers they want right at their fingertips, adding “…reps’ confidence in the data and tools, satisfaction in their jobs, reduced turnover — really add up in the end to a product that’s worth more than its weight.” (Catch the full story.)

Alation realized a 73% uplift in opportunities from the previous year

In addition, their outbound pipeline jumped from 0% to 25%. One of their Australian sales reps told Nicole Kimmick, Alation’s Director of Account-Based Marketing, that they’re “killing it” in Australia. He gets all of his opportunities through Demandbase. “It’s the engine that powers our account based experience program, and sales prefers to use Demandbase, anyway,” Nicole notes. (Get the full story.)

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Jackie Palmer

Vice President of Product Marketing, Demandbase

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