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11 Sales Communities That Will Help Level Up Your Career

September 20, 2022

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11 Sales Communities That Will Help Level Up Your Career

Intrigued by sales community content? Thinking of jumping into one?

There are dozens of sales communities available, all with different objectives and opportunities for their respective members. To help you decide, we’ve gathered 11 of the top sales communities that will help you level up your career, and fret not – there is a blend of both free and premium access communities on our list.

No matter what sales role you’re currently in, or aspire to be in, there is a community for you!


Why you should join:

RevGenius is where SaaS comes to scale — both at an individual (career and growth/learning opportunities) and company (hiring + training/creating a space for teams) level.

They have a wide range of channels including those for sales, SDRs, marketing, revenue operations, and other GTM functions. A key for them is their deep belief in having an inclusive community. Their mission is to bring creativity and inspiration to the revenue space.

Beyond their Slack community, they also offer:

  • A jobs board
  • Custom programs for both SDRs and SDR leadership (RevLeague)
  • A yearly conference (RevCon)
  • Ongoing webinars and LinkedIn Lives events
  • …and much more

RevGenius boasts a strong membership community with nearly 30,000 members, including a wide-range of members from sales to marketing.

Cost: FREE!

Women in Sales Club

Why you should join:

Women in Sales Club, led by CEO Alexine Mudawar, is focused on enabling, empowering, and promoting women within the sales profession.

In order to realize this vision and create more equitable sales teams in the future, they recognize that men need to be part of the conversation and contribute towards the progress as well.

Through facilitating conversations and workshops focused on enabling sales professionals, Women in Sales Club believes that they can help mold the future of sales to be more inclusive.

Women in Sales Club has over 6,800 members on their LinkedIn Group.

Cost: FREE!

Thursday Night Sales

Why you should join:

While not a Slack-based community as other communities are, Thursday Night Sales is a weekly virtual sales happy hour each Thursday at 5p PST / 8p EST and is hosted by Amy Volas and Scott Leesee.

They focus on connecting those that join with other sales leaders and helping those that join with leveling up their career by providing the opportunity to get the insights, expertise, viewpoints, and tools they need to advance their skills, hit their numbers, and impress their managers!

Beyond the virtual happy hour, they also hold an in-person event called the Hard No Tour.

Cost: FREE!

RevOps Co-Op

Why you should join:

RevOps Co-op is a community for RevOps professionals that provides a variety of resources and content for their members. Similar to several other communities featured on this list, they feature a jobs channel for their members to promote open roles. They also have a channel for people looking for advice on tools and software.

RevOps Co-op has a total membership of over 6,000 RevOps professionals that are actively engaged via their Slack channel.

Cost: FREE!

Women In Revenue

Why you should join:

A community of successful women leaders from diverse backgrounds, Women In Revenue focuses on making a difference for women in revenue-generating roles.

They’re dedicated to achieving equity, professional parity, visibility, and compensation. Beyond their Slack community with a membership of over 3,400 professionals, they provide a number of other programs including:

  • Ongoing training
  • Education
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Mentorship
  • Job opportunities
  • …and much more

Cost: FREE!

SDR Nation

Why you should join:

SDR Nation’s mission is “to fix this problem by providing the training, enablement, and coaching you need to confidently accelerate your career.”

Their focus is on connecting SDRs with expert mentors and opportunities to learn important skills. Members have the opportunity to connect with other SDRs that are looking to be promoted, understand how to consistently hit their numbers, or meet other SDRs and build friendships.

SDR Nation boasts that their members increase their quota attainment by 46% in 3 months.

Membership includes:

  • 24/7 access to the #1 private community for SDRs
  • Unlimited 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Free access to JB SALES ON DEMAND with six different courses and certifications (valued at $399)
  • Curated content and courses
  • Live events and workshops
  • A member-exclusive newsletter with the latest SDR tips, trends, news, and events.

Cost: $540 annually

Sales Hacker

Why you should join:

With close to 51,000 members, Sales Hacker is one of the largest B2B sales communities available. Sales Hacker is one of the only communities on our list that isn’t Slack-based and is more of a Reddit-style discussion board.

Beyond having such a large community, their website also has articles, videos, a podcast, events, jobs, and sales templates that are available to everyone.

Cost: FREE!

Modern Sales Pros

Why you should join:

Modern Sales Pros is a community for sales leadership, management, operations, and enablement professionals. They provide a variety of resources ranging from:

  • A jobs board
  • Recruiting resources
  • A library with 100+ recordings of revenue leadership content
  • Research reports
  • A weekly content roundup
  • DEI&A resources
  • Ongoing events, including their large 2-day RevEx Festival

They have a community of over 27,000 engaged members from a wide-range of companies.

Cost: FREE!

Women in Sales Everywhere (WISE)

Why you should join:

Women in Sales Everywhere (WISE) is a community that’s dedicated to developing the next generation of female leaders.

WISE provides the opportunity for members to grow their community, make deeper connections, advance their careers, and learn from top sales leaders.

Member benefits include:

  • Unlimited access to WISE Pods
  • Exclusive access to the WISE Slack community
  • Mentorship matching
  • Access to WISE Job Board featuring WISE-vetted companies
  • Free admission to all WISE events, both virtual and in-person
  • Invites to member-only digital events

In addition to the member benefits, WISE also has a blog, podcasts, videos, and books.

Cost: Individual membership: $320/year


Why you should join:

Pavilion (formerly known as Revenue Collective) has 8,500+ members in 55 countries.

There are two membership levels, Executive and Associate, to help provide members with peers that they can lean on. While going through the application process they offer help by suggesting which of the membership levels they believe would be a better fit for you based on your position and years of experience.

Pavilion provides a number of benefits for their members including:

  • A knowledge hub with unlimited access to templates, guides, and best practices.
  • Private sub-communities within their Slack community
  • Benchmarking surveys
  • Peer mentorship
  • Local councils

Probably what most differentiates Pavillion from the other communities on this list is Pavilion University. Through Pavilion University, they provide dozens of learning opportunities between various functions:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • RevOps
  • Customer Success
  • Finance
  • Leadership

The one downside to Pavilion is that it is by far the most expensive community to join.

Cost: Associate – $1,375 annually / Executive – $2,700 annually


Why you should join:

Bravado is an anonymous community for sales that allows for honest and candid advice. Bravado provides opportunities to those in sales to both land or hire for new sales jobs. They provide access to several tools for free, including:

  • Jobs board
  • War room — an opportunity to get advice from top sales pros
  • Seller profiles — you can build a profile to showcase your sales expertise and connect with customers, sales leaders, and top sales professionals
  • Bravado Academy — tactical sales help

They also provide tactical advice including tips, tricks, templates, interviewing guides, and learning how to deal with a manager.

Bravado has over 200k+ sales professionals from some of the world’s most recognizable brands.

Cost: FREE!

Hopefully you find one or more of these communities to be helpful to your growth in sales.

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