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ABX Engagement Platform

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5 account-based go-to-market challenges.

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The Engagement Platform is your ABX conductor’s chair

Turn your sales and marketing teams into one unified revenue force

It all happens with the Demandbase Engagement Platform, your foundation for account-based experience (ABX) that unites and activates Account Intelligence within a single-pane. One data set. One customer journey.

One fluid sales and marketing motion.

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Predictive Analytics for B2B

Find and prioritize accounts at that magic moment when they’re ready to buy

  • Use our Qualification Score to identify accounts that match your ideal customer profile (ICP).
  • Pinpoint likely buyers with our Pipeline Predict scores.
  • Use our intent signals, derived from more than 500 billion B2B signals each month, to target precisely the right accounts.

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Account Data Platform with Audiences

Unravel the tangle of cross-system data to get the full picture on every account. All in one place.

  • Combine fragmented first-party marketing and sales data with Demandbase proprietary third-party data to create a single account view in technicolor.
  • Discover anonymous accounts with our Account Intelligence analysis.
  • Target more precise segments and audiences by using powerful Selectors.

Want to see your world in hi-def?

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Account-Based Sales

Feed your front-line some deal-winning tips

  • Bring fresh, actionable insights into the tools and systems your sales teams already use — like CRM, email, Slack, and more.
  • Know when to reach out to accounts and contacts that are most responsive to your sales and marketing motions.
  • Unclutter your world with a Unified Account Inbox that details all your account’s communications in one place.

Get killer sales insights sooner.

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Account-Based Analytics

Measure what matters with engagement tracking for every step of every journey — for accounts and individuals

  • See every interaction that leads to a deal with our unique Deal Story.
  • Measure engagement across the buying committee using Engagement Minutes.
  • See how your accounts are progressing through the funnel with customizable Journey Analytics. What’s not to love?

Get full-picture Account Analytics.

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"What bigger accounts are looking for is a personalized experience, and Demandbase makes ABM much easier out-of-the-box. The data you see drives actions and simplifies the ability to orchestrate plays across sales and marketing."
Jimmy Montchal VP of Demand Gen, Coursedog

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Data beats gut feel, every time

Inject Account Intelligence into the journey.

Build an account-based foundation primed for growth


Build an account-based foundation primed for growth

Account Intelligence adds high-value context to every single interaction in any channel. Get an at-a-glance view of your red-hot accounts. See which are likely to become an opportunity in the next 30 days by looking at their Pipeline Predict scores and Engagement Minutes. Then roll out the red carpet and bring out the fine china for a VIP experience to convert them.

Accelerate your deals with relevant insights


Accelerate your deals with relevant insights

Share juicy insights with your sales friends, like intent signals, campaign engagement, and buying committee website visits. Make them even happier by using their favorite communication channels — email digests, Slack notifications, a Chrome plug-in, or direct CRM message. After all, 85% of B2B sales reps who receive alerts on opportunities say they help them do their job better.1

  1. Source: B2B Marketing Trends, Salesforce

Execute account-based programs that work and scale


Execute account-based programs that work and scale

Empower your teams to take the actions that’ll have the biggest impact. Use Selectors, powered by AI, to build account lists based on journey stage. Let’s take an account list for top-of-funnel awareness. You can use the platform to find accounts with high intent and no recent site visits, then create an ad campaign that brings them to a personalized landing page. Just like that, your GTM gets smarter.

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Measure, learn, and repeat ABX wins

Track account engagement in the Account Dashboard to examine trends, jettison failed experiments, and accelerate what works. Track journeys end-to-end through the funnel with customizable Journey Analytics. Use site analytics to see which pages draw the highest-value eyeballs. And bring it all home by examining all the touches that led to an opportunity with Deal Story.

It keeps getting better

Check out what you can add on to the ABX Cloud Engagement Platform.

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Increase website conversions when you tailor your content.

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Coordinate meaningful customer interactions across your ecosystem and channels.

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