5 Examples of Marketing and Sales Orchestration: The Tree of Orchestration Plays Infographic

June 8, 2022

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5 Examples of Marketing and Sales Orchestration image

5 Examples of Marketing and Sales Orchestration: The Tree of Orchestration Plays Infographic

It’s official. The buyer’s world has gone digital. And there is no turning back. 

Dozens, if not hundreds, of solutions are just seconds away from a few strokes on your customers’ keyboards. Every buyer — even B2B buyers, not just the B2C — wants a seamless, personalized experience. Think the likes of Netflix and Spotify (the usual suspects). 

What’s more, B2B buyers expect bespoke buying experiences tailored specifically to their interests and needs that combine those digital experiences with traditional experiences like direct mail, phone calls, and live events. But with the complex buying cycle of B2B, how do you, the B2B brand, provide the requisite custom experience for all of your target accounts? 

After all, the last thing you want to do is spam buyers with unwanted, irrelevant messages.

The answer lies in Demandbase Orchestration. 

Demandbase Orchestration makes your go-to-market (GTM) strategy better by helping you get smarter about your outreach. 

Because rich data and Account Intelligence fuel Demandbase One, you not only reach your contacts and accounts in a personalized way, but you reach the right accounts during the magical moments — at the right time in their journey. In other words, you apply next level ABM, which considers every part of the buyer journey. We call it account-based experience (ABX). 

By adding orchestration, you ensure that the moving parts in an ABX program are synchronized across your organization’s customer-facing teams. So you all work in lockstep to ensure a buyer’s experience is positive, consistent, and in context with the rest of the account. 

Music to your ears, right?

Here are five examples of our most popular orchestration plays aligned to milestones in the buyer’s path to purchase.  

Test them out, and see how your revenue team will be aligned harmoniously in no time. 

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