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Which 2024 Content House Member Are You Most Like?

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January 25, 2024

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Which 2024 Content House Member Are You Most Like?

We’re proud to say that we were a recent sponsor and participant of the Sales Creator Kickoff Content House #SCKO. We had a ton of fun talking to the amazing sales creators who came to Tampa (you can read about some of their Super Bowl and B2B sales and marketing predictions here).

In this blog, we interviewed six sellers and asked them about themselves as well as some of their sales opening lines so you could find out: which content house member are you most like?

What is your opening cold call line?

A. Hey there my name is _______, I’m a stranger and we haven’t met before, but if you give me a moment I can tell you something interesting about your business/brand

B. It varies depending on the person

C. I’m usually direct, like “hey this is ___” BUT it depends on the territory. Like the midwest is more laid back so it’s more chit chat versus the north is like fast and quick

D. “Hey! I have an idea”

E. I’m straightforward, just ‘Hi it’s ____ from deel, do you have a quick second?’

F. No Gimmicks, I introduce myself, acknowledge the interruption, and give them the observation for why I’m calling

What is your go-to email subject line?

A. I made/saw this and it made me think of you

B. Referencing a company’s 10K

C. Short and relevant but it depends on who i’m emailing, I try to personalize it and do 2-3 words tops

D. I don’t send emails – I always so Slack or Linkedin

E. The country + new compliance so it’s like Germany New Compliance

F. Super short 2-3 words. I actually try to make it boring and make it look internal

What’s one tool you can’t live without?

A. ChatGPT

B. Linkedin Sales Navigator + Demandbase

C. My brain

D. Slack

E. Sendspark

F. Blender for smoothies

What is your morning routine?

A. I don’t have one

B. 6:30 wake up, then gym, then breakfast, then shower, and a matcha or coffee

C. Wake up, shower, and while I’m showering I listen to a podcast, then I jump on linkedin and drop some comments on other peoples posts, then start my day

D. 6am wakeup, get the kids to school, then I have kickboxing class, stop for coffee, come home, and then get to work

E. I drink like 5 different beverages – electrolytes, water, coffee, armra, and AG – then I do a 10 minute kitchen clean, like I just set a timer and clean my kitchen for 10 minutes, then I workout, and I start work

F. Woo so I wake up to 2 dogs and a 2 year old, then it’s smoothie time! Then we usually have an EDM dance party in the kitchen, then the nanny arrives so I can shower and get ready to start the day

What is your good luck charm?

A. Myself. I think you make your own luck

B. Hype music before a big call

C. My tattoo on my hand. It’s my moms thumbprint so it’s like I’m holding her hand for the rest of my life

D. If I’m wearing a power outfit – so like my favorite pieces of lulu – and rocking some clean kicks, like  clean pair of Nikes

E. Citrine – it’s my stone!

F. This Saint Christopher necklace from my dad

If you got mostly A’s, you’re most like…

Blake Hudson Headshot

Blake Hudson! A little about Blake: “My mission in life is to help people gain clarity in their identity, practice, and purpose – No matter the role that’s the heart behind how I serve as a professional.

Currently, I am on a mission to turn adversity into empowerment. My journey began with a single dollar and an interview, leading me to develop the ‘Story Selling’ framework. This innovative approach focuses on harnessing the power of personal narratives to foster self-belief and enhance communication skills, particularly in job interviews.

Over the years, I’ve realized the most significant asset one can bank on is self-confidence, the ability to own our story, and the courage to tell it convincingly. To that end, I have designed a course to guide others through their struggles, helping them to tap into the transformative power of their story.

My commitment lies in enabling you to unlock your potential, own your story, and communicate with conviction. After all, it’s not just my journey; it’s our shared journey towards becoming unstoppable forces in our respective paths.

Remember, you’re meant for more. Let’s take the first step towards choosing confidence today. Connect with me to learn more about the ‘Story Selling’ course and how it can equip you to thrive even in the face of adversity.”

Follow him on Linkedin here!

If you got mostly B’s, you’re most like…

Vin Matano Headshot

Vin Matano! A little about Vin: “I started off my sales journey in college, selling Home Internet & TV packages door-to-door. I can confidently say, no other job prepares you for the reality of sales like getting countless doors slammed in your face mid-pitch.

Now, at Demandbase, I am a former SDR turned AE who’s obsessed with creative prospecting and passionate about personal development.

During my day-to-day, I help B2B marketers and salespeople achieve their Account-Based Experience (ABX) goals. On LinkedIn, I make content to help salespeople prospect more efficiently. 

Outside of work you can find me in the gym playing pick-up basketball with friends, holding onto my childhood dream of playing in the NBA (which I’m starting to realize is probably long gone). 

Aside from trying to make the pro’s, I’m either on a run, learning how to cook, binging my favorite mob movies, or creating tons and tons of content!”

Follow him on Linkedin here!

If you got mostly C’s, you’re most like…

Riley Blaisdell Headshot

Riley Blaisdell! A little about Riley: “In 2013 I stepped into B2B sales, building my book of business by cold calling 📞. It is a full cycle and account management role all in one. My first deal closed a month outside of training for a whopping 345.00! The days of 90-100 cold calls a day paid off 💵.

We had a bell 🔔 you would ring for new business orders. After that first ring, I set a goal not to ring it unless the start-up order exceeded 10k. It took me seven months to earn it with an order of 29k 💵. Eventually, I was closing high 6-figure to low 7-figure deals 💰. 

August 4th, 2022, a meeting popped up on my calendar to connect. Once HR appeared on the screen, I racked my brain to try and piece together what I did that could cause this. I happened to get laid off 🤔. As a father of two kids on a single income, I felt like a failure. I went downstairs and apologized to Megan because I felt like I let her down 😔.

After I took the time to grieve and heal, I wanted to land in tech sales, with no experience or college degree backing me. 

I started to lurk 👀 on LinkedIn with my 217 connections in September of 2022. I began to hand out connection requests like Oprah handed out keys 🔑. That method didn’t work. On October 7th, 2022, I made my first post. It didn’t go well. Shortly after, I created a lot about myself seeking employment 🆘, and I went from 3-4 interviews a week. To 10-15 per week 📈. Thanks to the community. 

I landed in HCM and Payroll software sales, and I am excited about my opportunity at Paycor to serve clients first. Failure is not an option. Just watch 👀!”

Connect with Riley here!

If you got mostly D’s, you’re most like…

Amelia Taylor Headshot

Amelia Taylor! A little about Amelia: “As a daily challenger of the status quo, I learn best by taking action with a strategic, yet rebellious mindset…

Through grit, learning my strengths, and knowing where I add the most value as I continue to build my brand, I intentionally invest in mastering the key fundamentals needed to generate more ROI through establishing long-term relationships – striving to bring relevant solutions with an omni-channel presence. 

Whether I am winning or learning by doing, I am growing. And with growth I believe more opportunities, wins, losses, in all fashions, will be presented – but ultimately, the knowledge of becoming the person I tell myself I will be, both professionally and personally will be in full reach.”

Connect with Amelia here!

If you got mostly E’s, you’re most like…

Melissa Gaglione Headshot

Melissa Gaglione! A little about Melissa: “My endless curiosity has led me to explore careers as an elementary school teacher to an on-air news reporter to currently an AE in SaaS Sales. 

As a meditation & yoga enthusiast, I take my practice off the mat and apply it to my day-to-day work life. I enjoy helping, guiding, and teaching habits that have helped me limit stress and cultivate a happier lifestyle — I’ll post about that! 

I believe in incredibly thoughtful and research-driven outreach to shine a light on challenges my prospects might be facing. I love to do this using video! As a consultative seller, I want to help my prospects and clients be successful by understanding their true needs.

I leverage my teaching and news reporting skills to curate a fun and research-driven sales process. My goal is for prospects to walk away more knowledgeable and feel that they can accomplish their goals.”

Connect with Melissa here!

If you got mostly F’s, you’re most like…

Maria Bross Headshot

Maria Bross! A little about Maria: “For nearly five years, I have led B2B SaaS GTM teams in identifying and overcoming complex barriers to drive revenue growth and retention. My enthusiasm for empowering sellers with the necessary context, skills, and processes to provide an excellent buyer experience comes from my eight-year journey as a seller.

My career’s purpose is to prepare GTM teams with the context, skills, and processes required to deliver the best client experience and exceed quota.”

Connect with Maria here!

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