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Sales and Marketing leaders agree. Doing more with less is their top challenge in 2023.

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February 7, 2023

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Sales and Marketing leaders agree. Doing more with less is their top challenge in 2023.

As sales and marketing leaders, we are all constantly looking for ways to maximize our impact and drive results with limited resources. However, according to recent surveys of go-to-market leaders, the number one challenge facing companies today is the need to “do more with less.” This is not a new problem, but it is becoming increasingly pressing as businesses are faced with limited budgets, competing priorities, and an ever-evolving competitive buying process.

Overcoming ABM Challenges with Data-Driven Strategies and Technology

The good news is that by focusing on targeted, intelligent, and revenue-focused strategies, we can make the most of our resources and drive real results. One key element of this approach is account-based marketing (ABM), which focuses on identifying and engaging the most valuable accounts and customers. By prioritizing our efforts on these high-value accounts, we can drive real results and grow our businesses without wasting time and money.

However, implementing an ABM strategy is not always easy. Many companies struggle with aligning their sales and marketing efforts, getting buy-in from the sales team, and effectively positioning their products and services. These challenges can be overcome by focusing on data-driven strategies, building a clear understanding of our ideal customer profile (ICP), and leveraging technology to drive efficiency and impact.

One of the most important factors in driving success with ABM is to select the right technology partners. Many companies fall into the trap of using solutions that force them to completely change their processes, leading to wasted time, resources, and money. Instead, businesses should focus on selecting technology that enables them to do more with less, and aligns with their existing processes and business objectives.

This is why it’s important to choose partners who are committed to your success and not just providing a technical solution. You should also know the difference between a B2B demand side platform and B2C demand side platform to ensure getting the best data that aligns with your business objectives. If you’re in B2B, you are going to want B2B data to action upon (cough cough Demandbase) and not consumer data stuffed in a box with B2B wrapping paper.

Doing more with less is one of the biggest challenges facing go-to-market leaders today – and we don’t expect that to change in the near future. By focusing on targeted, intelligent, and revenue-focused strategies, and leveraging technology, we can overcome these challenges and drive real results for our businesses.

Key takeaways as you click to another tab of endless tasks:

  • Focus on targeted, personalized, and revenue-focused go-to-market initiatives, like smaller tiers of prioritized accounts.
  • Align sales and marketing efforts to build a clearer understanding of your ideal customer profile (ICP), and leverage technology that enables you to do more with less.
  • Choose the right technology partners that are committed to your success and align with your existing processes and business objectives to drive efficiency and impact.
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Chris Moody

VP, Brand Marketing, Demandbase

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