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Meet the Team with Hidden Superpowers: Demandbase Technical Consulting

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January 10, 2024

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Demandbase Technical Consulting

Meet the Team with Hidden Superpowers: Demandbase Technical Consulting

For this month’s blog, I snagged a few moments with one of the busiest people in Demandbase, Mark Walter, leader of the Demandbase Technical Consulting Team. After working with hundreds of clients across a myriad of industries, Mark and his team have some pretty unique capabilities. They’re able to paint a vision of how to solve a client’s business needs, through technical demonstration, analyzing client pain points, and creating a compelling strategy. In short, they have the technical chops to address even the most complex technical challenges for our clients.

Here’s what Mark has to say about Demandbase Technical Consulting Services…

What does a technical consulting team do?

Our mission is to surprise and delight customers by delivering technical content in a way that interests and excites our clients based on their role in their organization. Beyond that, our team plays three primary roles. First, we’re involved in the foundational service packages that bring us into contact with many of our clients on a quarterly or monthly basis — where we provide technical guidance on platform setup and optimization. Next, we support our enterprise customers through ongoing hours-based projects. We serve as a technical resource to guide our clients through best practice usage and platform utilization. And lastly, we support customers with technical integrations that occur after they’re out of the implementation phase to ensure the new integrations are set up correctly.

What backgrounds do they have?

All of our technical consultants (TC’s) come from technical backgrounds, of course, but each one also brings a unique ability to communicate and interact with customers — something that is rare in a technical persona.

What superpowers do they possess?

One of the things we have unique knowledge of, because we’ve seen so many client tenants, is the implications of decisions made in the platform. We have an insider view of so many customer configurations, and we’ve waded in the technical weeds with so many clients that it’s easier for us to identify problems quickly or head them off altogether. Easier than it would be for you to do it on your own. 

Compared to the implementation team that works with our clients for the first few months, overseeing the initial configuration of the platform, we come in a bit later and have the opportunity to see the more prolonged downstream impact of platform setup. This puts us in an excellent position to help refine and optimize for our clients, really taking their performance to the next level and aligning it with their business strategy.

Are there specialties within the team?

Each of us has found our niche inside of the platform. One of our team members focuses on journeys and scoring models, while another has expertise on intent and the new workspaces feature. For me, I focus on the analytics-how we present the data in charts and graphs, helping our clients learn from the data.

What value do you bring to customers?

We all enjoy our client interaction, and bringing the platform to life for customers is our specialty and passion. We help you get excited about Demandbase, not only because we help you build confidence in how the software is set up, but because we teach you how you can see results on your own through analytics, intent dashboards, reports, etc. 

What is something unique you do to engage clients in a virtual meeting?

One of the things we have brought to Demandbase is the way in which we conduct our technical sessions. We have the client log in and share their screen. In this way, we help the user learn the platform, with our guidance, and this really helps with knowledge transfer, and retention and keeps everyone engaged in our sessions.

What three words describe Demandbase Technical Consulting best?

  • Confident :  I like the word confident because it’s essential for building credibility and rapport with our clients. And we’re confident in our skillset and technical competence for sure!
  • Comprehensive : We need to know so much about the platform to be ready to answer any question on the spot. Good thing, we have a ton of knowledge that we pack into our brains that we’ve learned along the way as both users and technicians of the platform. This depth and breadth of knowledge helps us react and learn with our clients in any number of technical and business discussions.
  • Analytical : Not only do we analyze from a technical perspective, but we’re also always gauging how deep we can go in the conversations with people we’ve just met. Are they execs who need us to explain things in a simple, non-technical way? Or are they technical individuals who want and need to dive deep into the platform details?

What’s your favorite part about leading the technical consulting team?

Our team is a wonderful group of people, with top-notch talent, and we all get along well. We get feedback regularly on our team members, and (not to boast) we’re all excelling in our roles. While we have a lot of work, we’re always hungry for more!

Demandbase has a comprehensive catalog of services to support your go-to-market success. From our award-winning implementation services, to our GTM strategists who help you document your ABX plans, to managed services for when you need the support of hands-on keyboards, and of course our technical consultants, we have the expertise to help solve even the most complex technical challenges. Visit our website or speak to your account exec to find out more about how our services could amplify your success.

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Kim Tremblay

Sr. Account Based Marketing Strategist, Demandbase

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