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I’m Thinking of Technographics with Asher Matthew

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September 30, 2021

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I'm Thinking of Technographics with Asher Matthew

I’m Thinking of Technographics with Asher Matthew

When it comes to data and how to collect it, there’s no one I trust more than Asher Mathew. As the VP of Go-to-Market for Data Cloud at Demandbase, Asher’s gone on a bit of a personal journey to figure out what technographic data is all about, so I was excited to sit down and talk with him about what technographic data really is, how to collect it, and why it’s so important to businesses today.

What is technographic data?

“I really wanted to figure out what technographic data was all about, and then when I joined Demandbase, I realized that the market only talks about one type of technographic data: install-base data.”

– Asher Mathew


But install-base data isn’t the end-all-be-all of technographic data. For this installment of “I’m Thinking Of…”, Asher shared brilliant insights on how companies can leverage technographic data to learn more about their top-tier and target accounts to form winning strategies.

“We don’t call people, send them mail, or any of those devious tactics that other data companies use. All of our data is gathered from publicly available data sources. Some of that data helps us understand the front-end technologies and some helps us understand the back-end technology. But rest assured, all of the data is gathered from publicly available data sources.”

– Asher Mathew


Understanding your target accounts

But what does that mean for businesses? In order to better serve your accounts, you’ll need to understand what solutions work best for them by knowing what is included in their current technology stacks. At Demandbase, we provide companies insights into:

  • Install-based data
  • Skill-set data
  • Next Technology Purchase – Our own propensity model, showing you which technology an account is most likely to buy next.


“There are many, many, many different things that you can do with this data. You can see who you compete with, who you compliment, and who you can partner with in an account from a technology perspective. That’s why technographic data is used for fit and for profiling, so that once you have a laser sharp focus on understanding who you can serve, you can arm your go-to-market teams to better serve those customers through your sales plays or marketing motions, partner motions, or even your customer success motions.”

Asher Mathew


Can’t get enough?

Watch the full conversation on DBTV to learn more about technographic data and how it can help your company better serve your accounts with these technology-derived signals and data sets. And if you want to learn more about technographic data including 10 reasons why every B2B Marketer should use technographics for account segmentation, be sure to check out Asher’s article on the topic.


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