A Revenue Hero’s Chronicle: How Hexagon Crushes Goals with an Account-Based Strategy

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November 29, 2022

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A Revenue Hero’s Chronicle: How Hexagon Crushes Goals with an Account-Based Strategy

Research shows that launching ABM within an organization leads to positive effects in regards to marketing and sales outcomes; marketing realizes more web engagement, more targeted advertising, higher email performance metrics, and improved conversion rates, while sales see larger deal sizes, faster sales cycles, and much higher win rates. And Hexagon’s story provides the proof in the pudding.

When Hexagon, a global information technology company, partnered with Demandbase to implement an account-based marketing program, engagement skyrocketed across targeted accounts.  Leveraging Demandbase’s data-driven approach Hexagon saw a big improvement in team productivity and focus, with big results to boot.   The team drove engagement with 48% of target accounts which led to strong pipeline creation.

Three Guiding Principles that led to Successful Outcomes:

1. Demandbase helped Hexagon identify a common center for sales and marketing focus, and create a unified view of select target accounts. The process helped them leverage data to better understand customer intent and more efficiently focus their efforts.

2. Taking an account-centric approach allowed Hexagon to better engage with prospects, and to understand where they were on their customer journey. It also helped them to identify product interest.

3. Leveraging these signals meant conversations, messaging and marketing strategies were sharpened and coordinated among departments, resulting in a more cohesive brand experience. The program was so successful that Hexagon scaled it globally.

“Taking an account-centric approach really allowed us to engage with prospects where they were in their journey, and just as importantly, it helped show us what they were interested in.” Jodi Lebow, Director, Global Demand Center, Hexagon

Want to learn more about how implementing an account-based approach enabled Hexagon to skyrocket engagement across target accounts? Watch the 5-minute webinar with Frost & Sullivan Partner and VP, Roberta Gamble, and Jodi Lebow, Director, Global Demand Center, Hexagon, How Hexagon Crushes Goals with an Account-Based Strategy.


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Not all superheroes wear capes. Still, extraordinary B2B revenue teams share one superpower: they know how to align, optimize and mobilize their people, processes, and systems to dominate in the face of adversity. This is part four of our four-part series hosted by Frost & Sullivan,  Build an Invincible B2B Revenue Engine

You can watch the full webinar here to learn how to get your revenue organization firing on all cylinders to increase your pipeline generation and skyrocket your win rates.

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Moira van den Akker

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