5 Daily ABM Tasks for Digital Marketing

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March 16, 2020

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5 Daily ABM Tasks for Digital Marketing

5 Daily ABM Tasks for Digital Marketing

Impressions! Visits! Pageviews! Clicks! Leads! Scale! More! More! More!

My days used to be about casting as wide a net as possible but at the same time, to be as efficient as possible. I was thrilled to measure success with increases to the hundredth of a percentage. And at the end of the day, it was challenging (if not near impossible) to help Sales understand the value of our digital programs that didn’t end with the acquisition of an email address.

Today, I spend my days focused on quality. I can ignore the deafening noise from the general population and listen to the clear signals I’m getting from the people I care about most – the ones my sales team is pursuing.

Account-Based Marketing has entirely changed what I do. Here are the top five ways my routines have changed:


First, I like to check in on my ad campaigns. I’m not chasing clicks or optimizing CPMs. I’m not hoping the people seeing the ads are qualified. I’m focusing on the influence my ads have on our target accounts. I’m primarily looking at the “Lift” we’re getting as a result of the campaigns. (Lift is the percentage of target accounts that have more site engagement, measured by page views, during the campaign compared to the baseline period of 30 days prior to the start of the campaign.) When I log in to Demandbase Targeting:

I’m making sure we’re continuing to see Lift by using ads to bring new accounts to the site and increasing the engagement of accounts that have recently been to the site.
I’m able to look for patterns by sub-segmenting the campaign audiences (by intent score, intent keyword, company size, or other attributes) to determine optimization opportunities,
I compare the performance of my ad audiences against a control group. While I’ve already set baselines, the control group further illustrates the influence of the campaign on my target accounts across the entire funnel including opportunity creation and closed-won deals.
I check in on my automated advertising campaigns. Much of my advertising is now using dynamic audiences so I want to see how accounts are moving between campaigns, keep an eye on budget, and ensure the accounts are engaging with high-value areas of the site.

With Account-Based Marketing, I can demonstrate to the value of advertising – even to the most skeptical salesperson.


You’re spending a lot of time and money driving people to your site through advertising, social, SEO, and paid search. Once you’ve got them there, it’s really important to make sure they’re doing what you want them to do.

I log into the ABM Platform to see what pages accounts are visiting to determine what to put on our homepage – what messages to include in our “hero,” the content to merchandise, and opportunities for personalization. I find the best insights come when I dig deep and look by sub-segment. I have created dynamic audiences which contain accounts at different stages of the sales cycle and I look at the pages which they’re visiting which will inform our site merchandising, marketing promotion, and content development strategies.

Often, what I see in the ABM Platform will generate a specific question that requires a deeper level of analysis. As we’ve integrated Demandbase data into Google Analytics, I’m able to see things like how different account-based audiences are moving through the site and where they’re taking high-value actions.

Account-Based Marketing helps me focus on the behavior of my target accounts so I can ignore the noise from unqualified traffic.


While I can prescribe navigation and merchandise content, I can get more engagement when I personalize the experience for a visitor.

Every moment of every day, I trust the artificial intelligence from the Demandbase Engagement Solution to be my virtual marketing assistant to recommend content based on a visitor’s intent.

But often, I want to curate a personalized experience. We might have a special promotion running and my team can easily add a personalized site message to the homepage. Or, we can run a special Drift playbook to a specific segment of our visitors. I’ve been known to spin up a personalized message for a day if the need arises!

Account-Based Marketing makes it easy for me to customize experiences for my site visitors to increase engagement.


Remarketing is a great, inexpensive way to take site visitors and re-engage them to move them through the consideration cycle. It’s the original automated marketing – setting cookies 24×7 to continue to build audiences.

But with Account-Based Marketing, your remarketing can be smarter and cheaper. Don’t remarket to everyone who visited your site or visited a set of pages on your site. Set up your campaigns to remarket only to site visitors from the accounts you’re interested in. Not only are you buying impressions for higher quality audiences but you can launch more targeted creative. This can be set up for both Adwords Display and RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads).

Account-Based Marketing helps me make my “always-on” remarketing more precise and efficient.


Adding account information to top of funnel marketing has helped me establish a much better relationship with Sales and create a compact marketing cycle. I’m no longer a slave to the “hand raise” and chasing the almighty email address. I can choose to make more valuable content free and “ungated” because I know my sales team can take action based on what accounts are visiting the site. Every minute of every day, the Demandbase Conversion Solution is collecting information and alerting Sales when their accounts are on the site. Sales is able to take action earlier in an account’s consideration cycle. In fact, Sales was able to close a deal in just 10 days without ever getting a form filled on the site.

Account-Based Marketing enables Sales to support accounts at the earliest stages of their research and decision cycles.

Suffice it to say, ABM has been a game-changer for me and all Digital Marketers.

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Mimi Rosenheim

Former Senior Director, Digital Marketing & Brand, Demandbase

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