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I’m Thinking of Ad Strategies Best Practices with Jennifer Hughes

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October 14, 2021

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I'm Thinking of Ad Strategies Best Practices with Jennifer Hughes

I’m Thinking of Ad Strategies Best Practices with Jennifer Hughes

When it comes to B2B ad strategies, there’s no one better to talk to than Jennifer Hughes, Director of Digital Marketing for Demandbase.

In this episode of “I’m Thinking Of,” Jennifer and I tackle what can feel like a daunting effort—creating effective digital marketing strategies that target the right audience with the right content at the right time.

The ingredients of a wonderful ad experience

Like any other recipe, the ingredients have to come together just right in order to create that wonderful experience. Jennifer breaks down the complexity of account-based experiences into three specific stages:

  1. Identifying the right accounts to target
  2. Serving the right accounts the right content
  3. Serving the right accounts the right content at the right time

In this spirited conversation, Jennifer and I cover some big topics, breaking them down into actionable ways you can help your team achieve your goal—creating an outstanding customer experience grounded in empathy.

Reaching your audience with Account-Based Experience

Your customer is on a hero’s journey, seeking help or a solution to a pain point or problem they’re experiencing. Intelligent digital-marketing strategies begin with understanding who your customer is and what hero’s journey they’ve embarked on.

Jennifer tells us how Demandbase can help you find the narrative from an Account-Based Experience (ABX) approach. During our conversation we cover:

  • Combining the superpowers of your Sales and Marketing teams to identify and prioritize your audiences, and, therefore, your Marketing spend
  • Scaling your content across multiple Marketing channels
  • Identifying and closing any gaps in your content library
  • Deploying ABX techniques in your paid media strategies, including SEM and LinkedIn

ABX is the linchpin of a successful modern marketing campaign, and Jennifer tells us how the orchestration helps marketers scale their efforts. “When it comes to executing a digital campaign across all channels, the importance of the strategy is huge, but the ability to reinforce it right and mirror it across all the internal and external channels is just as important.”

Watch the full interview to get all the insights you need to execute successful B2B ad campaigns.


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