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Top Women in Sales Reveal Their Secrets to Navigating a Downturn

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October 20, 2022

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top women share secrets for navigating downturn feature

Top Women in Sales Reveal Their Secrets to Navigating a Downturn

Navigating Downturns with Valuable Advice

We recently partnered with Women in Sales Club to interview the 100 Most Powerful Women in Sales (1-50 / 51-100).

As Alexine Mudawar, CEO of Women in Sales Club explains: “The language used in creating this list wasn’t accidental. Most lists are titled “best” or ‘top’ but we wanted to create a list of women who are making an impact in the field of sales –– without ranking or pitting anyone against one another. 100 women barely scratches the surface of the amazing work so many women in sales do every single day.” 

This list highlights women who are seeing success in their individual role, giving back to other women in the role, and working to make the field of sales better as a whole. We didn’t want the list to be restricted based on title, so you’ll see folks from SDR all the way to the C-Suite! 

In follow-up conversations with several of these women, they graciously shared their thoughts, tactics, and tried-and-true formulas on maintaining (or even surpassing) their quotas and goals during an economic downturn.

There was so much value and wisdom in their advice, that we gathered all their learnings and included them in our new eBook titled Hard Times? Double Down! Top Women in Sales Reveal Their Secrets to Navigating a Downturn.

You’ll find the advice in this eBook broken up into four core pillars:

  1. People and Relationships
  2. Mindsets and Habits for Success
  3. Sales Strategy and Tactics
  4. Values-based Motivation

We hope that you find valuable lessons in this eBook that will enable your continued success both in an economic downturn, and throughout your career.

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Justin Levy

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