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So Many Tools, So Little Time. Spare Your Sellers by Simplifying

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May 15, 2023

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So Many Tools, So Little Time. Spare Your Sellers by Simplifying

The day-to-day of a seller is hard (trust me I know!). And it’s made increasingly difficult with the proliferation of tools and data we’re expected to use as we manage our territories on a daily basis. 

This burden not only takes away from time that sellers could otherwise spend engaging with prospects, but it also makes it harder to identify the right accounts, contact prospects, and gather the information that matters. What we’re really doing is asking our teams to prepare a delicious dish, while only providing them with a blunt knife, a broken stove, and limited ingredients. It’s no wonder they’re struggling to meet their quota!

Demandbase fixes that with the latest improvements to our Smarter Sales Intelligence Solution. 

Think of it like a superpower for smarter sales.

Wave goodbye to the days of outdated data from siloed sources, trying to get value from tools operating on different systems, or simple exhaustion from so much manual input. Get all the timely data and insights you need inside  the most popular marketing and sales technologies — the tools your reps already use every day.

Take our prescriptive sales dashboards — sellers can log in to their CRM or sales engagement platform (SEP) and be greeted with a prioritized list of accounts and contacts that Demandbase recommends they engage with, paired with the option for more context if they want it. 

Users have the option of choosing a dashboard at the account or contact level, allowing them to spend less time on manual data gathering and analysis, and more time on actual outreach.

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Our prioritized account lists are based on unique Demandbase insights, and you can see the primary reason for each recommendation listed next to each account name. These insights drive your sellers toward the accounts in their territory that are most likely to turn into pipeline and closed won deals. Who doesn’t want that?

The dashboards present contacts in a similar fashion. We recommend contacts within your sales territory (whether they’re in your CRM or not), based on persona fit, likelihood of engagement, and other key factors such as presence on the buying committee.

Stay where you already are

Do your sellers use Outreach? Check this out. Our new native integration with Outreach gives your sellers access to Demandbase One’s award-winning engagement data and smarter sales intelligence on the Accounts, Prospects, and Opportunity tabs right inside Outreach. It’s all in a super digestible format, which means your sellers can access company and contact level details from Demandbase without ever straying from their normal Outreach workflow.

Expect increased response rates and pipeline, along with appreciative team members!

Convenience is our middle name

Our team designed the Sales Intelligence user interface (UI) to showcase the most meaningful sales insights front and center, based on feedback directly from our customers. This means that I, as a seller, can navigate to one page and easily find everything I need to know about an account without any additional clicks.

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Do you care about Intent? (You should!)

Top intent keywords, filtered through your curated keyword sets, can be seen at the top of the page.

Need to see which journey stage the account falls into?

It’s right there next to page view count, known contacts, sales touches, and more — even if it’s a customized journey stage!

The bottom line is that presenting important insights in this way enables your sellers to quickly understand their accounts, learn what’s important to them, and determine how to reach them at a faster rate.

MTV = Trust. (No, not that MTV.)

Flawed or inaccurate data is like a shaky foundation for a house. Just as a shaky foundation can cause a house to collapse, bad data can cause a seller’s trust to fall apart. And let’s be honest, there’s no quicker way to lose the trust of a seller than having them fall flat on their face because they relied on bad data.

We’ve got your back at Demandbase with our multi-sourced, triangulated, and validated (MTV) data methodology. Using our news feeds, combined with our B2B contact data, company data, and connections, sellers can have a conversation built on verified data they can trust.

So what’s the point?

I’ll admit it. Sellers often don’t care about anything other than getting in front of their prospects with a relevant conversation that leads to revenue. That’s why we’re doing all we can to give your sellers the sales intelligence they need within the tools they already use.

Supercharge your sellers with Demandbase’s Smarter Sales Intelligence – find out more! 

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John Eitel

Chief Sales Officer, Demandbase

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