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I’m Thinking Of… Sales Intelligence With Heidi Bamburg

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August 17, 2021

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Im Thinking Of Sales Intelligence With Heidi Bamburg

I’m Thinking Of… Sales Intelligence With Heidi Bamburg

How can I better understand my prospects’ and clients’ day-to-day? How do I get inside their heads so I can be helpful and not make them feel they’re being sold to?

These are just some of the questions that keep many a salesperson up at night, but there’s an answer and it isn’t particularly new. Sales intelligence! Sales intelligence has been around for a couple of decades, but its power is often overlooked because of that very fact; it’s not the shiny new software in the tech toolbox.

So rather than going in search of a new technology to showcase, I got to thinking that a refresher on sales intelligence might be just what the doctor ordered.

In the latest episode of the DBTV series I’m Thinking of, I sat down with Heidi Bamburg to get the inside scoop on sales intelligence and what the right tool can do to propel Sales teams towards bigger and better wins.

Today’s guest: Heidi Bamburg

As the VP of Alliances and Business Development at InsideView, a Demandbase company, Heidi is in charge of managing InsideView’s OEM partnerships and strategic alliances.

With more than 25 years of experience leading Marketing, Sales, Business Development, and Strategic Alliance teams, we would be hard-pressed to find a better brain to pick for this conversation about sales intelligence.

Quotable head-turners from the conversation

“If somebody offers you something that’s in your price range when you need it, and it’s what you need to solve your problem, then you don’t feel like you’re being sold to. You feel like somebody is helping you solve your problem.” – Heidi Bamburg

“As a salesperson, the last thing I want to do is have to do a bunch of research all over the web to find information about a prospect. If an expert could bring it all in one place for me, I’d much rather go to one place and get everything I need to know than have to assemble it all by myself.” – Heidi Baumburg

Powered by InsideView, Demandbase’s Sales Intelligence Cloud includes three major components of information:

  • Data: To ensure that salespeople are targeting the right accounts and the right people or titles within those accounts.
  • Connections: So that Sales can leverage mutual connections shared with their target audience to receive a warm introduction instead of relying on cold-calling.
  • Insights: Real-time news and business event notifications that signal your Sales team to engage immediately so they can capitalize on the first mover advantage.

“You don’t need InsideView to sell. You need InsideView sales intelligence to win.” – Heidi Baumburg

What are you thinking about?

If it’s Sales Intelligence, then you don’t want to miss out on the full conversation.

And to learn more, check out Heidi’s tips on how best to use sales intelligence in her ongoing Sales Secrets blog series. Want a hint about what’s in store? The first sales secret is about how to turn news into sales.

Check out DBTV, featuring a variety of shows, ranging from thought leadership programming to profiles in customer success. This is your one-stop on-demand streaming hub for all the latest in B2B Go-To-Market.

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