How Sales and Marketing Teams Can Scale ABM with Demandbase and HubSpot

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May 17, 2024

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How Sales and Marketing Teams Can Scale ABM with Demandbase and HubSpot

Businesses rely heavily on their data – and there’s a lot to navigate. Digitally savvy companies collect data at every interaction, which can either become an asset, or a hindrance. Data is incredibly powerful when used the right way. Automation has come a long way to help sales, marketing, and customer service teams work more efficiently, but it’s only as effective as the data that it uses.

To make the most of customer data and use insights to guide revenue optimization, B2B Go-To-Market (GTM) teams are using B2B Account Based Marketing (ABM) to align sales, marketing, and service data around the highest-valued accounts.

Let’s explore how B2B revenue operations (RevOps) teams are bringing sales and marketing data together with the Demandbase app for HubSpot to scale ABM programs and engage target accounts more effectively.

Why data-driven sales and marketing teams are using smart ABM tools to improve GTM

When customer and prospect data is normalized and integrated in one location, sales and marketing teams can be extremely targeted in how they spend their time – improving outreach and results.

With Demandbase HubSpot integration, Demandbase and HubSpot users can:

  • Identify early signals that customers are ready to upgrade, or churn, then take action.
  • Segment their audience into more specific groups for targeting and reporting.
  • Automate multi-channel actions for the same audience across platforms.
  • Analyze account engagement, score accounts, and measure ABM impact using real revenue data.

When sales and marketing teams can connect the dots between ABM, Account Based Experience (ABX), and revenue, they can get buy-in for more systems that help them be strategic. They can spend less time reaching out to the wrong audiences at the wrong times, and more time having meaningful conversations with interested contacts.

Ways to use Demandbase B2B sales and marketing account intelligence in HubSpot to scale ABM

“Alignment eats strategy for breakfast” is a bit of HubSpot lore that still rings true. The most successful GTM teams align marketing, sales, and customer service strategies with shared data. Internally, HubSpot has pivoted to a Revenue Optimization model that takes into account every customer touchpoint and its impact on the greater sales flywheel.

To scale ABM, sales and marketing teams are using smarter GTM workflows, and eliminating unnecessary automation that’s become overkill for today’s buyers.

Here’s how revenue teams are using the Demandbase app for HubSpot to improve GTM.

1. Unified data management surfaces deeper, more actionable insights.

By aggregating data from Demandbase in HubSpot, sales and marketing teams get deeper insights into their target accounts. With this ABM data, they can grow a more predictable pipeline and close overall larger deals without having to jump through as many hoops or spend as long nurturing prospects.

Demandbase and HubSpot provide a single, consistent source of truth for customer data and improve access to this information across teams. With the right information, customer and prospect-facing teams can make more informed decisions and personalize interactions — knowing they’re spending their time on the right accounts.

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The Demandbase app for HubSpot brings marketing and sales data into a single ABM platform.

2. Advanced segmentation and targeting allows for better account prioritization and smarter automation.

When revenue teams add in-depth customer data into the Demandbase AI scoring model, they can unlock brand new segmentation and targeting opportunities.

The Demandbase app for HubSpot helps teams:

  • Visualize where accounts are in the buyer’s journey.
  • Enable powerful automated workflows for advertising campaigns, sales outreach, and ABM programs.
  • Better prioritize and reach out to the right accounts at the right time.

“Prospecting with Demandbase One is easy. They provide the largest dataset of buyer intent accounts and integrate it with HubSpot as our main CRM. [We can] analyze the dataset to find accounts that have interest with our business. [We] always have accounts with buyer intent that we can quickly work on,” shared Rogelio M., a mutual user in a review on G2.

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With Demandbase and HubSpot, revenue teams can gain visibility into top accounts and automate multi-channel actions in HubSpot.

3. Cross-referencing Demandbase and HubSpot data opens up new intent signals and engagement data for sales and marketing.

Integrating ABM data into the CRM helps to eliminate duplicate work and opens up new intent data for sales and marketing contacts. With the two-way sync between Demandbase and HubSpot data, users can leverage insights like intent, web traffic, engagement, and more in either platform.

Over time, the software gets even more intelligent, understanding how users with similar profiles typically interact and predicting the best ways to engage.

Bringing these systems together streamlines ABM program execution, automates repetitive data syncing tasks, and ensures timely outreach for key accounts. Improving efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness of ABM can be the difference between winning or losing an account — multiplied by the number of potential contacts in the entire database. This represents significant possible revenue, all from existing contacts and accounts.

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Demandbase and HubSpot users can report on account engagement activities and track them in HubSpot.

Aligning on target accounts saves time and improves the customer experience

For T. Baldwin, a leader at a mid-market retail organization, the Demandbase app for HubSpot has been helpful in bringing GTM teams together by combining sales insights, merging marketing automation platform (MAP) sources, and surfacing sales enablement and anonymous activity to improve display based ads. “Great integration. It helps marketing, sales and business development align on target accounts,” they shared in a 5-star review.

Uncover new opportunities for your ABM program

Demandbase is featured in HubSpot’s Essential Apps for Marketers — a collection of connected tools for data-driven teams.

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