Your Favorite GTM Superheroes Are on the Case

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February 24, 2022

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B2B go-to-market

Your Favorite GTM Superheroes Are on the Case

To help rescue B2B buyers from the standard B2B go-to-market playbook, we asked DeeBee to assemble a top-notch team of superheroes to fight back GTM fragmentation of processes, software, departments, and data.

DeeBee and the Intelligence League answered the B2B go-to-market call!

In this captivating tale of action with a side of adventure — and advice from marketing and sales superheroes –– you’ll learn how Smarter Go-To-Market helps marketing and sales spot opportunities earlier by injecting Account Intelligence into every step of the buyer journey.

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Justin Levy

Former Senior Director, Influencer Marketing & Head of Community, Demandbase

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