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Better Together: New Demandbase Unified Interface in Salesforce

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July 15, 2022

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Better Together: New Demandbase Unified Interface in Salesforce

Better Together: New Demandbase Unified Interface in Salesforce

Would you be effective at your job if you had only a keyboard but no mouse, or a mouse but no keyboard? Highly unlikely. And yet similarly, too many sellers are trying to hit quota using only half of the intelligence they need.

When a seller only has a portion of a prospect’s data available, it becomes a classic case of account blindness where success depends on getting lucky by being in the right place at the right time.

We come bearing great news, though: with Demandbase’s new unified interface in Salesforce, sellers no longer have to rely on luck.

Details, please

The new SFDC UI means sellers always know which accounts and contacts to go after, with what message, and when.

How? With first-party behavioral data from the Engagement Platform in ABX Cloud that is pulled into a single view, alongside deep third-party data on companies, industry trends, and decision-makers. This makes it the market’s first unified sales intelligence and account engagement platform.

No more:

  • Relying on a list of email addresses from a third party, which doesn’t allow for enough personalization of the message to stand out from a yammering crowd of competitors.
  • Pinning hopes exclusively on tracking website visits and form fills, but unable to connect the dots at a corporate level, leaving enterprise accounts being treated like unrelated “leads.”

All of which results in missed opportunities, slower sales cycles and smaller deals. No one wants this, but it’s still unfortunately commonplace.

The desired new normal

To grow pipeline and close larger deals, sellers need rich Account Intelligence composed of both third-party data (e.g. accurate firmographics and contact information) as well as first-party data that uncovers hidden buying signals including off-site research activity and interactions with marketing campaigns/activities.

And sellers need it fast – not spread across half a dozen systems.

Here’s what that intelligence looks like as a one-stop shop:

How to use Account Intelligence to sell smarter

It’s time to shift our collective efforts towards quality of sales interactions over seeing sales as a “numbers game.” Having sellers blindly calling 100 people knowing maybe two will pick up, only so that they can continue the game by calling 200 tomorrow and hoping they can add four answered calls to their tallies…

That’s simply not scalable: you’re not getting enough of a return on your sellers’ time. Wasted sales effort? In this economy?!

Not on our watch.

Are you looking to prioritize top accounts? It’s a breeze with Demandbase Sales Insights dashboards.

Need to find contacts at top accounts? Our heatmaps can help you identify gaps quickly based on first-party behavioral data.

And you can also add new contacts directly from our People tab (third-party)

Are your sellers at a loss for how to reach out to a prospect with a more compelling message? Leverage news about that account and zero in on topics they’ve engaged with on your website. Best part? You can get alerts about these changes right to your inbox.

It’s a no-brainer

We’ve said it before: marketing isn’t just a department you sit by. Take advantage of your buyer’s interactions with marketing content to instantly connect with their pain points and interests, and turn every second of the call into a valuable use of your time and your prospect’s.

Ready to find out more about how our new UI can do the work for you? Request a demo.

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